Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki
So much to see! So much to do.

PvZ Wildside! It's here! At long last, the game that most of you have probably seen popping up in the Recent Changes is actually coming out! With a caveat, of course. There's also a twist, a condition, a wrench in the gutter. The game's not finished. It's a fact, the truth is it's probably never going to be completely finished. But we're going to do our best to provide a Wildside experience that feels about as complete and interesting as we can. A part of that is letting you, the public, see our work! So rather than holding it back longer than we already have, we've figured that the best option is to release the game now and add onto it over time, through regular updates as you'd probably expect. But we're going to take a bit of a break after today to focus on some other things we'd like to work on, so we can build out the Bloomlands further through other installments.

What we've released for you today, is a polished version of the game with all of its major features included. Our game features a total of 9 truly unique worlds, from the Bluegrass Wilds to the Windswept Peak, from the Crumbled City to the Lavamolt Steep. Each world has been given all the love and attention we could afford, with a set of 12 unique plants and anywhere from 12 to 16 zombies each. Each plant also has a set of Plantiques, which are special powers you can select for an increased sun cost, such as dealing more damage to armored enemies or exploding when defeated. The battle for the Bloomlands doesn't stop there! Go on an Adventure, with Pirate Raids, Shipwrecks, Outposts, and so much more! Discover strange and mysterious through our Barkeology system, where you can find cool power-ups and special perks to boost your zombie-busting strength to new heights. Climb the Fabled Tower, battle the Wandering Circus, there's so much to explore in Wildside and we hope you'll enjoy.

And now, a word from our Bloomlands correspondent, our expert down on the ground. He's reviewed the Bloomlands thoroughly, and has send us a letter detailing his opinions on each location as it stands from a vacation standpoint. Where do you want to go on a nice, relaxing vacation? He'd be here in person to tell us himself, but instead we're going to read his letter live on air since he hasn't turned up yet.

Bluegrass Wilds - 7/9
Bluegrass Wilds is a pretty chill place to vibe with the homies. There's not a whole lot there, rolling fields of whatever questionable crops the zombies grow this time of year, the wonderful smell of rotting flesh and apple cider, and the Big Barn Tourist Attraction could be nice to swing by. What's that, you say? The Big Barn Tourist Attraction has been turned into the Big Battle Barn by the zombie farmers, and now the Bluegrass Wilds are kind of dangerous? Kind of? Yes, there's a big mechanical weaponized barn robot and it's only kind of dangerous. Anyway, you'll probably be mostly fine, and it seems like a nice place to visit.
Lochwater Lagoon - 4/9
Lochwater Lagoon is a swampy marshland with lots of water. LOTS of water. Like, the whole place is basically flooded except for a few isolated landmasses here and there. The big mangrove trees are a nice touch, as are the particularly snappy level names, but there's the issue of the Loch tribe being a thing. Those Loch zombies are really something else, they do everything together! I wish I had a friend I could do everything with. This rating is definitely not personal jealousy or anything, I promise! I am an earnest vacation reviewer!
Nightcap Grotto - 5/9
Nightcap Grotto is a dark and moody cave, slightly moist but we didn't really want to rip off someone more than we already had. It's not that bad, you've got a lot of big luminous fungi for some natural-ishTM lighting, and the zombie population could probably be more difficult. Overall, it could be a lot worse. Rumor has it that Disco Zombie, who was put in this world for some reason, is preparing for his annual dance party fiesta thing, so maybe sleep could be an issue. But you're spending your time in a cave anyway, you can't see the sun, does it really matter when you go to sleep? Just keep moving!
Windswept Peak - 6/9
Haha, funny 69 reference. I'm really funny please believe me. Anyway, the Windswept Peak is a lovely mountain that towers above the rest of the Bloomlands, letting you see for miles and miles in all directions. Or, if you're from anywhere else in the world you can see for kilometers and kilometers in all directions. Or if you're from Norway, you can see for... whatever, you get the idea. There's fantastic views here, but you need to bring a winter coat or else you'll probably freeze to death. Don't bring a blue winter coat, though, or else Winter Coat Zombie will think you're stealing his fashion sense and it'll be the end of the line for you. Overall, pretty solid! Please visit the Peak.
Crumbled City - 5/9
This is a cool place to go if you're a history junkie, interested in giant stone snakes, Cryptic, or really anyone else. Children might not enjoy it, since it's not really been maintained well and there's lots of places your little munchkins can get stuck or fall or break several bones. The history aspect of the Crumbled City outclasses any other world, there's thousands of years of history everywhere you look. In all directions, at all times, 24/7, no matter where you look you're looking at something that someone looked at hundreds or thousands of years ago before you. Pretty cool, huh? Right! Isn't it!
Stormline Plains - 7/9
This is a truly electric world in every sense of the world. Build on weird metal alloys and littered with weird eletric gadgets that nobody understands, this is the best place to go if you're a total nerd or just like the soothing humming of electric nonsense. In terms of a vacation spot, make sure to not touch anything ever. Stormline Plains were not built with safety in mind, so there's lots of things that could electrocute the [explicative] out of you in an instant. But it's got a really nice look to it and that's all that matters. It's not how dangerous it is, but how pretty it looks while you're in danger. Right? You'll be fine, just come out here.
Lavamolt Steep - 3/9
Lavamolt Steep. If danger had a physical manifestation and was really hot and fiery, this is definitely it. Lavamolt Steep is probably one of the most dangerous places I've ever visited, with all the falling rocks and especially rude zombies it's really not the place to be. If you're looking for an epic lightsaber battle, you're in luck. Plenty of lava and rock to go around. However, if you're not completely delusional then this is the least fun or safe place you could visit. The only reason this isn't a lower rating is because of our sponsorship from LMS BBQ over there, which was deeeefinitely the highlight of my trip. Totally. Please help me.
Riptide Island - 8/9
Riptide Island is a great place to take your family. Pay no mind to the zombies, this is a tropical paradise! Ignore the sounds of death and despair coming from deep under the island, the faint moans and screeches, they're just part of the experience! This island's got it all, palm trees, coconuts, weird tourist attractions, gift stores that sell each other's goods for a varying price, Fisherman Zombie-related scams, everything. So I say to you, bust out the sunglasses and the surfboards and make Riptide Island your next vacation destination! Now! You have to! I am begging you! Look for the entrance near the south side of the island, just jump down!
Sinister Depths - 1/9
An ancient underground city of stone, overgrown with Sinister. Haunting screams and cries echo from the cave's walls as hellish creatures patrol the ruins. It'd be better to just stay at home than come here in normal sense, but please come and help me. If fear was a place, this is that place. This is 100% that place. You'll never leave alive. I can't leave alive. That's why I'm writing this from my desk hiding out in one of the Sinister Depths outposts. Please, come save me! I don't have much time left, I don't have much time left, the thing... it's coming... AARRRGRGHHH!! *cuts to static*

That's about it folks, we're excited to finally be able to release Wildside (it's been a while) and we're hoping to expand it even further in the future. But our next step from here is something a little bit different, and probably coming up rather soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.