The Manual of Style is used to keep a consistent and clean writing style throughout the wiki. It also helps make your creations look more realistic, and overall more enjoyable to read.

These guidelines are a summary of the most important guidelines for this wiki, but a more expansive set of style guidelines can be found on Wikipedia at the Wikipedia Manual of Style.


As stated in the rules, this wiki is English-only. Since Plants vs. Zombies is an American game, American English will be used here.

For example, words like "color" or "favorite" must be written like so, instead of the "colour" or "favourite" spellings.



  • Use proper grammar and refrain from improper terms (such as contractions). Improper terms can be used in strategies and flavor text, however.
  • Keep game titles in italics.


  • For words with hyphens, the word right after a hyphen must not be capitalized unless it is a Plants vs. Zombies Heroes creation
    • In tower defense creations, Wall-nut would be correct while Wall-Nut would be incorrect.
    • In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes creations, Wall-Nut (PvZH) would be correct while Wall-nut (PvZH) would be incorrect.
  • In every other case, only capitalize with titles. Particular cases include "Almanac entry," "Level 1-1," and "Plant Food upgrade."


  • Whole numbers zero through ten must be written as words and not digits.
    • However, a plant's statistics can be written as digits in infoboxes and almanac entries.
    • When describing a plants radius, use digits. For example, Cherry Bomb's blast radius is 3x3, not threexthree.
    • Levels can also be written in digits (Level/Day x).


Layout can be pretty complicated. See here for how to properly format your page.

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