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  • I am from Latvia
  • I was born on September 12
  • I am Supreme Lord of all walruses

Power for the Dreams!

Hello! Emoticon happy I used to be an active admin on this wiki. Currently working as a backend developer IRL and other side projects in free time so I obviously don't have time for PvZCC. Call me Orb. If you have any questions, contact me in Discord at Orbacle#4161

In free time I am working together with Grei on this addicting multiplayer PvZ game I've made (PvZ Battles) We might add some more PvZCC creations there.

What do you think about PvZ Battles? (link above)

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i am watching you

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You can adopt a picture made by me to create your plant here.

Picture requests

You can ask me to create a picture for you! Just ask me on my message wall. Examples of pictures you can see here. Due to inactivity, I am not accepting requests atm.

Don't read this piece of nonsense... cuz you just did... Emoticon epicwob 

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Plants vs Zombies Day (levels 1-1 till 1-10) No Sunflower Challenge

Plants vs Zombies Day (levels 1-1 till 1-10) No Sunflower Challenge


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