• IDK what to do anymore. Every single time I leave and then come back, within my first day, I mess up and everybody hates me to some extent, whether that be in my actions or an action I did, or just me myself, or in small, in large, it exists, and I don't like it. I want to keep creating plants and zombies and creations because I enjoy it, but I don't get along with any of the users here...I got along with you for a little while, though, so that's why I'm telling you. Then, I told you your creation was UO (which everything here for the most part is UO if you're talking about it that way), and you got mad at me, I got mad at you, big dispute, hated again, left, came back, hated in small again. Literally got back here about 4 days ago. 

    Well, my new game is PvZ: Harvesterz, which is a WIP name for a PvZ RPG game where you take DNA from plants, edit it or combine it, and fight off zombies in different modes. At least, that's the main attractions, which seems a bit like the cooking pot, but it has so many features I can't explain it all just here, now.


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