These are the acheivements of Plants vs. Zombies - Finding and Fighting.

Mechanics of Achievements

  • Unachieved achievements will not be shown how, but the progress of your achievements are stated.
  • There are real few achievements that is purposely hidden so that they can tell you if you obtained it or not.
  • Other achievements are not obtained unless it is only obtained with the areas you have not unlocked.
  • However, other achievements could be obtained at any area, if not accomplished.

Home Sweet Lawn Achievements

  • Spudow! - Explode a zombie with a Potato Mine.
  • Clank! - Defeat the Buckethead Zombie.
  • Home Sweet Home - Complete Home Sweet Lawn.

Bushy Fields Achievements

  • Chilling - Freeze 15 zombies at once with an Iceberg Lettuce.
  • Kick Out - Defeat the Football Zombie.
  • Bushy Bashing - Complete Bushy Fields.
  • Trampling No More - Beat the minigame "Trample Trouble"

Mossy Jungles Achievements

  • Fire Rampage - Set 15 zombies on fire with a Snapdragon.
  • Arrgh! - Defeat the Pirate Captain Zombie.
  • Mossy Victory - Complete Mossy Jungles.
  • The Savior of All Moss - Beat the Minigame "Mossy Molds"

Calm Rivers Achievements

  • Chill Out - Slow down 15 zombies with a Snow Pea.
  • Rocket Mayhem - Defeat the Rocket Zombie.
  • Calm Down and Celebrate! - Complete Calm Rivers.
  • Overflowing Surprises - Beat the minigame "Overflow"

Crave of the Graves Achievements

  • What's that Gruesome Smell? - Fume 15 zombies with a Fume-shroom.
  • Disco Fever - Defeat the Dancing Zombie.
  • Craving for More - Complete Crave of the Graves.
  • Thor's Hammer of Justice - Beat the minigame "Whack-a-Zombie"

Rocky Road Achievements

  • Hulk Squash! - Kill 10 zombies with a single Squash.
  • Let's do the Conga! - Defeat the Conga Leader Zombie.
  • Rocky Victory - Complete the Rocky Road.
  • Rock and Roll - Beat the minigame "Rolling Stones"

Tiring Mining Achievements

  • Two Heads are Better than One - Defeat 7 zombies with a Split Pea.
  • Hats, Hats Everywhere - Defeat the DJ Zombie.
  • Tiring Bashing - Complete the Tiring Mining.
  • Lights Out! - Beat the minigame "Flickering Lights, Flickering Frights".