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I am Sani :D

About Me

I'm a user on PvZCC (wow really?), joining November 20, 2016 (when I was 11). I really like the Plants vs. Zombies series, and it's my passion to make fan-ideas for the main tower defense games. "Passion" is a strong word, but ya know it's kinda fun I guess. I do a lot of different things so there's a fairly good chance that I can help you with something you're attempting. If you do need my help for anything on the wiki, tell me on my message wall or message me on Discord (which is sani#2133).

I have some good experience in both Garden Warfare 2 and Battle for Neighborville, and I've probably played those two more than any of the other games. But I've played most, if not all, of the internationally available games.

My Projects
These images are links!

RT FINAL.pngWildside.pngFreshFightersLogo.png

Junk Drawer

General Avenue
Sandbox Town
Archive Street

Owned Games

Game Stats & Progress

PvZ worldAE.png
PvZ worldPS.png
PvZ worldWW.png
PvZ worldFC.png
PvZ worldLC.png
PvZ worldFF.png
Tick BP template1.pngAncient Egypt Tick BP template1.pngPirate Seas Tick BP template1.pngWild West Tick BP template1.pngFrostbite Caves Tick BP template1.pngLost City Tick BP template1.pngFar Future
PvZ worldDA.png
PvZ worldNMT.png
PvZ worldJM.png
PvZ worldBWB.png
PvZ worldMD.png
Tick BP template1.pngDark Ages Tick BP template1.pngNeon Mixtape Tour Tick BP template1.pngJurassic Marsh Tick BP template1.pngBig Wave Beach Tick BP template1.pngModern Day

Endless Zones? Your mileage may vary.
PyramidOfDoomTemplate.png ANCIENT EGYPT
LVL 149
DeadMansBootyTemplate.png PIRATE SEAS
LVL 36
BigBadButteTemplate.png WEST WEST
Terror from Tomorrow2.png FAR FUTURE
LVL 128
ArthursChallengeTemplate.png DARK AGES
LVL 23
TikiTorcherTemplate.png BIG WAVE BEACH
IceboundBattlegroundTemplate.png FROSTBITE CAVES
LVL 78
Tob icon.png LOST CITY
LVL 176
Greatest Hits2.png NEON MIXTAPE TOUR
LVL 26
La Brainsa Tarpits2.png JURASSIC MARSH
LVL 33
Highway to the Danger Room icon.png MODERN DAY

My Opinions

The favorite child

Winter Melon.png

The middle children

Twin Sunflower.png Gatling Pea.png Ice-shroom.png Imitater.png Snow Pea.png Cattail1.pngSquash.png

The troubled children

Cactus.png Coffee Bean.png



Pretty solid

Primal Sunflower2.png Zoybean Pod2.png Goo Peashooter2.png Gold Bloom2.png Enlighten-mint2.png Moonflower2.pngShadow Peashooter2.png

Really bad

Winter-mint2.png Dazey Chain2.png

My favorites!

ChomperBfN.png CitronBfN.png

They're good, but not my favorites

AcornBfN.png WildflowerBfN.png Night CapBfN.png Kernel CornBfN.png SnapdragonBfN.png PeashooterBfN.pngSunflowerBfN.png

No idea what to do with these two

RoseBfN.png CactusBfN.png

My favorites!

Foot SoldierBfN.png ScientistBfN.png

They're good, but not my favorites

Electric SlideBfN.png Super BrainzBfN.png Captain DeadbeardBfN.png WizardBfN.png All-StarBfN.png Space CadetBfN.png80s Action HeroBfN.png

No idea what to do with these two

EngineerBfN.png ImpBfN.png

Feeling lost? Here's a dose of wisdom:
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