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Singing Clover

Singing clover




125 sun


3(very rare though, see desc.)


3x3 squares


Her melodic singing hurts nearby zombies, and motivates nearby plants at the same time.



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Singing Clover is a melodic plant that sings. When it sings, other plants are soothed by these mystical noises, and, while some are stupid enough to join in, increasingly become more and more motivated to do better. Sometimes (but in rare cases), the Singing Clover isn't born with these traits. But that's very rare. Instead, it sings opera-like, really screwing up the poor zombie's minds. But thats rare. Just rare. Unicorns are less rare. Wait, no. Scratch that. Unicorns are way too rare. Anyways, when a Singing Clover is currently being eaten, it sends a shrill scream that only other Singing Clovers can hear. The Singing clovers team up to sing as loud as they can so the surrounding plants will turn and help keep it alive.

-To chorus clover, it's upgrade

Chorus Clover

Plant Food

With the plant food effect, Singing Clover releases a high pitched scream, doing 40 damage to nearby zombies, and stunning the rest for 3 seconds.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Singing Clover

Singing Clover is a...well... Singing Clover. It's melodic singings are your advantage.

Singing Clover lives on the one place everyplant wants to love on: Plant Haven. Luscious pools, fertile, soft grass. The one thing everyone hates? Being followed by millions of guys who like you.


Recharge: Eh, little bit slower than normal... you come up with a name

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