Zomborg Model-A
Toughness: Great
Speed: Hungry
Special: Redirects electric attacks back at plants, flies with rocket boots
Created by: gamerz0mbie125

The first model of the Zomborg.


Any electric based attacks are absorbed and shot back at plants, flies with rocket boots, cannot be disabled by E.M.Peaches, instead has a 1 in 5 chance of being disabled by Goop-shrooms

Almanac Entry

Zomborg Model-A

Zomborg Model-A is a hovering zombie who redirects electric attacks back at plants.

Health: Medium

Speed: Slow

Oh sure, you might have a lot of questions about him (or her) like how did he (or she) become a Zomborg? And out of all things why does he (or she) absorb electricity? Turns out he (or she) was a Chicken Wrangler who hitched a ride on Penny. Then some sort of accident with a Tackleweed happened blah blah blah and then BOOM! Zomborg.

Cannot be disabled by E.M.Peaches, has a low chance of getting disabled by Goop-shrooms, slowed by magnet-shrooms



  • Believe it or not, I made this up from a Halo Spartan.