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I am Sani :D

Howdy, <insert name here>, I'm WiLdCaRd2048, better known as Sani, and I do a bunch of different things here, from running Fresh Fighters, to running PvZ Road Trip 2, to working on a top-secret upcoming project, I'm everywhere! Ooooo spooky!


About Me

I'm a user on PvZCC, joining November 20, 2016 (when I was 13). I really like the Plants vs. Zombies series, and it's my passion to make fan-ideas for the main tower defense games. "Passion" is a strong word, but ya know it's kinda fun I guess. I do a lot of different things so there's a fairly good chance that I can help you with something you're attempting. If you do need my help for anything on the wiki, tell me on my message wall or message me on Discord (which is Sani#4666).


My Projects

Road Trip - Plants vs. Zombies: Road Trip is a fun tower defense game that functions similarly to Plants vs. Zombies 2, but also takes some inspiration and some features from others. It takes its visual appearance and a decent amount of gameplay from Plants vs. Zombies 2, but is also inspired by Plants vs. Zombies 3.

Road Trip 2 - Plants vs. Zombies: Road Trip 2 is a tower defense game released by the Road Trip Dev Team. This game is the sequel to the smashing success - Plants vs. Zombies: Road Trip. In this game, the zombies have once again invaded and captured Greensburg, and you must once more take it back and save the day!

Fresh Fighters - Fresh Fighters is a set of cards released in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. The update introduces a total of 465 new cards (401 regular, 65 superpower), 16 new Heroes, and a new card type - Gadgets. Gadgets are similar to Environments, but they don't take up a lane, only one can be in play at a time, and they affect the whole board.

Canceled: Neighborville Reignited - Neighborville Reignited is a fun, fully fan-made, fantastic update for PvZ: BfN that aims to fix some of the game's larger issues that had plagued it since launch. It also adds a lot of additional fun content as well, including a huge balance overhaul, new characters, new Legendary Upgrades, an Ops rework, a batch of Weekly Event modes, tons of quality of life changes, and so much more! The goal is to stay true to the heart and soul of Battle for Neighborville while adding my own twist and making it less of an abject failure. This project is currently not supported.

Canceled: Hands-Down Applesauce Patch - Hands-Down Applesauce Patch is a cool update idea for PvZ: GW2 that tries to fix some of the balancing issues by making some of the oppressive characters weaker, fixing some partially-flawed character class designs, and making some of the bad characters better along with adding more abilities and stuff while I'm at it. This project is currently not supported.


Junk Drawer

General Avenue
Sandbox Town
Archive Street


Owned Games

Stats n' Stuff

As of 5/1/21
PyramidOfDoomTemplate.png Pyramid of Doom
LVL 146
DeadMansBootyTemplate.png Dead Man's Booty
BigBadButteTemplate.png Big Bad Butte
Terror from Tomorrow2.png Terror from
LVL 128
ArthursChallengeTemplate.png Arthur's Challenge
TikiTorcherTemplate.png Tiki Torch-er
IceboundBattlegroundTemplate.png Icebound
LVL 78
Tob icon.png Temple of Bloom
LVL 176
Greatest Hits2.png Greatest Hits
LVL 26
La Brainsa Tarpits2.png La Brainsa Tarpits
LVL 19
Highway to the Danger Room icon.png Highway to the
Danger Room


Winter Melon.png


Twin Sunflower.png Gatling Pea.png Ice-shroom.png Imitater.png Snow Pea.png Cattail1.pngSquash.png


Cactus.png Coffee Bean.png




Primal Sunflower2.png Zoybean Pod2.png Goo Peashooter2.png Gold Bloom2.png Enlighten-mint2.png Moonflower2.pngShadow Peashooter2.png


Winter-mint2.png Dazey Chain2.png


ChomperBfN.png CitronBfN.png


AcornBfN.png WildflowerBfN.png Night CapBfN.png Kernel CornBfN.png SnapdragonBfN.png PeashooterBfN.pngSunflowerBfN.png


RoseBfN.png CactusBfN.png


Foot SoldierBfN.png ScientistBfN.png


Electric SlideBfN.png Super BrainzBfN.png Captain DeadbeardBfN.png WizardBfN.png All-StarBfN.png Space CadetBfN.png80s Action HeroBfN.png


EngineerBfN.png ImpBfN.png

PvZ worldAE.png
PvZ worldPS.png
PvZ worldWW.png
PvZ worldFC.png
PvZ worldLC.png
PvZ worldFF.png
Tick BP template1.pngAncient Egypt Tick BP template1.pngPirate Seas Tick BP template1.pngWild West Tick BP template1.pngFrostbite Caves Tick BP template1.pngLost City Tick BP template1.pngFar Future
PvZ worldDA.png
PvZ worldNMT.png
PvZ worldJM.png
PvZ worldBWB.png
PvZ worldMD.png
Tick BP template1.pngDark Ages Tick BP template1.pngNeon Mixtape Tour Tick BP template1.pngJurassic Marsh Tick BP template1.pngBig Wave Beach Tick BP template1.pngModern Day
RoseBfN.png This user does not like the Legendary Thorn Apart.
Kernel CornBfN.png This user does not like the Legendary Shogun-Guard.
ScientistBfN.png This user loves the Legendary Steam Blaster.
Super BrainzBfN.png This user doesn't like the Legendary Branium Basher 9001.
PeashooterBfN.png This user's Peashooter is a grand master 1.
ChomperBfN.png This user's Chomper is a grand master 4.
Kernel CornBfN.png This user's Kernel Corn is a grand master 3.
Night CapBfN.png This user's Night Cap is a master.
SnapdragonBfN.png This user's Snapdragon is a grand master 1.
CactusBfN.png This user's Cactus is a master.
CitronBfN.png This user's Citron is a grand master 4.
AcornBfN.png This user's Acorn is a grand master 1.
SunflowerBfN.png This user's Sunflower is a grand master 2.
RoseBfN.png This user's Rose is a grand master 5.
WildflowerBfN.png This user's Wildflower is a master.

Foot SoldierBfN.png This user's Foot Soldier is a grand master 2.
ImpBfN.png This user's Imp is a master.
Super BrainzBfN.png This user's Super Brainz is a grand master 2.
80s Action HeroBfN.png This user's 80s Action Hero is a master.
Electric SlideBfN.png This user's Electric Slide is a grand master 3.
Captain DeadbeardBfN.png This user's Captain Deadbeard is a grand master 5.
All-StarBfN.png This user's All-Star is a master.
Space CadetBfN.png This user's Space Cadet is a master.
ScientistBfN.png This user's Scientist is a grand master 3.
EngineerBfN.png This user's Engineer is a super elite.
WizardBfN.png This user's Wizard is a grand master 5.
TV HeadBfN.png This user's TV Head is a grand master 1.