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welcome to my userpage. im bluetoad103, but you can just call me toad or blue. at the time of writing this, i'm 17 years old, and ive been playing pvz games ever since i first played pvz1 when i was about 7 years old. im not too active on this wiki right now, but i'd like to change that, so ill be working on new pages and stuff soon.

if youre wondering, i do have a game concept in the works called pvz : daves journey, a pvz game with core gameplay like pvz adventures. of course, none of the objectively bad stuff from adventures like waiting for plants to grow before you can use them in battle, paying officer ron to advance, etc. theres no page for this game right now, but im currently working on world 4, a waterpark. after world 4 is finished, ill be working on some side stuff and page writing before i release the game's page.

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