Sugarplum's Boutique

The shop's logo

Sugarplum's Boutique is a shop owned by Sugarplum. She has a huge business here, selling wigs and hats or in simple terms, headwear.

The shop makes it's debut in Plants vs. Zombies: Random Rebellion. A wig/hat can be bought at the store for gems, and also can have amazing effects on plants!


  • Sugarplum smiles in the logo.
    • She is also the first plant to own a shop.
  • Wigs and hats can give various effects to the plants.
  • Although Sugarplum is a female, she models the male's wigs and hats, too.

Wigs and Hats

This is the headwear sold in Sugarplum's Boutique! These wigs and hats are made Sugarplum herself!

Note: All the wigs have their boy and girl counterparts. Each counterpart is sold together. Any wigs or hats bought are for the current profile only. Once a wig or hat is bought, it can be used on multiple plants at once.