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Submerge-mint is a Power Mint Plant. It summons Penny-worth in 1 column if the tile isn't occupied by any existing plant and pushing the zombies away from the water stream.

Submerge-mint Family plant includes:

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Like other Power Mints, Submerge-mint cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. She remains on the lawn for 10 seconds at level 1.

Submerge-mint can be purchased from the store with 100 mints when she is available.



Submerge-mint's name is a portmanteau of "mint" and "submergement," the act of drowning, plunge, sink, or dive or cause to plunge, sink, or dive below the surface of water, etc.

Almanac entry


Level Upgrades

Note that Submerge-mint's recharge is 30 seconds shorter during the Improve-mint event.

Level Seed Packets Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Duration Toughness Water Stream Duration
1 0 0 85 seconds 10 seconds 100000 dps 10 seconds
2 100 80 seconds 11 seconds 12 seconds
3 150 80 seconds 12 seconds 13 seconds
4 200 75 seconds 13 seconds 14 seconds
5 300 75 seconds 14 seconds 15 seconds
6 400 75 seconds 15 seconds 16 seconds
7 500 70 seconds 16 seconds 17 seconds
8 600 70 seconds 17 seconds 18 seconds
9 800 70 seconds 18 seconds 19 seconds
10 1,000 60 seconds 19 seconds 20 seconds


 (Free-Edit Section)When using Submerge-mint its best to stall horde of zombies pushing them back from where they came from.

  • Tangle Kelp can be useful when boosted since it tangles them one more time.
  • Lily Pad and Water Cabbage toughness wil be raise up once more.
  • Seashooter will have an additional 120 DPS.
  • Cattail will have an additional 180 DPS.
  • Waternut will leave 2 coconuts for zombies to slip on.
  • Water Grass pushes the zombies about 8 tiles, causing the zombie to deal 2 DPS then sleeps 5 seconds.
  • Waterfall Lily will have an additional duration.
  • Puzzleblast will automatically reload
  • Coral-Cannon Will get higher toughness
  • Sea Grass gains an additional 3000 toughness.
  • Rice gains 170 dps and chills for much longer.
  • Flag Iris gains 3 nds extra damage, making him more powerful=





  • This was made because of a request and kinda like it so I made a Submerge-mint plant
  • Originally Submerge-mint's name would be Water Mint despite that it's lacking play on words
  • Was Redesigned December 14, 2019, Due to boredom and nostalgia. 
  • Submerge-mint was controversial in some cases due to some people use this as a fake leak, hoaxes spread a lot.
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