Some plants that will replace others I find unsatisfying.

Recornflower (Appease-mint) - The replacement to Lily of the Valley. It looks like a cornflower with a recorder-like stem. There's a flower coming out of the top and it has three, soulless eyes on the stem. It fires different-colored music notes out of these holes. The purple notes come out the middle hole. They only affect groundborne zombies, like browncoats. They don't have any other capabilites. The blue notes come out the top hole. They only affect airborne zombies. They have a 25% chance to knock said airborne zombie back a tile. Finally, the orange notes come out the bottom hole. They only affect zombies too low to be hit normally, such as Diver Zombies. They have a chance to stun the zombie for two seconds. Recornflower will fire in the following order: purple, blue, orange. Sun cost: 175. Recharge: average. Name combines "recorder" and "cornflower".

Leaf Pile (No class) - The replacement to Tumbleweed Tosser. Honestly, I already find this plant to be far superior. This plant functions somewhat like a vine, although I wouldn't really consider it one. Once you plant him over another plant, said plant will be hidden and zombies will ignore it, walking right past it. The plant can still affect zombies, even covered by Leaf Pile. Leaf Pile, however, will disappear after 15-20 seconds after being planted and can still be killed by plants such as Torchwood, Jalapeno, Snadragon, Blover, Laser Bean, etc. Sun cost: 50. Recharge: slow.

And that's all of them... for now. I will reveal more plants tomorrow probably. Later.

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