Welcome to the Badge Reward-o-tron! Here you can take a spin once per week. If you take a spin, you will be awarded with a random badge from the collection listed below. If you don't like the badge you get, you can give it to another user. This will fill 50% of your generosity bar. If your generosity bar is full, you will get a badge at your choice. This blog post will be updated monthly, with some new badges each month. Most badges are made by me, but you can also submit your badges and they might be in the Badge Reward-o-tron the next month!

Special offers may happen, including:

  • Bonus Spin- the first user who replies to this gets a bonus spin
  • [Random Badge] Giveaway- a random badge will be given. The first user who replies to this can claim it.

This month introduces some new Plants vs. Zombies 2 badges. If you take a spin, you may get:

  • Tumbleweed Badge (30% chance)
  • Shine Vine Badge (30% chance)
  • Gumnut Badge (30% chance)
  • Ultimate Ultomato Badge (10% chance)
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