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Monthly Meditation: What am I doing with my life anymore?
What's up, ya'll? My name is Mark Kajesto, and my online alias is Orthodontist Zombie (or Dentist Zombie, because Orthodontist is a mouthful of letters and semen). I was born on May 21, 2007, which means that currently, I am 15 years old. I was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, the smallest city in Massachusetts, and formerly the biggest industrial area in the world. (also, Battleship Cove is pretty famous too) My mom is a cashier at Stop-n'-Shop, and my dad was a worker at Mariott. For the most part, I had a normal childhood. I first discovered PvZ back in 2011, when I was 4 years old. I was a gamer very early in life, starting when I was 3. (I wasn't good, but that's not the point.) When I heard that it was a rather easy game, I decided to give it a go on the Nintendo DS. I actually beat the entire game (including on hard mode) and attempted to beat all survivals, but got bored. Sadly, I lost my DS, but soon I got an iPad, which means I could play PvZ2 in a couple of years. Currently, I have played every PvZ released in America, including PvZ: Adventures, and I have played the PvZ2 Chinese version. Please don't be too rude to me, I suffer from bipolar disorder and can be pretty sensitive.

Friends on the Wiki!

Rugby - Favorite person on the wiki, very nice and fun to chat with on discord. He also makes good stuff, and made my favorite page :)

Ani - Makes good stuff, and favorite admin.

Caleb - Very pog dude who made World Tour.

Chicken - He made an awesome page and seems to be a very nice person to talk to.

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Outclassing, outperforming and destroying the health of the lesser heroes. This user has an appreciation for the wet and wild world of amphibious cards.

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A pretty good spell that fits right into the mood of Brainy. Summon a spaceman after your opponent can't play anything!

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you answered the conehead question correctly! have this badge

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Snap zombies away with Parsnip Trust me, no zombie will stay alive after you plant this little guy!.

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