This creation is a submission to the Year of the Goat Contest!
Spectral Zombie
Spectral Zombie
Created by Povak.
Type: Ghost Zombie
Toughness: Low (20 shots)
Speed: Hungry
Special: 50% of attacks will pass through it; 90% chance of reincarnation

The Spectral Zombie is a ghost zombie made for the Year of the Goat. It avoids your plant attacks.



The Spectral Zombie can absorb 20 normal damage shots. The zombie's appearance changes upon total absorption of 17 normal damage shots. The Spectral Zombie has a 50% chance of projectiles passing through it. It also has a 90% chance of reincarnation upon death, which revives the zombie and causes nearby plants to be slowed by 100%. Reincarnation can only happen once. The Spectral Zombie does not attack your plants, instead it will slowly phase through it.


Use spikerocks or explosives.

Spectral Zombie Almanac

Almanac Entry

Costs 0 brains!
You can use this zombie in your minigames, games, and other creations without the creator's permission!