Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki

Hey guys! TMS here! i'm going to give up some plant names for you to use cause I got nothing to do with them and just thought about them when I'm trying to make new plants. So here they are:

Treein (pun on tree and train)

Slfferns (pun on slippers and ferns)

Raysin (pun on ray and raisin)

Par-snips (pun on snips and parsnips)

Crabapple (based on Crabapple)

Thanks guys! Post in the comments if you want to use one of them and I will remove the name here so it doesn't get picked again! Hurry before it gets picked! I can also make a picture of it if you like. Note: You can only take one name every one week.

Adopted Names

Push Bush (by TCD)

Scaredy Berries (by Pikachu the Cattail Lover)

Bush-el (by The Dark Rayquaza)

Coco-knight (by Electric Plants)