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Sundrops is a sun producing plant which will grow over time over 3 stages. When first planted Sundrops will produce 50 sun. Small stage produces 50 sun each time, after 20 seconds it will grow to medium stage which produces 75 sun each time and 45 seconds after that Sundrops will grow to full size and produces 100 sun each time.

Almanac Entry


Sundrops produces sun and grows through three stages, increasing sun production along the way.

"Collection O' Plants" was a popular plant catalogue for luxury plant collectors. Sundrops was part of the "Collection O' Plants" until she left because some dude said it sounded like cereal.

Almanac Statistics

Production Speed
Sun Production
Sun Icon.png
Health Icon.png
25 sec 50 to 75 to 100 5 sec 10

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Plant Food ability

"I'm My Sunshine": Grows to full size if not full sized, and produces 250 sun



Almanac entry reference

  • Sundrops is created especially to be The Last Reminiscence's second sun producing plant, and to be used beside Sunflowers, for the sake of the difficulty of the two last worlds. Sundrops will cry if she knows that you are offensive against her, and she already knows that she's very similar to Sun-shroom );
  • The new (current) Almanac entry is a reference to the comment section of this page.