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Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House (often shortened to The Wacky House or just Wacky House, and abbreviated as Plants vs. Zombies: TWH, PvZ:TWH or simply TWH) is a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies 2. In this game, the player must tackle on many different exotic locations around the world, ranging from dry mountains, to the depths of the ocean.

The game's art style is, for the most part, identical to its prequel, however there are differences in some UI elements, as well as the lawns and other menus.


Dr. Zomboss never fails to make his subjects deliver brains - unless they go up against your house, as evidenced by new statistics. Dr. Zomboss has noticed that your thinking and quick planting skills have made you the #1 defender against zombies, and he has now changed his plans accordingly. He has now held you and your home hostage, turning your house into a flying ship named The House-inator 3000 that can only be controlled by Zomboss's control remote. He carefully places your home in many "wacky" places, forcing you to adapt to the environmental changes. In addition to this, you are now the only target Dr. Zomboss has for the time being, so he has unleashed all his power onto your yard.

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Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House is, unlike its predecessor, a game sold for $10 USD, however like its predecessor, The Wacky House has some in-app purchases (though not as plentiful as Plants vs. Zombies 2). The main goal of the game is the same, which is to defend yourself from the zombie outbreak using various exotic plants found in the game. New to this game are the rare plants. They are alternate versions of the familiar plants. Each world is completed in a linear way, however after completing a world, the player can play its parallel variant for more plants and for an extra challenge. Basics is an exception to this, as it is only unlocked upon completion of Tornado Valley, and it is also the only parallel world to be required.

The game takes a much slower approach to gameplay than Plants vs. Zombies 2, with longer levels and more pricey plants. The turbo-button returns, if the player wishes to speed up the slower parts of gameplay.

Game information

Game modes

Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House has multiple different game modes and ways to play.

  • Adventure - Beat Dr. Zomboss's zombie onslaught with some crazy-developed plants!
    • Brain Busters - Levels that put a twist to the game's regular gameplay.
  • Minigames - Small games to play if you feel tired of Adventure mode.
  • Fixed Adventure - Play your adventure all over again, but this time you have to pick the plants you'll use throughout the entire game in the first level!


Main article: Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House/Achievements

Achievements are available once again as optional tasks and quests. Unlike previous games, completing an achievement rewards the player with coins. Achievements are built into the game like in Plants vs. Zombies.


Costumes are cosmetics in the game, changing a plant's appearance in some way. Each plant has at least two costumes, its normal costume and its formal costume.

Rare Plants

Main article: Rare Plants (PvZ:TWH)

Rare Plants are a new species of plants introduced in this game. They have modified stats, usually with a Rare Plant having a better ability than its Common variant but with a higher cost and/or recharge. They are found in the Laboratory.


Main article: Money (PvZ:TWH)

There are two main currencies, Coins and World Collectibles. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades in the Shop. World Collectibles can be used to find Essence of Rare Plants.

Update History

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House/Update History

Since its release, Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House has recieved updates periodically with seemingly no set schedule.

Recent (V 2.5.4)

  • Plant Food has been removed, giving the game a more Plants vs. Zombies-esque gameplay.
  • Gems have been removed.
  • Several plants have been removed.
  • Plant Families have been removed.
  • Power Ups have been removed.
  • Mints have been removed.
  • Worlds have been re-released, featuring newly-designed levels. Worlds now have 15 levels instead of 25, and Parallel Worlds have 10 levels instead of 15.
  • Parallel Worlds for The Deep Sea, Du Froid Déjà Vu, Cosmic Crash, The High Sky, Moist Caves, Gloomy Nights and Fearsome Factory.
  • The Almanac have been redesigned.
  • Added brochures for each world.
  • Revamped the shop, adding upgrades such as the Stack-able Plants upgrade.
  • Rare Plants for The Deep Sea, Du Froid Déjà Vu, Cosmic Crash, The High Sky, Moist Caves, Gloomy Nights and Fearsome Factory have been added.
  • The Lab now shows detailed statistics on ingredients, including how many a plant may drop and how many is required for a Rare Plant.
  • Gloomy Nights has been slightly tweaked, changing the rain from being instant-kills after several seconds to simply rendering plants useless.
  • Many plants have been re-balanced or redesigned, an example being the Grapeworm.
  • Several Zombies have been given minor balancing changes.
  • Gameplay has been slowed down considerably, having levels last longer than they did before.


Icon Area Levels Difficulty
Normal Parallel
Player's HouseTWH.png Player's House 5 5 Hjala.png
Tornado Valley2.png Tornado Valley 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png
Dark Forest2.png Dark Forest 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png
Active Volcanoes2.png Active Volcanoes 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
The Deep Sea2.png The Deep Sea 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
DFDV2.png Du Froid Déjà Vu 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Cosmic Crash2.png Cosmic Crash 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
The High Sky2.png The High Sky 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Moist Caves2.png Moist Caves 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Gloomy Nights2.png Gloomy Nights 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png
Fearsome Factory2.png Fearsome Factory 15 10 Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png Hjala.png


Main article: Plants (PvZ:TWH)




Main article: Zombies (PvZ:TWH)



  • The seed selection screen now has 3 tabs - one for the tutorial, one for Tornado Valley-Cosmic Crash, and one for The High Sky onwards.
    • There is also another bar of 8 seed packets on the side, which is the "player's picks". The player can add a plant they usually bring to a level to the bar, and then tap on the plant from there to easily access it without having to scroll down.
  • This game reuses Plants vs. Zombies 2's UI and art style.
    • The only exception are the Seed Packets, which use a different font for their price tags.
  • All sun-producers start the level with their Seed Packets recharged.
  • Unlike the other two games, plants are primarily featured on the game icons instead of zombies.
  • Prior to version 2.4.2, this game used Plants vs. Zombies 2's level upgrade system.
  • Plant Food was in the game prior to being removed in version 2.5.4.
  • This is currently the only game in the main series where Crazy Dave does not directly appear. His useful speech is replaced by brochures, detailing the locations the player is in.

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