Snore Shroom is a fictional plant. It has similar stats to a Tall-nut, but is nocturnal and can be vaulted over.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Snore Shroom

Toughness: very high (low if asleep)

Special: nocturnal

Everybody wonders if Snore Shroom purposely copied Tall-nut, Snore Shroom replies: "Tall-nut gets to be all sucessful and take the fame, and we shrooms wanted some, so it was just practical to mirror him".

Cost: 100

Recharge: slow


Snore Shroom has a stalk that somewhat resembles a Fume Shroom. However it's cap is tall and round, making it somewhat oval shaped. Even when technically Snore Shroom is a awake, it still apears to be asleep. When awake, it's eyes are closed and a bit of drool seeps out of it's mouth, when asleep it lacks drool and has Zs rising from it. Snore Shroom has a gaping mouth when awake, and a small smile when asleep.