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Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour is a fan-made tower defense Plants vs. Zombies spin-off game created by CCogStudios. In this game, you and Crazy Dave must travel around the world to a variety of countries in order to stop Dr. Zomboss' plans of world take over. Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour uses the same visual appearance as the second game, Plants vs. Zombies 2.


Dr. Zomboss has grown fed up with always having his zombie hordes vanquished by the powerful plants so he has decided to abandon his hunt for Suburbia's takeover so he instead decides to take over the world.

Crazy Dave however isn't going to let that happen, so you and him travel in his time-travelling RV Penny to twenty-four different countries around the world to stop the zombie scientist once and for all.


For the full list of mechanics, visit Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour/Gameplay, Mechanics and Features

Game Modes

  • Adventure: Chase Dr. Zomboss across 24 different countries in order to prevent him from taking over the world!
  • Puzzle Palace (Home Town access): Take part in brain busting challenges such as I, Zombie, Last Stand, Vasebreaker, and Not OK Corral for tons of rewards!
  • Challenge Carnival (Home Town access): Play over 100 rule-bending mini-games and objective-based levels and try and reach the top!
  • Dave-tastic Battle (Home Town access): Survive wave after wave of endless zombie carnage from the un-safety of Crazy Dave's backyard!
  • Global Gauntlet: Play as the Plants, or the Zombies, and play against a friend or stranger online and try to eat their brains or destroy their Target zombies in order to win!
  • Cuckoo Coliseum: Compete with strangers online with a team of plants and try your best to destroy as many zombies as possible before the enemy does to win!

Other Features

  • Penny's Space-Time Emporium: Purchase plants, costumes and more from the shop!
  • World Almanac: Research all of the plants, zombies, items, and gimmicks from across the world!
  • Travel Log: Earn prizes for beating tasks and making progress, go on Yeti Hunts, and go on Hero Quests!
  • Clubs: Make a club, or join one, and share your adventures online with screenshots, recorded levels, and make friends to compete in community challenges, share levels, and go head-to-head with them in multiplayer modes!
  • Home Town: Travel back to Suburbia to play through various different game modes, tend to your Zen Garden, gain tacos or send and receive zombie invasions of your own choosing to your friends!
  • Zen Garden (Home Town access): Grow as many plants as possible to add to your collection and produce tons of coins! Customize your plants and gardens, and showcase them with others for further interaction!


With the exception of Suburbia, these are the main locations of World Tour, with twenty-four Adventure Mode countries as well as the tutorial level. Every country will also have their difficulty being rated out of five Jalapeños, with one being the least hard while five being the most difficult. As time goes on, more and more countries will be added in at later updates.


Every country has its own set of gimmicks, plants, zombies, as well as having its own setting. While most levels of every area are standard and have no additional objectives, there are a few levels scattered throughout that have objectives such as a Save Our Seeds level on USA Day 10, or a Flower Crossing level on Canada Day 3. The fifteenth level in each world is a huge wave attack, featuring most if not all of the zombies from that country in a conveyor belt-styled level.

Each world has two or three additional side paths which can be unlocked through first beating the level corresponding with it, and then beating a set amount of zombies from that country once it becomes accessible. These side paths can introduce extra plants, extra zombies and additional gimmicks and often end in a good reward.

Adventure Mode Countries

Name Gimmicks Plants Zombies Jalapeño Rating
Suburbia Peashooter2.png Sunflower2.png Wall-nut2.png Potato Mine2.png Cabbage-pult2.png BonkChoy.png ChomperPvZ2.png Basic Zombie2.png Flag Zombie2.png Conehead Zombie2.png Buckethead Zombie2.png Newspaper Zombie2.png Pole Vaulting ZombiePAK.png Gargantuar2.png Imp2.png Hjala.png
USA Stone Statues Kernel-pultUSA.png SnapdragonUSA.png BloomerangUSA.png WinterberriesUSA.png SpikeweedUSA.png Iceberg LettuceUSA.png Cherry BombUSA.png Gatling PeaUSA.png Soul PatchUSA.png Gold MagnetUSA.png Winter MelonUSA.png ConeflowerUSA.png Twin SunflowerUSA.png American Zombie2.png American Flag Zombie2.png American Conehead2.png American Buckethead2.png Cowboy ZombieUSA.png Billboard Zombies2.png Liberty Zombie2.png Driver Zombie2.png Cycler Gargantuar2.png Greaser ImpUSA.png All-Star ZombieUSA.png Suitcasehead ZombieUSA.png Trafficlight ZombieUSA.png Soccer Ball ZombieUSA.png Super-Fan ImpUSA.png Pizza ZombieUSA.png Donut Roller ZombieUSA.png Trucker Zombie United States StrikerUSA.png Hjala.png
Canada Snowballs

Hot Potato2.png Torchwood2.png Hurrikale2.png Sap-fling Premium.png Tall-nut2.png Jalapeno2.pngAster Blaster Maple Bomb Spikerock2.png Canadian Zombie, Canadian Flag Zombie, Canadian Conehead, Canadian Buckethead, Hunter Zombie2.png, Maple Syrup Zombie, Trapper Zombie Grass.png, ZombieBull,png.png, Shoveler Gargantuar, Parka Imp, Zomboni2.png, Zombie Bobsled Team2.png, Zombie Polar Bear, Hockey Star2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"Snowball Fight!"
Mexico Gravestones Puff-shroom2.png Sun-shroom2.png Fume-shroom2.png Magnet-shroom2.png Stallia2.pngFungi-pult Cactus2.png Moonflower2.png Shadow-shroom2.png Grave Buster2.png Aztec Marigold Guerrequila2.png Mexican Zombie, Mexican Flag Zombie, Mexican Conehead, Mexican Buckethead, JesterZombiePvZ2.png, Poncho Zombie2.png, Taco Imp, Drinking Zombie2.png, Disco ZombiePAK.png, Backup DancerPAK.png, Glowbone Gargantuar, Skeleton Imp, Luchador Zombie, Aztec Zombie, Excavator Zombie.png, Piñata Imp Hjala.png Hjala.png
El Salvador Water Bodies Lily Pad2.png Tangle Kelp2.png Granadillery Matasleepo Rotomato Coconut Cannon2.png Umbrella LeafAS.png Electric Currant2.png Primal Peashooter2.png Snorkel Zombie2.png, Fruit Trader Zombie, Tango Zombie, Jet Ski Zombie, Catapult ZombiePAK.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"Pool Party!"
Brazil Instrument Stand Coffee Bean2.png Banana Tree2.png Passionflower2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Peru Gold Tiles Magnifying Grass2.png Gold Leaf2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Chile Sloped Lawn Ice-Shroom Eclise.png E.M.Peach2.png Apple Mortar2.png Phat Beet2.png Blastberry Vine2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Funicular Railways
Argentina Deadly Water Rotobaga2.png Draftodil2.png Pumpkin2.png Gloom-shroomAS.png Pine Needler3.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Vietnam Water Pathways Lightning Reed2.png DayAcidLemon.png Sweet Potato2.png Electrici-tea2.png Flower Pot1.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Japan Subway Tunnels Jackfruit2.png Hypno-shroom2.png Plumping Plummy2.png Wasabi Whip2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
China Three Lanes Bruce BambooO.png Split Pea2.png Melon-pult2.png Bamboo Shoot2.png Heavenly Peach2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Stone Floor
Sloped Lawn
Terracotta Zombies
India Heatwaves Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Spice Racks
England Fog Plantern2.png Homing Thistle2.png GravitreeH.png Sun Bean2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Zebra Crossings
Russia Freezing Winds Fire Peashooter2.png Carrotillery2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Frozen Puddles
Stone Floor
Greece Stone Floor Chest-nut2.png Solar Tomato2.png Hot Date2.png Grapeshot2.png Electric Peashooter2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Marble Pillars
Painted Vases
Italy Marble Mounds Strawburst2.png Blockbuster2.png Banana Launcher2.png Spring Bean2.png Roma Rocketeer tile.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Water Lanes
Fiji Water Lanes Bowling Bulb2.pngGuacodile2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"High Tide!"
"Low Tide!"
Papua New Guinea Water Lanes Lava Guava2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Hot Steam
Fertile Ground
"Lava Rain!"
"Ash Clouds!"
New Zealand Geyser Holes Missile Toe2.png ButtercupITZ.png PoboostukawaNew2.png Winter Poboostukawa (Iced Stream).png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"Geyser Eruption!"
Australia Sandy Winds Aloe2.png Gumnut2.png SpineappleH.png Dusk Lobber2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Train Tracks
Rugged Terrain
Uganda Slopes Starfruit2.png Pokra2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"Monkey Rain!"
Zimbabwe Water lanes Chilly Pepper.png Popcorn2.png CobCannonPvZas.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Egypt Pharaoh Tombs Grassnarcissus.png Shadow Peashooter2.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
"Pharaohs Rise!"
South Africa Tall Grass Perfume-shroom2.png Primal Wall-nut2.png African Zombie Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Wild Animals Wild Animals
"Stampede!" Jmraptortile.png Stegosaurus2.png Pterodactyl2.png T-rex2.png


There are currently ??? plants in World Tour. ??? plants can be unlocked in Adventure Mode, and ??? can be bought from the Store. For more information, visit the Plant Almanac.


There are currently ??? zombies in World Tour. For more information, visit the Zombie Almanac.


Check out all the possible achievements obtainable in World Tour by visiting the achievements page.




  • The name of the game was originally going to be called “Plants vs. Zombies: Around the World in 80 Brains” but the creator decided that it would not suit the game since, although both media products are about travelling around the world, there are more than 80 levels in the game, 80 locations would be difficult to design, and the name of the game is too long.
  • The name, Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour, is a reference to the Canadian animated TV series Total Drama World Tour.
  • Currently, Plants vs. Zombies: World Tour has undergone three reboots, as the creator has not been happy with the quality of the game in the past.
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