It's the giga version of the zombie food effects.


Zombie: Gains a very tough crystal helmet with 120 health

Conehead Zombie: Summons 10 normal zombies on each lane

Buckethead Zombie: Whole body is covered with metal making him have 200 health

Flag Zombie: Summons a total of 150 random zombies, the tougher the zombie, the more likely you wont get to see him

Rock Thrower Zombie: Becomes a rock golem, having 115 health

Military Zombie: gets promoted into a general getting 115 health and summons a military zombie on each lane

Shield Zombie: Shield turns into gold and now takes 150 shots to destroy

Runner Zombie: Gains a bucket and runs faster

Zombot Moletron: Nothing

Zombie Knight: Gains golden armor making him have 235 health