Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki

To make your zombie page not a stub page, you have to include all the required statistics of your plant in your page.


Required for all zombies
You must have information on how much damage a zombie can absorb. You have to state this in exact number, but you can additionally state the wording for it as well. The unit of toughness number isn't required to be stated in the case of damage per shot (official unit) but for normal damage shots (unofficial unit), you have to state the unit.

Conversion: 20 damage per shot = 1 normal damage shot

Word Damage (damage per shot) Damage (normal damage shots)
Fragile Below 200 Below 10
Average 200 10
Solid Over 200 Over 10
Protected Over 300 Over 15
Dense Over 600 Over 30
Hardened Over 1000 Over 50
Machined Over 1700 Over 85
Great Over 2500 Over 125
Undying Over 8000 Over 400
Ultra-Undying Over 30000 Over 1500

If your zombie has armors or shields, state the total toughness as well as individual toughness for each component of the zombie.


Required for all zombies
You must have information on how fast the zombie moves. You can state it in words (recommended) or exact number.

If your zombie have varying speed rates, include them as well.

Word Speed (seconds per tile) Speed (tiles per second)
Creeper 7.5 0.13
Stiff 6.75 0.15
Basic 5.0 0.2
Hungry 3.75 0.27
Speedy 2.5 0.4
Flighty 0.5 2


Required for zombies that don't attack by normal biting
For example:

  • Peashooter Zombie, deals 25 damage per pea.
  • Gargantuars, doing instant-kill damage.

Range / area

Required for some zombies
For example

  • Explosive zombies' area
  • Projectiles' splash damage area

Make it in a non-ambiguous way. For example: Jack-in-the-Box Zombies's ability to explode and kill plants. For the effective area of the ability, don't say "kills all plants around it" as "around it" is ambiguous, instead, use "3x3".

Abilities details

Required for some zombies
If your zombie has abilities, it is required to include all the details about the abilities in a non-ambiguous way.