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More than happy
This user is happy, loves nuts and smile.

hey ( oo ⁎)

im dsfanboy andg im a bcrat here lol

Friends List

  • everyone 😳

Stuff I Use idk

  • Medibang Paint to draw
  • Sometimes I use sketchbook pro to do lineart
  • Occasionally i use with plugins (mostly for header images)

My Stats and Opinion and stuff lol
PyramidOfDoomTemplate.png This user has completed 16 levels in the Pyramid of Doom.
DeadMansBootyTemplate.png This user has completed 39 levels in Dead Man's Booty.
BigBadButteTemplate.png This user has completed 15 levels in Big Bad Butte.
IceboundBattlegroundTemplate.png This user has completed 20 levels in Icebound Battleground.
Tob icon.png This user has completed 26 levels in the Temple of Bloom.
TerrorFromTomorrowTemplate.png This user has completed 157 levels in Terror from Tomorrow.
ArthursChallengeTemplate.png This user has completed 23 levels in Arthur's Challenge.
Greatest Hits2.png This user has completed 5 levels in the Greatest Hits.
LBT Icon Transparent.png This user has completed 0 levels in the La Brainsa Tarpits.
TikiTorcherTemplate.png This user has completed 51 levels in Tiki Torch-er.
Twin Sunflower2.png This user's favorite plant is the Twin Sunflower.
Bowling Bulb2.png This user's favorite plant is the Bowling Bulb.
Caulipower2.png This user's favorite plant is the Caulipower.
Imitater2.png This user's favorite plant is the Imitater.

Winter Melon1.png


Twin Sunflower1.png Potato Mine1.png Ice-shroom1.png Imitater1.png Threepeater1.png Kernel-pult1.pngSquash1.png


Cactus1.png Sea-shroom1.png

my lover



Twin Sunflower2.png Imitater2.png Bowling Bulb2.png Grapeshot2.png Melon-pult2.png Gold Bloom2.pngPea-nut2.png


Contain-mint2.png Guacodile2.png

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PvZ worldWW.png
PvZ worldFC.png
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PvZ worldFF.png
Tick BP template1.pngAncient Egypt Tick BP template1.pngPirate Seas Tick BP template1.pngWild West Tick BP template1.pngFrostbite Caves Tick BP template1.pngLost City Tick BP template1.pngFar Future
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Tick BP template1.pngDark Ages Tick BP template1.pngNeon Mixtape Tour Tick BP template1.pngJurassic Marsh Tick BP template1.pngBig Wave Beach Tick BP template1.pngModern Day