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Plants vs. Zombies: Endgame (PvZ:EG) is a tower defense style of game released by: PopCap, Marvel, and EA. This game is a prequel to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 1, it is set at the time of PvZ 2. In this game The Player (you), Crazy Dave, and Penny, go towards the Z-Tech Factory to stop Zomboss from opening any more portals, and making dimensions collide

This game has some visual appearances from PvZ 2



The game starts with the tutorial (optional) that teaches you the basics of the game but on the final level of the tutorial a portal opens when you finished beating all the zombies, the portal then sucks you, Dave, Penny, and all your plants. The portal drops you off at the headquarters of L.E.A.F., which is being overrun by zombies, it then puts you into level 1 and its the start of the game

Game Play

This game is free to play. Plant Food is back from PvZ 2, along with the Wild West. This game is harder than PvZ 2, with the fact that portals appear in every level unlike where they only appear in Modern Day.



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Icon Name Difficulty Levels
Player's House.png Player's House Hjala.png 5
Plant Food HD.png L.E.A.F. Headquarters Hjala.pngHjala.png 16
MinecartTemplatePvZ2.png Wild West Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png 14
AncientEgyptIcon.png Egypt Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png 10
Space Background.png Space Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png 40 (Under Construction)


Icon Name Difficulty Levels
Jurassic Marsh Trophy.png "The Beginning" Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png 5
Player's HouseTWH.png Backyard Battle Ground Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png 7

Season Seeds:

Plant Week Name Tiers
SapflingEndgame.png Week 1 ??? 10
Granny SmithOdyssey.png Week 2 ??? 14


  • Beta V0.1 Released (Player's House, 4 plants, 3 zombies, 5 levels)
  • Beta V0.15 Released (5 L.E.A.F. Headquarters Levels, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie, Plant Food)
  • Beta V0.16 Released (Fixed Puff-Shroom Almanac, 1 L.E.A.F. Headquarters Level, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie)
  • Beta V0.20 Released (3 L.E.A.F. Headquarters Levels, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie)
  • Beta V0.21 Released (Public testing, fixed Puff-Shroom invincibility glitch)
  • Beta V0.30 Released (Public testing removed, changed seed packet designs)
  • Beta V0.40 Released (Aqua Bulb stats changed, increased refresh time for Puff-Shroom, public testing returned, fixed Repeater's triple pea glitch, added 1 L.E.A.F. Headquarters Level)
  • Beta V0.41 Released (Added 4 L.E.A.F. Headquarters levels, 1 new zombie, 1 new plant)
  • V0.50 (Game is in a public testing state, added first boss, 1 new level, 1 new zombie)
  • V0.53 (L.E.A.F. Headquarters' final boss added, 1 new level, 1 new zombie)
  • V0.60 (Added 3 Wild West levels, 1 new plant, 2 new zombies)
  • V0.63 (Added 1 Wild West level, 1 new plant, Turkey zombies now spawn a Turkey when defeated)
  • V0.70 (Added 2 Wild West levels, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie)
  • V0.71 (Added Zombie Almanac)
  • V0.85 (4 Wild West levels, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie, first ability added)
  • V0.90 (Added "The Beginning" event, 1 new plant, 2 new zombies, game is unavailable)
  • V0.93 (Fixed Bonk-Choy's plant food, changed buttered tiles' effects)
  • V1.00 (Added 4 Wild West levels, game released, 1 new plant, 1 new zombie)
  • V1.10 (Added Season Seeds, Head Start upgrade, Mini-Pea upgrade)
  • V1.17 (Egypt part 1 added, 2 new plants, 1 new zombie)
  • V1.23 (Egypt part 2 added, new plant, new zombie, new logo)
  • V1.24 ("The Beginning" event is no longer available)
  • V1.25 (Backyard Battle Ground event is available)
  • V1.26 (New Logo)
  • V1.27 (Space added, Egypt Boss Added, New Icon)


Scrapped and Upcoming Content

Scrapped Content

Upcoming Content

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