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Woah! All those classes, that kind of power... Who wouldn't want it?
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My game, Plants vs. Zombies: The Thousand Pages

Plant Gallery

Work in progress...

Zombie Gallery

This is a gallery of the zombies that appear in my custom game, Plants vs. Zombies: The Thousand Pages. A lot of them are missing, i'll just add them later because I'm lazy :|

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes creations

PvZH Fiery IconFiery Zombies

This is a gallery of all the cards that I made for my custom PvZH class, PvZH Fiery IconFiery. Click on an image to be sent to its page! If there is a zombie on my list of zombies that you would like to see or if a card seems to powerful, let me know!

Other PvZH creations

This is a galley of custom PvZH zombies that I made, but that are from already existing classes. These are probably my favorite creations :3


This is where I put the pictures of my *old custom plants and zombies.

Yes, they do look awful, but that's because I made them like 4 years ago, I wasn't the best with using MS Paint at that time and I didn't have Krita to help me out. I just keep them here to show how much I've improved since then.

Feel free to look at these horrible creations!

* Bone Thrower Zombie, Future Flag Zombie (PvZH), Beach Flag Zombie (PvZH) and Halloween Flag Zombie (PvZH) have been updated to fit my new art style.

Created Worlds

Created PvZH class

If you wanna be quick, here's my template:

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