Prioripea is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was introduced in the 8.3.1 update. He lobs heavy peas at the zombie with the highest amount of health in its lane. It shoots twice as fast as a regular Peashooter.

Prioripea requires 250 seed packets to unlock for free. The player can do so by replaying Modern Day to earn Piñatas from the piñata tracker. 


Like most other pea-shooting plants, Peashooter is based on the plant Pisum sativum. The name is a pun on the word "priority" and "pea."

Almanac entry

Sun cost: 425

RECHARGE: Sluggish

Prioripeas shoot heavy, high-damaging peas at the strongest zombie in its lane.

Ironically, Prioripea is the type of fellow you'd meet that NEVER gets his priorities straight. His low grades in school just shows it.


Plant Food effect

When fed with Plant Food, Prioripea would burrow down until only its head pops out and shoots an energy ball at the zombie with the highest health in the entire board which deals 1000 damage.

Arma-mint effect

When boosted by Arma-mint, its peas will deal an additional 120 DPS, and its plant food damage will be increased by 1000 DPS.




Prioripea is a plant you should use if you want to chip down the health points of strong zombies such as Gargantuars or Brickhead Zombies due to its prioritization of zombies with high health, high-damaging projectiles, and its fast shooting speed. However, the plant shouldn't be used as your main offensive plant since its prioritization on high-health zombies is also its biggest weakness.

Due to prioritizing zombies with the highest health in its lane, it will ignore all other zombies regardless on how dangerous they can be. For example, they will prioritize any zombie over the fragile yet speedy and formidable Zombie Chickens and Ice Weasels. They will focus on attacking strong zombies and over the weaker yet dangerous Wizard Zombies and Octo Zombies, whose abilities to disable plants are far more threatening than slow and high-health zombies. In Neon Mixtape Tour, it will most likely be useless if a Glitter Zombie is protecting the strong zombies it's trying to attack. Case in point, it focuses on strong zombies, but does not consider the abilities of far weaker ones. Because of that, it is recommended that you use this plant in tandem with other offensive plants.

Since it's a ground plant, it can't be planted on the planks in Pirate Seas nor on Lily Pads in Big Wave Beach.



  • He and Sling Pea are the only peashooting plants in the game that are also lobbed-shot plants.
  • He and Snap Pea are the only peashooting plants in the game that are also grounded plants.
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