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  • Dinner111

    Unique Plants

    April 2, 2014 by Dinner111

    These plants are unlike any within the official Plants vs. Zombies series as of yet. They are interesting in their functions & unique in their own ways.

    This page has a sister page dedicated to the most powerful plants on this wiki.

    • Flower Gamer: This nifty little flower allows you to play different games while you wait for waves of zombies to continue.
    • The multi-plants: They can fire just about any projectile of their type.
    • Ban-ana: This thing will ban one type of zombie from spawning until the next wave.
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  • Dinner111

    Extreme Plants

    April 2, 2014 by Dinner111

    These plants are the most powerful on the wiki. They are defined by there ability to easily destroy groups of zombies. This page was previously deleted, but DarkPwnage has kindly allowed me to remake it provided I added more information. Note: I don't want this page to be seen as a deletion list. I am only making this list to show the most powerful plants on the wiki.

    This page now has a sister page dedicated to the unique plants on this wiki.

    • Fifty-six Leaf Blover: It is strong enough to blow away nearly all zombies on screen. Boss zombies & the ever classic Plasmawing won't be blown away instantly, but will instead suffer massive damage.
    • Devil-Rock: It can withstand 12 smashes before parishing & will do 2 instant kills worth of damage to an…

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