Random Room is a game mode featured in every version of Plants vs. Zombies Odyssey. This mode is mainly a challenge of surviving as many waves as possible, each one having a different gimmick to change the way it is played. Just like any other survival mode in the original Plants vs. Zombies, players can pick out a new array of plants every second wave.

For every 25 waves you survive, one of 4 plants will be unlocked. Every zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Odyssey can be encountered, with event world zombies featured during the time when the event takes place. There are 6 new zombies to encounter, with each 5 waves, a new zombie is introduced (Arcade Zombie and the 8-Bit Zombies count as one new zombie).


The basic idea of Random Room is seemingly an unlimited number of zombies are attacking on an onslaught to raid a futuristic room. The player has to hold off the zombie hordes for as long as possible. The only ways for Random Room to end are by getting the player's brains eaten or if they reset.

Each wave, a new and different gimmick will appear, forcing the player to adapt. This can range from benefits to the player, or benefits to the zombie horde.

List of gimmicks

  • Tombstone - Tombstones will rise up from the ground, pushing plants to another tile. They have a chance to also spawn a Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Imp and Buckethead Zombie. They will also block straight-shot projectiles and a tile to plant on.
  • Portal - Portal will spawn, which will teleport projectiles and zombies to another portal of the same shape and type. Lobbed-shot plants can however dismiss these portals and attack zombies over them.
  • Zombie Fog - Zombie Fog will go over some columns of the lawn, making it hard to see approaching zombies.
  • Power Tile - Power Tiles will spawn, so when a plant gets boosted via the Boost Bar while on a Power Tile, all other plants get boosted as well.
  • Speakers - Speakers fall from the sky, and crushes the plant that it was on. Sometimes, it will fire a soundwave that massively damages plants.
  • Snowfall - Snow falls from the sky, slowing down all plants and zombies except for ice plants and Ice Skater.
  • Potions - Potions will rise up from the ground, speeding up zombies that touch them or giving them more health.
  • Speed lanes - A red and green light will show in multiple lanes. Zombies in red lanes go slower, however green lanes will make zombie go faster.
  • Firework stands - Firework Stands will spawn, which, when destroyed will explode, damaging plants and zombies in a 3x3 area.
  • Nighttime - Sun will stop falling from the sky.
  • Sunny Day - Sun will fall much quicker than usual.
  • Conveyor Belts - Conveyor Belts take up a 3x1 area, which makes zombies go up to the end of the belt. Flying plants cannot be planted on it.
  • Hedges - Hedges fly down from the sky, and crush a plant on it. They are invincible, however, Pruning Prune can destroy them. Zombies can hide on them and become invincible for a short period of time.
  • Defective Plants - Defective Peashooters, Sunflowers, Pruning Prunes and Squashes rise up from the lawn. Defective Peashooters fire peas behind it, Defective Sunflowers subtract sun from the player's bank, Defective Pruning Prunes attack your plants with it's shears and Defective Squashes only deal minor damage to zombies behind it.
  • Lifeline Tiles - Lifeline Tiles will spawn, which, when a plant is killed while on said tile, kills every other plant on Lifeline Tiles.

New plants

  • Infi-nutOdyssey.png Infi-nut - Infi-nuts are weaker than Wall-nuts, but they regain health over time.
  • Geneedle - Geneedles must be planted on other plants, however they allow the plant to receive buffs to multiple aspects about them in exchange for sun.
  • Metamorchid - Metamorchids transform into a random plant every 25 seconds.
  • ImitaterOdyssey.png Imitater - Imitaters let you use two of the same plant during a level!

New zombies

  • Arcade ZombieOdyssey.png Arcade Zombie - Arcade Zombie pushes an arcade cabinet that spits out 8-Bit Zombies.
  • 8-bit ZombieOdyssey.png8-bit ConeheadOdyssey.png8-bit BucketheadOdyssey.png 8-Bit Zombies - 8-Bit Zombies are generated by a super cool arcade machine. Comes in regular, cone, and bucket flavors.
  • RGB Chickens - RGB Chickens come in swarms of five, with a red, orange, yellow, green, blue. The chickens cannot be damaged until their preceding color chicken is destroyed.
  • Giga-GargantuarOdyssey.png Giga-Gargantuar - Giga-Gargantuars are an even bigger deal.
  • Bonus Track BucketheadOdyssey.png Bonus Track Buckethead - Bonus Track Bucketheads prevent plants from getting boosted in it's lane, as well as the lanes above and below.


Setting up any sustainable endgame builds usually require a lot of sun to set up. Therefore, anyone new to the Random Room should at least read this section before venturing off to other builds.

Since most endgame builds need a lot of sun, the player should jump start the sun economy by having a lot of Sunflowers while fending off the zombies. By the time the second flag is up, the land should be mostly filled with Sunflowers. The choice of seed packets for third flag and onward is based on the zombies and setup. So be sure to understand what respective seed packets should be taken to handle the zombies while developing further into the desired endgame build.

Random Room's main issue for constant strategies is the everchanging gimmicks, and some of them (Portals, Tombstones, etc.) can be very difficult to deal with while maintaining a defense, however, none of the gimmicks are too difficult to deal with, so try your best.

There are many different strategies to Random Room, so try one that will suit you, try to have direct damage as well as chill, as Gargantuars can be a massive threat during the waves, so chill will help slow them down for your direct damage to easily deal with.


  • A good setup is a column of Winter Melons, two squares from the house to slow down zombies and a column of Pruning Prunes infront of them, because Imps usually land there and they are hard to get rid of with just Winter Melons. Tall-nuts can also help, since they have high health and stop Imps from flying too far into your defenses.
  • Zombonis and Giga-Gargantuars are the main threats of this level. Zombonis cannot be slowed and crush plants, while Giga-Gargantuars take a four instant kills to die, as well as being immune to most slowing effects except for Chill.
    • It is recommended to protect everything possible with Pumpkins and other vine plants, as one may not realize a zombie has gotten past defenses.
  • Oolong Teas are good to use in the Random Room when you know that zombies can't get past there without full force, so you can have more attacking plants on the lawn, clearing waves faster.
  • The number of zombies will stop increasing at around 100 flags.
  • Try to obtain a lot of sun in the first few flags, since the zombie density will be not that much. Try to get around 9000 sun if you can, so that can sustain you for future waves.
  • Try to prepare for the upcoming gimmicks.

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  • Bungee Zombies only appear during the huge waves on this level.
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