Some solemn announcement :

I heard that PvZ : All Stars will be closing soon, so I wanted to say I've never played it before, but I like both the plants and zombies inside, so I'm probably going to work on their abilities.

Now onto the topic.

This blog will explain several more information about how to play the game. The first one is how do upgrades work in my game. The upgrades are similar to the upgrades available in the Chinese version. However, there are upgrade paths that you can purchase individually, with every of these paths having different upgrades. Plants usually have 2-3 upgrade paths. However, some have only one. So, for example :

Peashooter : Pea Combo -> Quick Reload -> Super Pea

That's just one path. I might make some more soon.

Purchasing upgrades requires either coins or gems, sometimes both. Coins are used for "normal" upgrades, however, strong, particularly ultimate upgrades like 'Super Pea', always requires gems.

The second one is levels. Some levels have a tacobility session, while others don't.

The third one will blow your mind. It's called 'Costumed Tacobility' : plants that have costumes on will have an enhanced tacobility, a throwback to costumed plant food from the Chinese version of PvZ 2.

The fourth are gates. Gates block access to a particular area. They don't lead to the final boss directly, but they can be a way to access new plants and/or to bypass hard or extra hard levels.

The fifth are plant heroes. They can be moved across the lawn, just like the heroes from the ill-fated PvZ : JttW. However, you CANNOT give plant food AND tacos to them. These heroes have an ability tree to show their heroic abilities. The abilities can only be accessed if they are at a certain level. All the baseline heroes from PvZ Heroes are unlocked through the Greenhouse, however, most of the plant heroes have to be unlocked through adventure mode, with some needing City-Builder or Hero Quests mode.

So that's all for today. Comment below to say what you think.

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