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Quack :duckie4:

Welcome to my page!

Hey <insert name here>, I'm Rugby Zombie, and I'd like to think I'm the smartest out of all Football Zombies. Unlike them, I know what a football is, and I can use a computer. I make pages when I'm not battling my head off (irl too). I usually wouldn't mind too harsh criticism if it helps me to improve, so please tell me when you find mistakes from me. You can speak Chinese to me if you know how to, and I hope to see ya!

Partners to share brainz with

Waffle - The first guy that became a member, Waffle is a fun guy to talk to, and has interesting ideas.

Ledal ladol - Ledal ladol is a very cool dude, with intriguing ideas.

Deviant - Deviant got the good ideas, and he's a generally nice friend.

Serenity - Starry has VERY cool art, and has an obsession for mints.

404 - Funny guy, we chat a lot on Discord.

Gei - Has a very cool game, and a good buddy.

Krayleb - Awesome guy, has a game with high potential, I help him out nowadays.

Nuttin' to see here - Cool game, cool guy, nice art.

Flag Zombie - Has a game with potential, and has cool art and ideas.

Chickenwastaken - Cool dude with great art, and fun to talk with.

All the mods, especially these three - No explanation needed.

People with tasty brainz

No one yet, unless...

People who tried to attack me with peas D:<

Pink89076 - Yeah, you should probably know EXACTLY why Pink's here.

Created pages

Pole Vaulter (PVZH) (Rugby Zombie's Version) (Fine)

Bug Splat (PVZH) (Very bad)

Cyborg All-Star (Ok, I guess)

Egg Pusher Imp (PVZH) (Alright)

Gargantuar-Throwing Imp (PvZ2) (Rugby Zombie's version) (Good)

Unlife Of The Party (PvZ) (Bad)

Crab Collector Zombie (Pretty gud)

Zombot Swing Smasher (PvZH) (very poggers lol)

Skeleton Zombie (PvZH) (real?)

Bloody Mirror Zombie (very real, hehheh)

Crumblehead Man Zombie (i very much rushed it :troll:)

I am also the creator of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Both Sides.


Plants in PVZ2

Nearly always use them

FirePeashooter2.png Squash2.png


BonkChoy2.png Snapdragon2.png Chard Guard2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Endurian2.png Kernel-pult2.png

Let's be real, you never use this

Chomper2.png Intensive Carrot2.png

Zombies in PVZ2


Newspaper Zombie2.png Octopus-thrower2.png


JesterZombiePvZ2.png Mecha-Football Zombie2.png Zombie Chicken2.png Explorer Zombie2.png ExcavatorZombie2.png MC Zom-B2.png


Poncho Zombie2.png Ra Zombie2.png


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Fred's Almanac

So do you want to take my helmet, folks?

Ḑ̶̛̘͓͈̺̙̫̹͛̉̄̅̊̀̅͐͜͞Ȯ̸̥͙̺̘͓̼̓̈͋͊̂͊̚͜ Y̶̨̦͇̘̫͕͈̼͌̑͆̋͋̐̆̕O̸̩̖̺̝͖̝̤̥͍͗̓̈̐͟͡Ṵ̤̥͇̓̿̿͌̾̈́̈́̍̿͢?̵̧͓̻̳̠̜̫̝̈̊̽̑̃͆̽͠