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I usually only play the tower-defense versions of the genre, like 1 and 2, so I don't really know much about other game's mechanics.

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I am a scratch user that is here, and have been making projects and articles ever since. If you edit this I edit it back

Gallery of Created Plants and Zombies

Charley23's Creations
Plants Butter-cupBerry BearCorpse FlowerPoison CurrantHypnora AfricanaEncourage-mintBluebellFlute-shroomGumnutSympathy TulipStone LilyMangolinLit-hopPopcorn on the CobHunter PeaDragonfruitSmoosh-shroomGarlic DroneRoarange
Zombies Paintball ZombieGhostChameleon HoarderPaleontologistChameleon HoarderCement Zombie
Games Golden HourThe Final Straw
Locations Garden BattlegroundsGrand Prairie (TBA)
Other Card PacksSecondary Objective

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The best plants in history

Shrinking Violet2.png Arma-mint2.png


Snow Pea2.png Gumnut2.png Cherry Bomb2.png Fume-shroom2.png Cabbage-pult2.png Sun-shroom2.pngChomper2.png


Puff-shroom2.png Sun Bean2.png Sunflower2.png

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