Can bump zombies off screen and reflect projectiles.

Sun Cost:






Satsumo is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels that can be unlocked after beating Power Dimension - Day 10. It has the ability to knock zombies that get nearby backwards, until it knocks them off the screen. It also can reflect projectiles shot forwards at it. It is based off the Citrus unshiu, which is more commonly known as the satsuma, as well as being based on sumo wrestlers. How many times it needs to send zombies back depends on the amount of health the zombie has divided by 5, as each bump deals that much damage.

Almanac Entry



RANGE: Close

RECHARGE: Mediocre

Satsumos bump into zombies until they are sent off screen. They also can reflect projectiles.

Satsumo is the self-proclaimed best wrestler in the whole plant kingdom. Not even just in sumo, in all wrestling in general. Many plants are unsure of his claims, he doesn't have arms, or even legs. But heck, if he wants to feel the glory he does, then let him. He earned it.

Plant Food Upgrade

All zombies in a 2 column radius in front of Satsumo are sent to the back, while heavy damage is dealt to all zombies affected.


Due to the fact zombies need to get close to it to get the affect, Satsumo needs to be placed at the front of your defense. The Satsumo has slightly higher health than most plants, so it can serve as a good defense. It can only hit one zombie at a time, though, so it is recommended that one places a Pumpkin around it to keep it safe. Pairing it with Spikerocks also can help, since then it'll need fewer hits to send a zombie offscreen. If used right, it can be a force to be reckoned with.



  • It is the third plant in the series to have its eyes always closed, the first two being Flower Pot and the Durian from Plants vs. Zombies Online.