Sheep Dog Zombie
Health: 12 normal damage shots
Toughness: Basic
Damage: 1 normal damage bites
Speed: Slow
Special: Scares sheep Zombies away.
Created by: MSP

This Zombie can scare away sheep Zombies making them trample plants as they run.

This creation is a submission to the Year of the Goat Contest!

Almanac Entry

Sheep Dog Zombie

Toughness: Basic

Special: Scares Sheep away.

"Woof!" Went Sheep Dog Zombie. That will be the last sound you'll hear...


Absorbs 12 normal damage shots.


This Zombie is immune to Insta Kills but can be stunned by iceberg lettuce and Chilli Bean (and other stunning plants)


  • He is based off the Australian Cattle Dog
  • He only appears in Piñata Parties.