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A quiz blog about the wiki or stuff unrelated to the wiki! You need to answer questions to earn some cash, that you can use to buy article pictures in the shop.

There's a chapter full of questions, the chapter's name will depend of the type of questions asked.

A question with "!" Signs means it's Ultra-Hard!

When the questions are all answered, the chapter will move on to the next one.


  • Lottery has been removed!


Coins (Coin gold dollar)

These are your very common money earned by answering questions, use these to buy at the shop.

Jewels (Jewels)

Jewels are used to buy a detailed-article pic at the shop.

Diamonds (Diamond)

Diamonds are rare money, they are rewarded on ultra-hard question, sometimes they are rewarded on missions, they are used to buy a very detailed-article picture on the shop.

Luxury Gift (Luxury Gift)

When you have this rare item, comment "Open Gift!" to recieve to 5 diamonds, 100 coins, and 35 jewels, Luxury Gifts are only rewarded on missions.

Discount Ticket (Discount Ticket)

Discount Tickets are only rewarded on carnival, use this ticket to get a 10-35% off on any stuff in the shop you want. 


Chapter 2: Viral Nature

  • Q1: What kind of flower has orange-red rays and a prominent purplish-black cone? for 20 coins
  • Q2: Give 3 plants that can survive in winter. for 20 coins
  • Q3: ---

Chapter 3: Space Survival

Under Construction!


  • M1: Make a picture for the zombie "Zarth Vader"." for 4 Diamonds.
  • M2: Suggest a plant for Mysterious Place. for 4 Jewels


Quiz Tournament

You have to answer questions with 5 lives, if you answer a question wrong, you lose a life, if you loose all your lives, you are out of the tournament! The user who has the most lives after answering all questions, wins the prize!

The tournament has 6 rounds: Easy, Tricky, Hard, Ultra-Hard, Craaazy, and Answer Master.


  1. Milepower2
  2. Punji
  3. TheMostAwesomer
  4. Rainbow Inferno

Tournament Questions: Round 1 - Easy

  • Easy 1: How many plants are here in this wiki?
  • Easy 2: Give 5 fire plants.
  • Easy 3: What is more powerful? A fierce-pult or 4 Giga Gargantuars? Explain.
  • Easy 4: Who is the founder of the wiki?
  • Easy 5: What plant is formed when you combine Peashooter and Torchwood?


  1. 1st Place - 2Discount Ticketworth 35% off, 30 Coin gold dollar, and 5 Diamond
  2. 2nd Place - 3 Discount Ticket worth 15% off, and 20 Coin gold dollar, and 3 Diamond
  3. 3rd Place - 1 Discount Ticket worth 10% off, and 10 Coin gold dollar



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