Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki

These are the rules of originality. These are the things that will decide whether your article is original or not.

First, an original creation is something new, or something uncreated yet, or something with a new ability not found in the wiki or in the PVZ games.

An unorignal creation is the opposite of an original creation.

Here's a set of rules to follow and to guide you so your creations are good and original:

  1. Never do any picture with things from other games, and that is a crossover.
  2. Never combine the original plants into one plant.
  3. Direct upgrades of plants are not allowed to have stand-alone pages. An example of a direct upgrade would be Twin Sunflower or Gatling Pea. However, you are still allowed to create Upgrade Plants if they take a unique spin from their downgrades, examples being Gloom-shroom and Cob Cannon. These can have their own pages.
  4. Never make Zombotany pages. They're not accepted anymore because they're no longer original, unless the zombie is based on a plant you own (which is preffered to be placed in the same page) or it has a new ability.
  5. If you are making a plant, don't put Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn, or other common affixes in the name, unless it has a unique, original ability.
  6. Make sure your creation doesn't have a similar ability or that your idea doesn't exist on the wiki yet. (to prevent this, try searching for plants or zombies that are very similar to what you're going to make . To further research better, try searching up the category of your plant's ability [instant kill, peashooting, etc])
  7. Do not create standalone pages for reskins of existing zombies such as Mummy Zombie or Pirate Zombie, Giga zombies, Zombotany zombies, Conehead, Buckethead, Brickhead, Flag, or any direct variation of existing zombies.
  8. (this comes from Sweet Sunshine's blog about the wiki lacking originality, check it out too) Look for interesting, unique, real plants on other websites. Pages like these are one of the greatest pages in the wiki.