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 Please don't hurt me, Cynth.

Things you should know about me or not

  • What am I: not captain new japan, no one likes captain new japan
  • Who am I: not captain new japan, no one likes captain new japan
  • Where am I: not with captain new japan, no one likes captain new japan
  • Does anyone like Captain New Japan: Tanahashi, probably

Licks and Dislicks


  • Comics in general, I follow Marvel (weekly), DC every once in a while, Valiant (loyal fan), Image, etc.
  • Marvel Netflix Shows, MCU, Captain America movies.
  • 🐮🔪
  • Saga, just because who doesn't like dem wings and horns.
  • Star Wars, -holds head buns steady furiously-
  • Drawing, writing, I make comic books and no one believes me so much.
  • The Legend of Zelda, every single one of them. Very loyal fan. Phoenix Wright series too.
  • Reddit, gotta get those sweet, sweet karma.
  • Wrasslin' (mainly WWE and WCPW). Speaking of which.
    • Noam Dar vs Jay Lethal (ROH Championship, WCPW Built to Destroy)

    • Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT: TakeOver Dallas)
    • Bayley vs Sasha Banks (All of them.)
    • Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania XXIV)
    • AJ Styles vs John Cena (whichever)
    • Gran Metalik vs T. J. Perkins (Cruiserweight Classic Finale)
    • El Ligero vs Jay Lethal (WCPW Loaded Episode idk)
    • Will Ospreay vs Martin Kirby (WCPW Loaded Episode idk 2)
    • Bea Priestley vs Nixon Newell (WCPW Women's Championship, WCPW Stacked)
    • Martin Kirby vs Pete Dunne and El Ligero vs Trevor Banks (WCPW Loaded Episode idk 3, do not recommend unless you have binge'd everything pre-this episode.)
    • AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Wrestle Kingdom 10)


  • How Marvel and DC deal with their more diverse characters. Heavy-hitting villains getting wasted on mediocre stuff (See: Thanos (Civil War II #1), Kingpin (Civil War II: Spider-Man #1)).
  • Bad art.
  • FNAF and Undertale fanbase.
  • /r/news
  • /r/
  • Matpat in General. I can already feel Grei's intense glare.
  • Robyn and Jeri Hogarth from JJ S1, I don't care about your wife problems, Jeri!
  • also Carmella

Friends and Bros

Because all the cool kids do it V2

  • Grei - Used to annoy, now closest friend I've ever had. Perhaps a goat.
  • Orb - One of my first friends, still one of my greatest friends. Maker of Orbtoepia I (destroyed), Orbtoepia II (destroyed), Orbtoepia III and Obitoepia.
  • Fishy - One of my first friends, still pretty close. Certified great artist.
  • Guppie - Good friend, still talk to every once in a while. Great artist too.
  • Greeny - I still remember. Never forget.
  • Cynth - Great guy, only other user who likes Jessica Jones.
  • Poe - Great guy. Fun to talk to and break his innocence every once in a while.
  • FreakerCamper - Pretty chill guy, probably thinks I'm weird.

Neutral and Enem-ays

  • Idk, they haven't been speaking up much.

The End

Now dance.