Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki

The staff team at Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki are the people behind all the changes, improvements and the overall structure of the wiki. In this page, you will learn all about being a staff member, what it takes to be a staff member, and what it means to be a staff member.

Being a Staff Member

A staff member should be fairly active on the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator wiki, and they should have a Discord account to communicate with the other staff members. They should also make good quality pages that meet the standards of the wiki, and they should know how to identify a good quality page from a bad quality page. To show this, they can report any pages they think are low quality to any current staff members.

A staff member should also be friendly to their fellow PvZCCers and have a good attitude towards members of the community.

If you believe that you qualify for being a staff member, message an administrator or bureaucrat. The rest of the staff team will then go over your application and then decide from there whether or not you qualify for staff.

Respecting the Staff Position

If you are accepted into the promotion, you should take the role with maturity and respect. Do not abuse any of your staff-only privileges, such as deleting pages for bias reasons, banning people out of spite, etc.

Keep all conversations in staff-only chats confidential - do not leak any information or make any teasers/hints of any sorts without a clear approval from the rest of the staff. Be clear when you are making a major change to the wiki; wait until others have spoken their thoughts on the matter. - The PvZCC Wiki Staff