Slot Machine Zombie
Health: 35 normal damage shots
Toughness: Medium
Damage: Random
Speed: Creeper
Special Once the slot machine is triggered a random event will occur based upon what appears.
Created by: MSP

A Zombie which gambles its way to win.

Almanac Entry

Slot Machine Zombie

Slot Machine Zombie is a zombie that uses gambling to win.

Toughness: Medium

Special: Once the lever is pulled the slot machine will be turned on.

Why is Slot Machine Zombie so unlucky? He doesn't believe in magic. Never heard of a Gambling Scrooge untill now...


Absorb 35 normal damage shots.


It takes 3 seconds for this Zombie to pull the level for the machine so use any instant kill to K.O it.


  • Green Lucky Seven - The Zombie dies right away. (Rare)
  • Pink Lucky Seven - 7 Diamonds (Powerfully Rare)
  • Jackpot - 5 Diamonds (Super Rare)
  • Large Money - 1 Diamond (Rare)
  • Big Money - 500 Gold Coins (Hard to find)
  • Small Money - 10 Gold Coins (Uncommon)
  • Free Sun - 50 sun given to player (Common)
  • A huge wave of Zombies - Spawns a huge wave of Zombies (Uncommon)
  • Imp Attack - Imps spawn randomly (Common)
  • Try Again - Nothing occurs (Common)