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Ello guys! THis is apparently my first blog post since 2012. Wow, that was one long break from this wiki. But as you see, I'm more active now! Me and some friends have decided to begin creating Plants vs. Zombies 3 on this wiki, with several new Plants and Zombies and levels and all that. I've decided that this is a quite big project, so I'm gonna need help.



  • 7/7/2013 - Starting project today! Gathering a team to help. Revealed Grain Grave. The game will have the player travelling through dimensions with different effects on Plants and Zombies.
  • Confirmed Dimensions: Flood Dimension, Low Gravity Dimension, Cloudy Dimension, Angled Dimension, Nostalgia Dimension, Time DimensionAstro Dimension, Frost Dimension, Deep Dark Dimension, Dungeon Dimension
  • Plants from the original, the sequel, and Adventures are returning, as well as new ones. The same applies for Zombies, but PvZ2 ones mostly appear in the Time Dimension.
  • The entirety of plants have been completed! A few still need abilities, but we are working on it! We're going to begin thinking of zombies soon enough, so stay tuned!