Medieval Manuevers is a fanmade set in PvZ Heroes. It's magic stuff and  i dont feel like making sandboxes today so uhh enjoy this


Neptuna conciled all the Mustache Monuments, all she needs is the Chaos Emerald Master Diamond to unleash ultimate power upon the earth. Until Citron and Solar Flare infiltrated Zombros HQ to kill the Zomtectives, preventing their plan for finding the Master Diamond. Meanwhile, Zomboss wants his minion to be stronger so he recreated the hero-tron and made super-duper heroes, he tested it on a trickster and became supertrick. Zomboss heard a siren and he sent Supertrick to tackle those two. Citron sent in a SOS text to Dave and he sent Green Shadow to steal the formula for the Mega-Shleemy-Ultra-Tron. She defeated Rustbolt and Electric Boogaloo and retrieved the formula to Dave. He used to leftovers of a Sphinx-Inator to build it, but the problem is; The Quickdraw already found the formula to the Master Diamond. They head in a portal to a realm with the help of Teleportal and the plants join in to their journey where they head into the ancient magical Twilight Forest - where zombies are good and plants are bad.


So there are 4 uncommons, 4 rares, 4 superrares, 3 legendaries 

Name Image Tribe Ability SunPvZH Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Description
PvZH Guardian IconHDGuardian
Balls-pult Developer Cheat Plant


When played: Destroy all zombies, then do 20 damage to the Zombie Hero

0 69 69 "b
Red Riding Wood Tree Pea Plant



3 2 3
Magefruit Fruit Plant When destroyed: Make a random Plant that costs 5 or less here 4 3 1
Walkie Talkie Trick

Choose a lane. All plants there get Armored 1 and can't be hurt this turn while zombies there get 2+ health.

Both heroes conjure a Rare.

Tall-Nut Nut Plant

Armored 1 Zombies here can't hurt the Plant Hero and the Plant behind it. When played: Conjure a card that costs 5 or less

3 11
Celery Stalker Leafy Plant


Before combat here: Do 3 damage to a zombie here

4 0 5
Battlecaxtus Wielder Cactus Bean Plant


When hurt: Dice

1. Do 3 damage to al plants and zombies here and next door

2. Do 2 damage to all plants and zombies

3. Do 1 damage to all zombies

When destroyed: Do 3 damage to the zombie hero

5 3 8
Cycrops Root Plant

When a Root is played: Do 1 damage to all plants and zombies with 3 strength or more

When a Root is destroyed: Do 4 damage to the zombie hero

When played: Conjure 2 roots

6 4 6 Likes ice cream.
Porcupinecone Pinecone Plant Bullseye 4 5 2 Instead of Guacodiles, they found Porcupinecones better at fighting zombies that try to trespass the castles and find what they actually don't have.
Guavardian Angel Fruit Plant


Your hero has Armored 1 and Untrickable

6 4 10
Tangled Kelpie Leafy Plant



When another Amphibious plant gets hurt: That plant gets 2+ health and Lifeshine

6 0 7
Spore-Orc Mushroom Plant


Before combat: Do 3 damage to a zombie here.

6 4 5
Hydrangea Flower Flytrap Plant


When hurt: This gets 2+/2+

5 4 5
Parsnippogriff Root Animal Plant


When a plant is destroyed: Destroy that zombie.

5 3 6
Renegade Radish Root Plant



When played: Dice

1. Destroy all zombies with 4 or more

2. All plants cannot get hurt this turn. Your hero gets Armored 1 this turn.

6 4 6
Starchduke Oaktavius Tree Nut Plant


When one your nuts get hurt: That Nut get 2+ strength and Bullseye

6 3 6
Scrapodilla When a plant is destroyed: Gain the original stats of that plant. 5 4 3
Electrici-Tea When destroyed: Do 4 damage to the Zombie Hero and all zombies 4 1 3
Strawbarrier All plants get 4+ health. Conjure a Berry 4
PvZH Kabloom IconHDKabloom

Anti-Hero 2

When played: Shuffle 4 Berry Blasts in your deck.

3 2 3

Before Combat: Zombies here and next door get Flare 1

4 4 2
Rambutan-Pult When played in heights: Do 1 damage to a zombie with 5 strength or less. That zombie gets Flare 1 4 3 5
Berry Pea Berry Pea Plant When this does damage: Conjure a Berry 2 1 4
Lavacado Warrior Fruit Plant


When a non-Fruit plant hurts the zombie hero: Do 3 damage to the zombie hero

3 2 3 The zombies are going to drop their balls when they hear the rumbling of a volcano and some revolutionary screaming at the same time.
Redcap Mushroom Plant

When this hurts something: that fighter gets Flare 1

When this hurts the plant hero: Do 1 damage to all zombies

4 3 4
Shuckalucka Corn Plant

Before combat: Dice

1. Conjure a plant that costs 5 or less. It doesn't keep this ability.

2. This transforms into a plant that costs 5 or less

2 1 5

Anti-Hero 2

When this hurts a zombie: That zombie gets Flare 1

When played on heights: This gets 1+/1+ and the zombie hurts gets Flare 2 instead

6 5 7
Fruit Punch

Start of turn: Conjure a Fruit and it gets Anti-Hero 3

When a fruit is played: This gets 2+/2+. All other fruits get 1+/1+

5 2 6 "Respect the PUUUUNNNCHHHH"

When a Mushroom destroys a zombie: Make a Spore-Shroom there.

3 3 2 Contrary to popular belief, Spore-shroom's favorite arithmetic operation is division.
Beanie Genie Bean Plant

When played: Bestow a Plant - "Start of turn: This transforms into a plant that costs 1 more.

5 2 8
Applas Each card in your hand transforms into another random card that costs more than the cards cost. Bestow them - "Dino-Roar: This gets 1+/1+ 6 5 5 Who is Applas? The apple holding the applanet, the applanet, the species of dinosaurs in the applanet or the apple moon? None of them. He is the first one
Yggdrasil Tree Animal  Plant

Start of turn: Gain a Torchwood, then Bestow it - Start of turn: This transforms into a random Legendary that gets 1+/1+. It keeps this ability

6 4 9
Bowling Bulb Root Plant

When this does damage for the first time: Dice

1. This does 3 damage to 2 random zombies

2. This does 4 damage to the Zombie Hero

3. This does 5 damage to a random zombie next door.

6 6 6
Grapeshot Berry Trick Do 5 damage to a zombie. Do 2 damage to all other zombies 5 Zombies who mess with the grapes would suck the wrath of the GRAPESHOT BABY OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow
Nutmega Nut Plant Fusion: Bestow a Plant here - "Start of turn: This gets 1+/1+" 3 2 2
Moon Wheat Wheat Plant

Double Strike

When played: Bestow a plant - "When this does damage - Shuffle one Magic Beanstalk onto your deck and Shuffle a Zombie onto the enemy's deck."

4 3 4
Ancient Cocoa Bean Plant After combat: A random plant in your hand gets Double Strike and 2+/2+ 5 3 3
Seedy Avenue Seed Environment

Plants here have Buster

End of turn:  Conjure a Plant and all plants here 1+/1+ for every plant here

4 The Starchduke forearmed the zombies by covering the castle with seeds which can potentially grow a crapton of powerful peas
Peaknight Pea Nut Plant


Pea Evolution: This gets Double Strike

5 2 4
Ultomato Fruit Plant

When played: Shuffle 3 Ultomatoes in your deck

Ultomato Evolution: This gets 2+/2+ and does a bonus attack.

5 5 4
Grapes of Truth Berry Plant

Start of turn: Conjure an Event Card, then Dice

1. It gets Double Strike

2. It gets 2+/2+

4 3 5
Mossquito Moss Plant

Double Strike

When this hurts a zombie: This gets 1+/1+

4 2 4
King PeaPeaPea Flower Pea Plant


When played: All Peas get 1+ attack and  do a bonus attack.

6 2 5
Mothmoss Moss Plant

Double Strike

Before Combat: This does a Bonus Attack

When another Plant does a Bonus Attack: This moves to a random lane.

5 3 6
Grasstolfo Leafy Plant


When played: All Leafy plants get 1+/1+ and Double Strike

5 3 3
Plaincient Ritual Tree Environment

When a plant is played here: It does a bonus attack

Plants here have 1+/1+ and Buster

Orchid Manticore Flower Plant

When a plant is destroyed: A random in your hand get 2+/2+ and costs 1 more

When played: All plants in play get Buster this turn

6 3 5
Megrassa Leafy Animal Plant


When played: Turn all zombies with 5 strength or less into Stonetues

Start of turn: Make a Snake Grass in a random lane. All Animals get 1+/1+

6 6 2
The One True Peacekeeper Leafy Flower Pea Plant

Double Strike


When played: All plants in your hand get 1+/1+, Double Strike, Untrickable and costs 1 more.

Start of turn: Conjure a Pea. It gets Double Strike, Untrickable and costs 1 more. 

9 8 8
PvZH Smarty IconSmarty


While in your hand: Curse all plants in your hand

4 0 1
Stunion Debuff a zombie. Conjure a Root and it costs 1 less. 2
Melony Tundra

When played: Freeze all zombies here

Plants here get 1+/1+ and Splash Damage 1

Jump Stump Fusion: Bestow a plant here -  "When that plant hurts a zombie: Bounce that zombie" 3 1 4
Hypnotic Mushroom Hypnotise a zombie that has 5 strength or less. Conjure a Trick 3


Before Combat: Hypnotise a random zombie

6 4 6
Snow Cotton


When a Zombie is Frozen: This gets 2+/2+

5 4 4 "Finally! After all these years from being trapped from this melon ice hell, I am free!"
Phat Beet Root Plant

When this hurts a zombie: That zombie gets Debuff Before Combat: Dice

1. This gets 1+ and Splash Damage 2. Draw a card.

2. This gets 3+ and Splash Damage 3

4 1 6 Busts out the sickest jams for the Duchess.
E.S.Peach Fruit Plant



Bestow plants you conjure - "When this hurts the plant hero: Conjure an Event card. A random zombie gets Debuff"

Fruit Evolution - Conjure 2 fruits

4 2 7
Cparrot Root Animal Plant


Start of Plants phase: Conjure a Trick

2 1 4
Honeydoomsayer Fruit Plant

Splash Damage 1

You can tap Gravestones to see which Zombies are hiding in them.

4 3 5
Starmanise Cactus Flower Plant

Amphibious Bounced zombies get Debuff and hack them - "While in your hand: All other zombies get -1"

Flower Evolution: Bounce all zombies next door

4 2 7
Hypno-Palace Mushroom Environment

When a plant here hurts the Zombie Hero - Gain a Hypnotic Mushroom

When played: Hypnotise all zombies here with 6 strength or less.

Starchmage Root Plant


Start of turn: All zombies transform into a random zombie that costs 1 less

7 6 6
Kalestorm Leafy Plant


When a zombie is hurt: Dice

1. Freeze it and it also gets Debuff

2. Bounce it and Hack it - "Start of turn: This gets -1 strength"

Pheonyx Flower Plant

When destroyed: Bounce this Pheonyx

When played: Bestow all plants in your hand - When destroyed: Gain that plant. It keeps this ability forever

7 7 7
Duchess Cukestorm Before combat: Bounce a random zombie 5 4 6
PvZH Solar IconSolar
Dark Magic Mushroom Mushroom Plant Plant Evolution: Curse a zombie. It gets -3/-3 4 5 4
Akhtea Leafy Plant

When played: You get 1+ sun for the rest of the game

3 2 2
Crocusader Leafy Flower Plant

When a zombie is destroyed: This gets 1+/1+ and heals the plant hero for 2

4 3 3
Ghost Pepper Fruit Trick

Curse a zombie.

Draw a card.

Basilisk Leafy Plant

All Leafy plants get Strikethrough

When a Leafy card destroys a zombie: Conjure a Leafy Card

5 4 4
Wicked Witchy Woods Tree Plant

Zombies here get Curse.

When played: Conjure a card that costs 4 or more

City of Goldspur Flower Fruit Environment

When you play a plant here: You get 2+ sun the next turn.

When a plant here destroys a zombie: Heal everything for 2

3 The Zombies were looking for the Master Diamond, but they found something even greater.
Trumpeteer Tulip

Critical 10

Start of turn: Dice

1. Heal everything for 2

2. This gets 2+ attack and strikethtrough

4 2 7
Agar-Agar Cube Leafy Plant


When this destroys a zombie: This gets 1+/1+

5 5 5 Loves bones
Dogwood Tree Plant Before Combat: Zombies next door get -2/-2 while zombies here get -1/-1 3 1 4
Corrin Chomper (placeholder name) Flytrap Tree Plant

When played: Destroy all zombies with 3 strength or less End of turn: Destroy all zombies here with 2 strength or less

6 3 2 Duchess Cukestorm trusted her to tackle down shields that may protect knights.
Pumpkin Chariot Squash Plant

Plant Evolution: Conjure 2 Squashes

When a Squash is played: All zombies in lanes with a squash get 1-/1-

7 8 7
Uni-Corn Corn Plant


When this does damage: Heal all corn plants and your hero for that damage.

5 3 6
Jade Succulent Cactus Plant

Start of turn: If your hero has no tricks: Dice

1. Heal your hero for 7

2. Heal everything for 3

7 5 7
Morning Starry Flower Plant When a Flower hurts a zombie: That zombie gets -4/-4 7 8 8


Name Image Tribe Ability Cost StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Description
Tricky Topaz Stone Trick A zombie gets 2+ health and Untrickable. Conjure a Trick 1
Imp Monk Imp Zombie All Imps are Untrickable 2 2 2 These Imps pray to have mustaches. One day. One day.
Unmustached Peasant Zombie When there are atleast 2 legendaries in your hand: This gains a Mustache and gets Bullseye and 2+/2+ 1 1 1 Treating people differently because they have a moustache or not counts as systematic opression.
Masked Explorer Professional Science Zombie

When an Environment is played: This gets 2+/2+ and Bullseye

3 2 3 He's paid by Teleportal to explore the One True Peacekeeper's realm.
Time Rift History Science Trick Conjure a Zombie. Conjure 2 other zombies of that tribe. 3
Dream Dimension Gourmet Environment

Zombies here have Bullseye and Untrickable

End of turn: If theres a zombie here: You get 1+ brain for the rest of the game

3 Everything here is fake, except for the brains.
Mustachial Empress Mustache Zombie.

Bullseye When you play a Mustache: Bestow that Mustache - "When this does damage - This gets 1+/1+ and Bullseye"

Start of turn: Conjure a Mustache.

5 3 6
Stardust Tiger Pet Stone Zombie


When you play a trick: Conjure a Pet

8 9 8
Blacksmith Gargantuar Professional Gargantuar Zombie

When you play a trick for the first time: Conjure a Silverware and it costs 2 less

7 8 5
Hippocampus Pet Zombie


When a zombie is played: You get 2+ brains this turn

When this does damage: Conjure an Event card.

5 4 7
Wishing Wizard Mustache Zombie


When revealed: Transform all zombies into random zombies that cost 1 more.

Before combat: Transform a random plant into a Sheepsbit

7 5 6 Appreciate his hard work. He put real elbow grease into turning those plants into sheep.
Dyson Sphere Science Environment End of turn: You get 1+ brain next turn each Plant and Zombie here. 4
Time Mime Clock Mime Zombie


When a zombie or plant does an attack: This does a bonus attack

3 3 2
Flying Rug Pet Trick A zombie gets 1+/1+ and Decamp. Draw a card. 1
Brainz Statue Stone Zombie

Anti-Hero 2

When played: All Gravestones get 2+/2+ and Deadly

2 7
Imp Cannon Imp Pirate Zombie

Overshoot 2

When this does damage: Shuffle 3 Swabbies in your deck

3 6
Sea Witch


When you play an Amphibious zombie: All Amphibious zombies get 1+/1+

When this hurts the Plant hero: Conjure an Amphibious card.

4 3 3
Portal Doomsayer


Start of tricks: Move this zombie

When a zombie is moved: That zombie gets 1+/1+

When this hurts the Plant Hero: Conjure a Gravestone

3 0 5
Bug Zombie Pet Zombie



When this moves: This gets 1+ strength

4 3 5 They share a disinterest in Pumpkin Chariots: Bugs are the better choice, let alone Brain Chariots.
Impaladin Imp Sports Zombie



When played: All Imps get 3+ attack this turn.

3 2 2
Imp-throwing-Imp-throwing-Imp Imp Zombie-throwing-Zombie Zombie

When hurt: Dice

1. This makes an Imp-throwing-Imp-throwing-Imp in a random lane. Hack the first option - "1. This makes an Imp-throwing Imp but it gets Deadly"

2. This makes an Imp-throwing-Imp and it gets 1+/1+

3 1 6 No, it's the Zombie-throwing-zombie saga's spin-off that got a 46% at Rotten Ultomatoes because of its poor strength.
Laser Scientist



Cards you conjure get Strikethrough

6 5 6
Amazomb Warrior



Anti-Hero 3


When this hurts the Plant Hero: Conjure a Medieval Manuevers card.

5 3 5
Pianist Zombie Dancing Mustache Zombie

Start of turn: Switch the places of every Non-Pianist Zombie.

When Destroyed: Gain a B-flat.

4 4 5
Gargoyle Gargantuar Stone Zombie

Anti-Hero 2


Start of turn: All other zombies hide in Gravestones.

If a Gargantuar is revealed: That gargantuar gets 1+/1+

7 6 6
Frosty Warmaster Pirate Pet Zombie When a plant is hurt:Freeze that Plant.

When a plant is frozen: This gets 1+ attack this turn.

5 5 4
Monsquid Pirate Pet History Zombie




Cards you conjure get Amphibious

When this hurts the Plant Hero: Conjure a Pirate

When a Pirate is hurt and survives: It hides in a Gravestone

7 6 8 They eat the Plank Walker eyes first.
Breakdancer Zombie Dancing Zombie

When a zombie is hurt: Bounce that zombie.

Bounced zombies get 1+/1+

3 2 3
Zombie 1 1 1
Stonetues 0 0 3
Soul Knight

Fusion: A zombie played here gets 3+. Conjure a Medieval Manuevers card.

1 0 3
Stairgazer Professional  Mustache Zombie Zombie Evolution: Bounce a plant. It costs 3 more. 3 2 5 Soars to the sky, and your brains
Black Dog When played: Curse a Plant 4 3 4 Like an unlucky black cat in the Friday the 13th, but 100% more canine-styled, and it's in the 5th of May.
Blastberry Keg Gourmet Barrel Trick A zombie gets 3+/3+ and can't be hurt this turn. The plant hero Conjures a Berry 2
Poncho Zombie  Zombie

When destroyed: Dice

1. All zombies in your hand get 1+/1+

2. This gets 3+ and Armored 1 instead

3 4 2
Hippocampus Shield Sports Silverware Trick A zombie gets 2+/4+, Untouchable and Armored 1, then Bestow it - When hurt: All zombies in your hand get 1+/1+ 3 Zword of the Hippocampus, give me brains beyond sight!
Key to Redemption Stone Trick A zombie gets 2+/2+,  and can't be hurt this turn. Conjure a Medieval Manuevers card. 3 Maybe the treasure wasn't the friend's brains we ate but the key to unlock the 4th door all along.
Healer Zombie Professional Zombie

When played: Extend your hero's maximum health to 6, Then, Heal your hero for 6

When destroyed: Heal everything for 1

5 3 4
Ghostly Paladin History Sports Zombie

Armored 1 Gravestone

When revealed: Curse plants here and next door

6 4 4
Plunger Zombie Professional Sports Zombie

Gravestone Frenzy

When this destroys a plant: Move a random plant here

6 6 4
Shield Zombie Science Barrel Zombie


When revealed: Zombies here and next door get Untouchable

5 3 6
Ancient Athlete History Sports Zombie

When this enters a lane: Curse all plants with 4 strength or less.

When this destroys a cursed plant: Move to the right.

5 4 5
Healy Spring of Unlife

Start of turn: Heal everything for 1.

If there is a zombie here: Heal that zombie for 3 instead

Zombot Egyptian Sphinx-inator Science History ZOmbie

When played: Make 2 random History Zombies in random lanes

For every History zombie, Plants cost 1 more and Plant Tricks cost 2 more

8 7 7
Boney Island End of turn: If there is a zombie here, all zombies in your hand get 1+/1+ 3
Dumb Down Professional Trick Choose a lane. All plants there get -6 strength this turn. Conjure a Professional 2
One-Winged Angel When played: Destroy a Plant. Hack all plants there and next door - Start of turn: That plant gets -1/-1 7 6 6 You know it's bad when he lost the ability to fly.
Big Bad Werewolf Pet Zombie



When this destroys a plant: This gets 1+/1+

When destroyed: Gain a Totally Regular Peasant

7 6 6


This gets 1+/1+ when a zombie with Amphibious is hurt

2 2 3
Ogargantuar When hurt: Make an Imp Monk in a random lane 6 5 6
Talking Cow Pet Zombie

This gets 2+/2+ when you conjure a card.

Zodiac: Conjure 2 pets

2 2 2
Dragon Imp Pet Zombie

Hunt Frenzy

2 3 3
Zuper Zword Silverware Trick A zombie gets 4+/2+ and Frenzy, then Bestow it - When this destroys a plant, All zombies get 1+/1+ 3
Crystallic Paradise Stone Environment Start of turn: All zombies here get 2+/2+ 3
Double Trouble Spell Trick Double a zombie's stats. Draw a card. 4
Siren Imp Imp Pet Zombie


When played: Dice

1. All plants in its lane get -1/-1 while all zombies in the water get 3+/3+

2. This gets 1+/1+ while all plants in the water get -3/-3

3 4 2
Flower Pothole Hack all plants there - Before combat: All other plants here and next door get -1/-1. This plant gets 2-/2- 4
Jackrabbit Pet Zombie

When a pet destroys a plant: Dice

1. Your hero draws a card

2. Your hero Conjures a Pet

3 2 4
Two-Winged Angel Imp Zombie


When played: Conjure a card that costs 3

When destroyed: Gain a One-Winged Angel

4 3 3 Cosmic Nut is right. 3 is indeed a holy number as long as you don't mess with whoever possesses the mighty power of the 3.
Beastly Mime Mime Zombie When non-Mime fighter gains strength and health, this gets that amount of strenghth and health. 5 4 4 This doesn't apply to cards in hand. 
Pheonyx Blood Drinker Imp Pet Zombie


When played: Dice a Plant

1. Hack that Plant: Start of turn: That plant gets 1-/1-

2. That plant gets -2-/2 or -4/-4 if its in a plant environment or the water lane

When destroyed: Bounce this Pheonyx Rider

3 3 1 Pheonyx blood is said to give you immortality. And epic powers.
Totally Regular Peasant Zombie End of turn: This turns into a Big Bad Werewolf 3 1 5 Just a regular peasant. I have no proofs but I have no doubts either.
Cockathrice Pet Zombie

Start of turn: This gets 3+/3+

Zodiac: This gets Untrickable

7 5 5 Third times the charm
Sunday Edition Zombie Professional Zombie

Gravestone Frenzy

When hurt: This gets 2+/2+

4 1 6
All-you-can-eat Buffet Gourmet Trick

Bestow a zombie - "Start of turn: This gets 1+/1+".

Conjure a Gourmet card and it costs 1 less



When destroyed: Gain a Zometheus, It gains the stats and traits of the plant that destroyed it but loses its When destroyed: ability.

3 1 1
Rock Thrower Professional Stone Zombie

Do 1 damage to each plant.

Zodiac: This gets Buster

5 3 4
Explorer Zombie Professional Mustache Zombie


When revealed: A plant gets Flare 2

3 1 3 Burn
Voodoo Zombie Dancing Zombie When this hurts a plant: Do that much damage to all copies of that plant 4 5 3
Barrel Bartender Pet Barrel Zombie

Start of turn: Conjure a Barrel and it gets Bullseye

When you play a Barrel: Draw a card

4 2 4
Master Diamond Stone Trick A zombie gets 4+ strength and Bullseye. Conjure a card that costs 4 or more. 3 Insane.
Flame Trap

When a plant is played here: That plant gets Flare 3. Then, destroy this environment

When played: All plants here get Flare 1

Zombard Dancing Mustache Zombie


When you play a Dancing card: Do 3 damage to a random plant.

4 3 3
Cauldron of Insanity Barrel Trick Conjure any 3 cards that cost 2 or more. The plant hero conjures any card that cost 2 or more. 3
Devimp Monster Imp Zombie

When a zombie hurts a plant: That plant gets Flare 1

When an Imp hurts a plant; That plant gets Flare 2

4 2 5
Scorcherer Mustache Zombie


When revealed: All plants get Flare 1

5 3 5
Clockstopper Clock Zombie

Zombies attack first before Plants.

Combat happens backwards.

5 6 4 She's considered a criminal in 26 different realms
Queen of Spades Pet Dancing Zombie


While in your hand: This costs 1 less and gets 1+/1+ when you play a zombie. This ability is kept until it costs 1.

Before Combat: Dice

1. This does 1 damage to all plants next door

2. This does 1 damage to all plants here

11 2 6
Wyvern Pet Zombie

All Plants get Flare 1

End of turn: All plants here and next door get Flare 6

When played: Conjure a card that costs 6 or more.

6 6 6 That's 5 sixes here. Very close from evil, but not 100% evil.
Taco Imp

When destroyed: The Plant hero gains the 2nd Best Taco.

1 5 3
Big Floppa Fry em up chungles Joke Zombie




Double Strike


Splash Damage 9

Overshoot 5


Anti-Hero 3

Armored 1







420 6 9 hurt me harder gladdydaddy


New Stuff

Dice - There is a golden 12-sided dice that reflects multiple leaf emblems (1st opion), skull emblems (2nd option) and gnome hats and beards (3rd option). it's stupid rng but atleast most are equal

Hack - Replace its abilities. Smarty/Beastly exclusive

Curse - Remove its abilities. Solar/Hearty exclusive

Bestow - Give it abilities

Zodiac - Activate its ablity when all zombies are in the field.

Decamp - This moves into a random lane when a plant is played there

Hypnotise - The zombie attacks the Zombie hero instead for this turn. Exclusive to plants because i don't want to fathom how hypnotised fume-shroom shelleries work

Buster - This gets double damage. Exclusive to Crazy and Mega-Grow only. (denoted by the japanese letter 対 which means pair)

Debuff - This is unable to get its stats raised (denoted by a yellow version of the strength icon)

Flare - This gets 1 damage at the start of each turn. Exclusive to Kabloom and Crazy

One-roll - When this hurts the plant hero, it only charges one section. (denoted by a super block meter that indicates 1 section is charged)

Anti-Target G - This gets G strenhth when there are plants here

Critical G - This has G% chance to do double damage

Flare G - this gets G damage in the start of each turn

Untouchable - This cannot get affected by abilities of the enemy. For example, a zombie with Untouchable cannot get killed by Briar Rose when it kills a Lil' Buddy Vert and a plant with Untouchable cannot get bounced by Pogo Zombie.

Lifeshine - Attacks with its health

New Stuff but more

Matches - Now you can make macthes public, private, and make it go popular on Z-tube (program where you put your matches with other people and you can see others). You can see your previous matches. You can now text in matches. There's a gnome that appears when every turn when you get sun/brainz that tells you what turn it is.

Club - You can make clubs with other people. The leader chooses people to go through their tag team

Tag Team - A team-based event. It goes on a lawn thats 13 lanes wides that goes like this (h=heights g=ground a=aquatic) h a a h g g g g g h a a h. It goes like this Z1 - P1 - ZT1 - the chain continnues until ZT5 There are a maximum of 5 people allowed

Nerfs and buffs


Snowdrop gets 1+/1+ instead. Snow Cotton gets the 2+/2+ now


Wingnut is now 5 cost

Lil Buddies costs 1

Pepper MD is a 3/3 4 cost

Venus FLytraplanet now says "When a plant here does damage for the first time, heal your hero for that much"

Briar Rose is a 4/3

Whack-a-zombie draws a card

Cornucopia is a 8/8 and gives plants that cost 3 or more instead


Astro-shroom is a 2/2 and costs 2

Hot lava is free

Sizzle can hurt the opposing hero or plants (cough, cough, grapes)


Blowgun Imp is a 4/4 Cryo-Yeti is a 2/2 with strikethrough now


Arm Wrestler costs 2

Terrify costs 1

Buckethead is a 4/4

Neon Buckethead is a 5 cost 4/6 with Armored 1

Space Janitor removes an environment and all plats with 1 strength or less

Turquoise skull is a 4 cost 3/7

Wannabe Hero costs 6

Knight is a 6/6

Ra zombie costs 5 and is a 4/3

King costs 5 and has 6 health


B-flat draws a card.


Quickdraw Con man is a 1/5 and costs 2


New Heroes idk


Hero Arena Classes Superpowers
Signature Others Others Others Uncommon Card Crafted Rare Card Crafted
Mummarang Sphinx mega smarty solar Egypt's Bloom - Conjure a Flower that costs 6 or less and Bestow it: When destroyed: Gain that flower. It keeps this ability forever.
Shock Reed Lab mega smarty kabloom Tesla Weedwhacker - All plants in the ground have 1+ strength and splash damage 1
Stonefire Snapamuth Money Cave mega smarty guardian Volcanic Wyvern - Do 3 damage to zombies here and 2 damage next door. Draw a card.
Stunt-pult Circus mega solar kabloom Cabbage Cannon - Do 4 one-roll damage, then do an extra 1 damage for every Leafy plant on the field. Draw a card.
Super Bean GW2 lawn mega solar guardian Overbean: Your hero is Armored 1 in this turn. Do 3 strikethrough damage in the middle lane.
Hokey Pokey Africa (ft. witch doctor baba yaga hut thingy) mega kabloom guardian Operation Spike: Bounce a plant. It gets 2+/2+, Bullseye and Amphibious
Vitamin φ Black Hole smarty solar kab;oom Intelligence Tackle - Half the zombie hero's brains. Conjure a plant.
Ultraviolet Pool


solar guardian Belittle - All zombies get -3 strength this turn.
Elemelon Element Mountain smarty guardian kaboom Elemental force: Do 3 damage to a zombie there. Conjure an Element.
Banana Blam


solar kabloom guardian Banana-nana-boom - Do 2 damage to 4 random targets. Shuffle 5 Banana Bombs in your deck.
guardian mega


Hero Arena Classes Superpowers Hero Quests
Signature Others Uncommon Card Crafted Rare Card Crafted
Springbrain Brainy Sneaky Hearty Zuper Ztrech - All zombies get 4+. Draw a card.
Lil Casino Casino Brainy Sneaky Beastly Roll the Dice - Conjure 2 other superpowers. Shuffle 3 random cards onto your deck. Cosmic Scientist, 1000-year Cheesemonger
The Quickdraw Brainy Sneaky Crazy Match Batch - Switch the places of all zombies randomly. They get Overshoot 2. Both heroes draw a card.
Supertrick Brainy Hearty Beastly Trickery Takedown - Conjure 3 tricks. All tricks in both the plant and zombie's hand cost 1 less.
Teleportal Brainy Hearty Crazy Test Tube - Conjure two Science cards and they cost 1 less. Gain a Teleportation Station.1z
Glitterina NMT Brainy Beastly Crazy Colored Redemption: All zombies in heights and environments get 2+/2+ and Untrickable. Draw a card. 
Rat King Toxic Wasteland Sneaky Hearty Beastly Poisoned Impowerment - All zombies get Deadly and Frenzy. Draw a card.
Black Blizzard Tornado City Sneaky HEarty Crazy Blowing Bloomers - Bounce a plant. Plants there and next door get 1- strength.
Dinomite Sneaky Beastly Crazy Prehistoric Provoke - Make a 1/2 Dino-Pal with Strikethrough that says: When played: All pets get 2+ strength.
Million Beez Hearty Beastly Crazy Honey Swarm - Do 1 damage to all plants.  All plants in environments and Flowers take 2 damage instead. Flowers in environments take 5 damage instead.
beastly crazy
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