BrandonPVZMaster BrandonPVZMaster 9 February 2017


YES!! I know nintendo will never do that, but the closest we can get is mods. The zombies are humanoid enough to be fighters, but I don't know what plants should be... We could maybe use the GW models and import them to smash? The plants could be trophies if that doesn't work. Actually, maybe the Heroes would work better! Like... uh...

Tell me if this seems right:

Solar Flare = Mario Clone (becuz fireball)

Green Shadow = Luigi Clone (idk why)

Spudow = Bowser or Donkey Kong clone?

Rose = ??? 


ok yeah so post ur ideas below

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BrandonPVZMaster BrandonPVZMaster 6 February 2017

Heroes AU Ideas

Here's some random costumes for a possible Alternate Universe version of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Some of them are cool (maybe?) and some are just card reskins. 

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BrandonPVZMaster BrandonPVZMaster 17 January 2017

Why has nobody made PvZ Soundfont remixes?

I've always wanted to hear something like that... Imagine Grasswalk in Pokemon B/W soundfont or something in PvZ soundfont! 

PvZ Soundfont I would imagine is sitar, piano, a little organ, maybe xylophone? Like this:

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BrandonPVZMaster BrandonPVZMaster 29 November 2016


I had an itch to do drawing requests again, especially combinations. I know Rayman was already doing something like this, but I'll do this anyway because it's dead.

ANYWAY...I'll just sit here and wait.

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BrandonPVZMaster BrandonPVZMaster 23 October 2016

help with mediawiki?

I'm trying to make an icon ranking system (see this thread: and Yesthisismsp told me you don't have to be an admin to use the MediaWiki editor. The first thing i need help with is I can't seem to actually get to it, it says "problem with DMR" or something like that. So could someone give a link to it? I'll ask for more help once I can actually use it. 

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