Hi there! DarkPwnage has given me permission to take over this contest last year, and to transfer this blog to my blog. If you need a picture for your creation, comment it below, along with its appearance. For the picture creators, here are the rules.

  • Do not copy pictures
  • Do not steal pictures
  • Do not create any pictures with a waffle

As said in the title, it's a high stakes contest, meaning, you can win some pretty big prizes that you cannot normally, such as, yes, I'm saying this, a CUSTOM COLOR *! As well some some creations, :O. Basically, I will put a link of a plant/zombie that's in need of a better picture, and you submit a better one. Best creation judged by me obtains the prize. :D

NOTE:If you do not like your new color, tell an admin/bureaucrat and they will revert it back to your original color

*Custom color rules can be found somewhere in DarkPwnage's blog





None yet!

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