• Peppercorn does not meet the standards for a Good Article. Now, you have two choices:

    1. You can improve it to have it stay "Good"

    2. You can let it go or request to have it no longer be "Good"

    This is not a deletion notice.

    If your page is removed from Good Pages, I will gladly compensate you with a free pink page name.

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    • This guy has been inactive around here for a long time.

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    • Yeah I'm fine with it not being a Good Article (to be perfectly honest I had no idea it became one in the first place).

      Though, while I'm here, can I ask why Olive Alloyl, Defigulator, and Icy Holly were deleted?

      Oh, and as a suggestion, if these articles will stay deleted, could you at least turn them into blog posts instead? I'd like to have them for archival purposes.

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    • Absolutely, sir.

      I will restore them at once.

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    • I looked at them and they're okay, Ice Holly is a liiiiiiiitle bit off but that's ok.

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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