Hello, Catts here. I'm here to talk to you guys about top ten lists. If you look at nearly all of them, they're all mostly not anymore a "Top Ten List"....

One of the things I would like to talk about is people putting more than 10 plants in each list, and some are more than 40! Some of the users in this wiki might think that its a good way to get achievements, but they don't they recognize the word "Top TEN".... This is getting out of hand and is turning into spam. So what I am going to do is, I am going to delete every single plant higher than the Top Ten Count and only leaving the ones below that. If you want to put a plant in the list but theres no space, request it in the comments. If there are more people that wants the plant to be in the list that the 10th plant, then the 10th plant will be replaced with the requested plant.

Also, another thing that some contributors do is putting fake plants in the list. Some of the plants I see in the Top Ten Lists don't even exist. If the plant was deleted or a future plant to add, only add it when you've made it and delete it off the list if it gets deleted. Like what I will do to plants above the top ten count, I will delete them also...

The final thing to note is that if I see a contributor not following the above rules, I shall give them a warning. But if they do it again, I shall take action and maybe ban him for 2 hours. The higher the number of rules broken, the longer the ban shall be.

That is all to note for you guys. I hope I didn't become too harsh and thank you very much for using some of time to read this. Any questions should be left in the comment section below for me to answer.

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