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Plants vs. Zombies: World Traveler (or PvZ: WT in short) is a tower defense game that published by Electronic Arts and PopCap Games. It is released for iOS, Android, MAC, and PC during its first release on April 18th, 2020, but then released in Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 in June 20th, 2021. Read here.

This game rams up most previous mechanics from three-previous installments, where the gameplay functions similar to tower defense games where players grow plants by using sun to fight off a horde of zombies. Taking place between the events of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Plants vs. Zombies 3, the plot was center around Crazy Dave and Penny travel around the entire of Neighborville, but sometimes visit some really whacky places.

The visual takes its innitial appearance from Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Order of Events (Under Construction) (Contains Spoilers)

After the events of Plants vs. Zombies 2, all zombies are attacking the front yard once again. By beating Tutorial, the player found itself a map and gave it to Crazy Dave. Because it's summer, Crazy Dave wants to travel around the whole Neighborville with Penny. However, they ended up arrived in Tourist Park, where their journey begins.

After beating Tourist Park, Crazy Dave and Penny went to a cemetery, where they survive 25 nights there by fighting against zombies and famous monsters, while meeting mushrooms along their way.

After beating Midnight Cemetery, Penny's engine went overdrive and accidentally went to a savannah in the wilderness. But Crazy Dave was having a lot of fun there, where he plays soccer, frisbee, and fighting against sports-related zombies.

After beating Sporty Savannah, Crazy Dave and Penny went home and surprised that a mysterious construction site appear out of nowhere around the Neighborville. Penny was stated that the whole Neighborville, even a city that the player have been encounter before that is Tourist Park, will be renovated and turn into some sort of futuristic/cyberpunk city with sky scrappers and other stuffs, which is a foreshadow to Cyberpunk City.

After beating Construction Zone, Crazy Dave and Penny went to a backyard and wants to find out the secret behind the backyard. Turns out, it was a forest that was hidden behind the roads and the location was called Wild River, where aquatic plants and zombies are first introduced here. It also introducing day-night cycle, where as soon it gets dark, the speed of sun drops will get slower as the progress goes on.

After beating Wild River, Dr. Zomboss captures Crazy Dave and Penny with a horde of Bungee Zombies, and then send them to Chilling Icefield, where the temperature was very-very cold. Crazy Dave wears a coat in here, and Penny was covered in a bit of snow. They discover an igloo and made a campfire over there to keep themselves warm. But fortunately, fire plants are introduced here and they'll help to prevent your plants from freezing.

After beating Chilling Icefield, Crazy Dave and Penny flies to an airport and found a bunch of flying plants and Flower Pots, while fights off against a hurrendous number of airbone zombies and parachutes.

After beating Airport Airlines, Crazy Dave and Penny went home and found themselves trapped in a fog field. The day went darker and it was 12AM in this world. They found a path and they didn't know which way they should go due to the thickness of the fog. This then allude to them arrived in Gloom-n-Fog St. for taking a rest, while a bunch of zombies interrupt them.

After beating Gloom-n-Fog St., they're fall down into a sewer, where the place itself was very stinky, so it requires Double Mint's fresh air to cure them up. Zombies somehow sneak into the sewer despite of how stinky the place is, and Penny stated that Dr. Zomboss gave the zombies an immunity of stenchy smell, which is the reason why when they eat Garlic, they'll not switching lanes.

After beating Plungered Sewers, Crazy Dave and Penny follow the light outside the sewer and finally arrived in Cyberpunk City, where the construction finished their job of renovating the entire city, as well with Neighborville.


Plants vs. Zombies: World Traveler was a free-purchased game app that was available in App Store, Google Play, and on the game's website, similar to its previous predecessor. There is an HD version that will be removed in the future, as stated in PopCap Games' blog post on Reddit. The main gameplay itself is similar to its previous installments, where the player must defend their house from abundance of zombies by growing plants and collecting sun to plant them, depending on their sun cost on their seed packets. Some mechanics are adding some flavors of Plants vs. Zombies 2, for example the Power Ups system, Plant Food, Upgrades, etc. as the player unlocking new levels and worlds as the progress going so far.


iOS/Android devices

  • Tap: Select plant, Plant, Action, Collect sun.
  • Drag: Move cursor.

PC/MAC devices

  • Click: Select plant, Plant, Action, Collect sun.
  • Scroll: Move cursor.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode was the main and first ever game-mode in Plants vs. Zombies: World Traveler, being unlocked after finishing Tutorial levels. When selecting this game mode, the player opens up a map which has some icons spread around it, marks respective worlds that the player will select on. Some of them are locked with a symbol of lockpicks and tinted black, but as the player finish few levels, it goes brighter as the level progress go. The player's first destination was Tourist Park, until the player can go to the next world after completing one like Midnight Cemetery.

Path Levels

Path Levels are first introduced in v3.6 but removed in v6.9, until reappears again in v1.5.9. These type of levels can be unlocked after completing certain levels. New plants can be unlocked there and in each worlds, there were always two paths, containing 5 levels each.

Environment Badges

Environment Badges are the brand-new mechanic in Plants vs. Zombies: World Traveler. This brand-new mechanic that appear before you unlock the area. In the description bar before you unlock the area, it shows some environment badges that indicating the gimmicks that encountered in that area. It acts similar to those badges in Penny's Pursuit, which is indicating the gimmicks, as well as zombies, depending what difficulty is on.

Brain Busters

Brain Busters are type of levels which add different mechanics, conditions, or objectives to gameplay. They are marked on the map with stripes icons. Gameplay wise, they play out similarly to the mini-games and puzzles of the first game. Most Brain Busters from the second game return. There are currently 5 Brain Busters (the ones that appear most in every worlds) and 9 exclusive ones in each worlds.

  • Special Delivery was a level where plants were given via. conveyor belts. In this level, no sun falling from the sky or any sun-producing plants being given. The chance of plants appear in the conveyor-belt was slightly randomized with RNG (Random Number Generator) unlike its two-previous games like Plants vs. Zombies and its sequel. First encountered in Tourist Park Level 1-3: Special Delivery.
  • Locked and Loaded was a level where the player was forced to plant pre-selected plants by Crazy Dave. In this level, sometimes a premium plant was introduced and the player mostly cannot choose their own plants. First encountered in Tourist Park Level 1-8: Locked and Loaded.
  • Last Stand was a level where the player must plan their own defenses before the level starts. There is a "START BATTLE" button on the right-hand side, which when tap/click on it, the battle will start. No sun-producing plants was chosen nor any falling sun like Special Delivery. First encountered in Tourist Park Level 1-13: Last Stand.
  • Save our Seeds was a level where the player must protect endangered plants that was marked in yellow-black striped platform, and whenever the endangered plant was being defeated by a zombie, the level itself fails. First encountered in Tourist Park Level 1-22: Pogo Tater.
  • Whack-a-Zombie was an exclusive Brain Buster level in Midnight Cemetery and first encountered in Level 2-6: Whack-a-Zombie. See more information in Whack-a-Zombie article.
  • Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick was an exclusive Brain Buster level in Sporty Savannah and first encountered in Level 3-5: Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick. See more information in Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick article.

Thymed Events

Thymed Events returned from Plants vs. Zombies 2. As usual, it's a limited-time event mode with a set amount of levels, and the player cannot restart a level, otherwise their progress will be lost. However, this game mode behaves different in this game. Fuels here are replaced with Event keys, which will recharge overtime after one usage. The player only have five keys, and must use one key to access the level.

Instead giving the player a reward after completing five levels in order, at the end of each levels, the player was given three Mystery Gift Boxes with random rewards inside them, whether if it was coins, costumes, or gems. The player must choose one of them as the gift boxes shuffles around. When replaying the level, only one Mystery Gift Box was given to the player instead.

During last level of the event, the player will fight against Dr. Zomboss in his unique Zombot themed around the corresponding event. And after defeating him, the player rewarded with a plant tied to the event.

Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

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Plants Zombies Environment Badges
Startup Suburbia PeashooterWT.png SunflowerWT.png Cherry BombWT.png Wall-nutWT.png Potato MineWT.png Cabbage-pultWT.png Basic ZombieWT.png Conehead ZombieWT.png Buckethead ZombieWT.png Flag ZombieWT.png ImpWT.png GargantuarWT.png Pole Vaulting ZombieWT.png Daytime (Environment Badge).png
Tourist Park Kernel-pultWT.png SquashWT.png CactusWT.png BloverWT.png WinterberriesWT.png Tall-nutWT.png Twin SunflowerWT.png ButtercupWT.png Tourist Zombie2.png Tourist Conehead2.png Tourist Buckethead2.png Tourist Flag Zombie2.png Rally ZombieWT.png Vacationer ImpWT.png Giga Imp2.png Tourist Guide Gargantuar2.png Giga Gargantuar2.png Newspaper ZombieWT.png Hot Dog ImpWT.png Hot Dog VendorWT.png Birdfeeder ZombieWT.png Zombie PigeonWT.png Cell Phone ZombieWT.png Zombot Field Trip Van2.png Daytime (Environment Badge).png Obstacles (Environment Badge).png
Midnight Cemetery Puff-shroomWT.png Sun-shroomWT.png Fume-shroomWT.png Grave BusterWT.png Magnet-shroomWT.png GarlicWT.png Scaredy-shroomWT.png Hypno-shroomWT.png ToadstoolWT.png Screen Door ZombieWT.png Haunting ZombieWT.png Mixed-Up GravediggerWT.png Gravedigger2.png Bride of FrankentuarWT.png FrankentuarWT.png Vampire ZombieWT.png Skeleton ZombieWT.png Coffin ZombieWT.png Funeral CrashersWT.png Actor ZombieWT.png Zombot Haunted House2.png Nighttime (Environment Badge).png Obstacles (Environment Badge).png
Sporty Savannah Moss-quitoWT.png RepeaterWT.png Bonk ChoyWT.png BloomerangWT.png Pea-nutWT.png Huff-shroomWT.png SpikeweedWT.png SpikerockWT.png Savannah Zombie2.png Savannah Conehead2.png Savannah Buckethead2.png African Flag ZombieWT.png Super-Fan ImpWT.png Super-Duper-Fan ImpWT.png Defensive EndWT.png Football ZombieWT.png Giga Football ZombieWT.png Goalie Zombie2.png Giga Goalie2.png Frisbee ZombieWT.png Wildranger Zombie2.png Zombie Snake2.png Zombie Bug2.png LandscaperWT.png Zombot Savannah Tree2.png Daytime (Environment Badge).png Hardened Tiles (Environment Badge).png
Wild River Lily PadWT.png ChomperWT.png Tangle KelpWT.png ThreepeaterWT.png Sea-shroomWT.png Coffee BeanWT.png WatercressureWT.png SnapdragonWT.png Aqua PeaWT.png Ducky Tube ZombieWT.png Snorkel ZombieWT.png Dolphin RiderWT.png Imp Gator2.png Turtle GargantuarWT.png Zombie CrocWT.png Lumberjack ZombieWT.png Hovercraft ZombieWT.png Slingshot ZombieWT.png Zombot Muddy Monstrosity2.png Daytime (Environment Badge).png Evening (Environment Badge).png Nighttime (Environment Badge).png Water (Environment Badge).png
Construction Zone Split PeaWT.png PassionflowerWT.png Moss-shroomWT.png Mechadamia2.png Melon-pultWT.png Transformacken2.png Intensive CarrotWT.png Crunchy Macadamia2.png Construction Zombie2.png Construction Helmethead2.png Construction Buckethead2.png Construction Flag Zombie2.png Cement Imp2.png Welder Gargantuar2.png Brickhead ZombieWT.png Digger ZombieWT.png Coffee Imp2.png Crossing Guard2.png Trucker Zombie2.png Iron Miner ZombieWT.png Zombot Pipe Installer2.png
Overboard Overpass TBA TBA TBA
Hindering Harbor TBA TBA TBA
Chilling Icefield Hot PotatoWT.png Pepper-pultWT.png JalapenoWT.png WintergreenWT.png Umbrella LeafWT.png Ice Lily2.png Iceberg Wall-nutWT.png Cotton CloudWT.png TorchwoodWT.png Winter MelonWT.png Chilly PepperWT.png Winter Zombie2.png Winter Conehead2.png Winter Buckethead2.png North Flag Zombie2.png Parka ImpWT.png Polar Bear Gargantuar2.png Snowball Fighter Zombie2.png Blizzard Terrorizer Zombie2.png ZomboniWT.png Zombie Bobsled TeamWT.png Zombie Penguin2.png Weasel HoarderWT.png Ice WeaselWT.png TroglobiteWT.png Toboggan Rider2.png Ski ZombieWT.png Zombie Walrus2.png Mountain Climber2.png Zombot Ice Mountain2.png Daytime (Environment Badge).png Obstacles (Environment Badge).png Water (Environment Badge).png


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Upcoming Content and Concepts

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  • The logo was somewhat a callback to Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.
  • Unlike previous games, during the reward section, the screen fades black while the reward dropped from the sky. When the player taps it, the screen turns to normal while a Victory jingle plays instantly.