Coconut Sniper Tower (Enforce-mint or Arma-mint) - A small coconut resting atop a coconut tree. He holds a sniper rifle and fires a powerful stream of milk at the most dangerous zombie on the lawn. Like Dartichoke, except CST's range spans across the whole board rather than the lane it's planted in. After firing, he must recharge however and only a limited number can be planted on the lawn (five's the limit). Sun cost: 400. Recharge: fast.

Punchy Pot (Enforce-mint) - A ceramic flower pot with and unspecified plant growing out of it with a bunch of leaves in the shape of a fist at the end. Starts out small and weak, but as it defeats more zombies via pummeling them, the fist of leaves becomes bigger and it will hit harder, but attack slower. Its fist will stop growing after it defeats three zombies to prevent it from being to OP. Sun cost: 250. Recharge: mediocre.

Bubble Bud (Contain-mint) - A lotus bud. It can only be planted underwater (there's a world in my upcoming fan-game where everything is underwater). It blows giant bubbles which slowly travel towards zombies. Once it collides with one, the bubble will pop, dealing heavy damage and stunning them. The bubble has a 25% chance to carry weaker zombies, such as browncoats and imps, backwards on the lawn by a few tiles. Sun cost: 200. Recharge: average. Name combines "bubble" and "bud" and takes similarities from "Bubble Buddy" from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Marimo Bowler (Appease-mint) - A marimo moss ball. It can be planted on land or underwater only. Once planted, it rolls a marimo moss ball forwards which bounces into multiple zombies. The moss ball will become bigger as it travels across the lawn and thus, will deal more damage to zombies. The moss ball is more effective underwater and it will speed across the lawn faster and grow quicker. Of course, Marimo Bowler must recharge after launching a ball. Sun cost: 225. Recharge: fast. Name combines "marimo ball" and "bowler".

Marine Tangerine (Enforce-mint) - A tangerine with four, seaweed-like tentacles. It can only be placed either in water or underwater. Once planted, it will camouflage itself, meaning it cannot be targeted by zombies such as Gargantuar Primes or Wizard Zombies. Once there is a zombie within two tiles in front of it, Marine Tangerine will un-camouflage and squeeze it with its tentacles, but it is now vulnerable to being targeted by the aforementioned Gargantuar Primes and Wizard Zombies. The Tangerine will not let go until either the zombie or it is dead. Once the zombie it's squeezing is dead, it will re-camouflage, lying in wait for another target. Sun cost: 300. Recharge: very fast. Name combines "marine" and "tangerine".

Pop-corn (Bombard-mint) - A popcorn kernel. It works like a weaker Explode-o-nut, protecting plants and exploding in a 3x3 area when fully eaten, although with Pop-corn, there's a catch. Once it explodes, it will release up to 6 popcorns from its body. These popcorns target the 6 closest zombies on the lawn, although Pop-corn will release less popcorns if there are less than 6 zombies on the field. Sun cost: 100. Recharge: slow. Name combines "pop", referencing its ability to explode, and "popcorn", which is what it launches after exploding.

Tumbleweed Tosser (Appease-mint) - Probably my least-favored plant creation, considering we already have Tumbleweed, but since Tumbleweed won't be featured in my game, Tumbleweed Tosser will have to step in as the closest thing. So it hurls tumbleweeds that rolls across the lawn, colliding with zombies they come across. The tumblweeds sometimes bounce zombies back, but they disappear after hitting a target instead of bouncing into another. Honestly, the most interesting thing about it in my opinion is what happens when a Blover is placed behind it. Basically, it does what Dandelion does, unleashing a bunch of tumbleweeds that rolls down every lane, but they don't knock back zombies and pass through them instead. Sun cost: 100. Recharge: mediocre.

Pixel Pea (Appease-mint) - Moving on from my least favorite to my favorite. Interestingly, both are in the Appease-mint class. So Pixel Pea, if the name didn't give it away, is a pixelated Peashooter. It shoots pixelated peas that are way weaker than Peashooter's... at first. Once Pixel Pea defeats a zombie, a score multiplier will appear in the corner and multiply his attack by 2. And by 3 once it defeats another zombie. And again by 4 and finally 5. Once the multiplier is at 5, the multiplier will not go up any further, but Pixel Pea's attack with deal 5 times more damage than it normally would. The multiplier will reset if Pixel Pea waits 4-5 seconds or fails to defeat a zombie in the aforementioned time. Sun cost: 250. Recharge: average.

Scrapple (Arma-mint) - A red apple. It hurls scrap metal at zombies, although once the scrap makes contact with something, it will get left behind on that tile (unless there's a grave there). Scrapple will continue to throw scrap at the pile, making it bigger with each hit until it is big enough to become a large scrap ball, which blocks zombies. Only two scrap balls can exist at a time in one lane and they are slightly more durable than Wall-nut. Sun cost: 200. Recharge: mediocre. Name combines "scrap" and "apple".

Prolongan (No class) - A longan. I just absolutely NEEDED to announce this because so far, I haven't seen a single longan plant on this wiki. So Prolongan, as its name suggests, prolongs something. What exactly? The plant food effect of the 8 plants surrounding it. If one of the eight plants uses its PFE, it will last 1-2 seconds longer than usual. Prolongan will disappear after 30 seconds so it's not too OP. Sun cost: 50. Recharge: slow. Name combines "prolong" and "longan".

Forseed (Enchant-mint) - A seed (Idk what kind of seed though). A psychic attacker. Once a zombie got close enough and attacked it, Forseed would negate damage and then throw that zombie off the lawn by using psychic powers. Bigger zombies, like Gargantuars and Football Mechs, are only thrown back a short distance, but aren't defeated. If something like a Gargantuar Prime tried using his laser attack on Forseed, the Forseed would just negate damage, but it wouldn't throw the zombie back. After it used its psychic attack, it had to recharge and would be susceptible to being eaten. Sun cost: 150. Recharge: mediocre. Name combines "forsee" and "seed".

Bur Blaster (Arma-mint) - We're in the endgame now. Bur Blaster is a spunky little bur will a cannon on his back. It launches burs that bounce across the lawn, sticking to zombies. The burs will only stick if it bounces on a tile with a zombie on it. The burs will also continuously hurt zombies they're stuck to and more than one bur deal stacked damage. Only three burs can be stuck to one zombie at a time. Sun cost: 250. Recharge: fast. Originally, the name "Howitzbur" was considered, but ultimately rejected for sounding dumb.

Alien Pod (Enchant-mint) - A chrome-green pea pod. Once tapped, click a random tile on the lawn and Alien Pod will open and release a pea-shaped egg on that tile. After 10-15 seconds have passed, the egg will hatch into a Peashooter which will behave like normal. Alien Pod must recharge after releasing an egg. Sun cost: 250. Recharge: fast. Name combines "alien pod" and "pea pod".

Nutmech (Reinforce-mint) - A nutmeg nut with cyberkinetic armor. Once planted, you can tap on a Wall-nut or Tall-nut and give it metal armor, increasing its toughness. Additionally the Wall/Tall-nut will gain a short-ranged laser attack, similar to Laser Bean's but with the same range as Fume-shroom's. Nutmech will be used up after this, but it can be planted again to give another Wall/Tall-nut armor. Sun cost: 100. Recharge: slow. Name combines "nutmeg" and "mech".

Solar Panel (Enlighten-mint) - A robotic sunflower with solar panels on the sides of its head. It produces sun at a sligtly-slower rate than Sunflower, although that changes. As sun falls from the sky, Solar Panel will automatically collect sun. By collecting sun, its sun production will increase by 5%. And even moreso as it collects even more sun. If you collect the sun on your own, Solar Panel's sun production will not increase however. Sun cost: 150. Recharge: average.

Be-gone-ia (Enchant-mint) - Final plant of the day. A begonia will an affinity for magic. By tapping on it, Be-gone-ia will instantly vanquish a single zombie of your choosing. A zombie can be chosen by tapping on one after tapping Be-gone-ia. However, Be-gone-ia is not entirely useful, as its vanquish attack has a higher chance to fail on stronger zombies. Also, bosses will only have a chunk of their health depleted by it. Only a limited numbers of Be-gone-ias can be planted on the lawn, similarly to Coconut Sniper Tower and one must recharge after using a vanquish attack, whether it fails or not. Sun cost: 750. Recharge: very fast. Name combines "be gone" and "begonia".

Anyways, those are all the plants I wanted to reveal to you so far. Please, as always, tell me what you think and tell me what I should change about a plant or two. Thanks for taking the time to read! And don't worry, I have more plants I have yet to reveal.

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