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Plants vs. Zombies: The Final Showdown is a spinoff in the PvZ series. It is designed to be much harder than the regular games in the PvZ series, aimed at the experts of PvZ.

Also, pixel art style.



Dr. Zomboss was defeated, the zombies almost entirely wiped out, but now, a new threat is here, a new leader of the zombies. We are losing the war with the Zombies. Your mission is to find and defeat their leader, but it won’t be easy. Crazy Dave and Burt will help you out, but there are new, tougher zombies. Some make the Gargantuars look like pussycats. This isn't for the faint of heart. Only the experts should try this game.


  • Campsite: The first two levels are a kind of tutorial, although nowhere near as easy as the tutorial levels in the other games in the PvZ series. Starting with Day 3, at least one campfire is located somewhere. Each campfire cannot be planted on, but causes zombies on top of it to lose 1nds of health every second. It also defrosts chilled or frozen zombies. Campfires can be damaged by plants (they have 60nds of health), but cold plants will do double damage and hot plants will do half damage.
  • Misty Pond: Now you get thrown into the thick of it. This stage is all water and it has fog (although it's called mist in this game), as well as being night-time. You start with five columns of Lily Pads in the first level (as you can't plant any more, you get Sea-shrooms before Lily Pads), but only two columns in the levels afterwards.
  • Icy Rink: Tricky, tricky, tricky. You have to plant in Flower Pots (you start with two columns), as plants can't survive on ice. Similar to Frostbite Caves, chilling winds will occasionally occur, however these will not freeze plants, simply chilling them to half speed temporarily. Cold and hot plants are unaffected. Generally speaking, these cold winds occur during around half of waves and will chill plants in random rows for 10 seconds. Later in the level, more rows will be affected.
  • Dark Volcano: This is where it gets REALLY hard. This is night-time again, and the middle row is lava, so only a few zombies can go in that row safely, but NO plants can be planted in that row, making it hard to defend.
  • Rainy Forest: As the name implies, this is a rainforest. The stage is similar to Pool, with six rows and the middle two are water. Rainclouds are located above certain spaces, and any plant on these spaces gains 2x attack speed and performs their Plant Food effect twice when given Plant Food. Since the effect of the area is so helpful, the waves are tougher, similarly to how Far Future works. Another additional feature is that levels may feature Double, Triple, or even Quadruple waves, where several non-flag waves of zombies arrive at once. This can only occur in Rainy Forest, adding to the difficulty and speeding up the pace of the levels.
  • Hidden Base: You infiltrate a base of operations for the zombies, and need to plant in Flower Pots (you start with two columns). It's technically night-time because you're indoors with no windows, so mushrooms are a good idea. In this stage, there will be a blackout in each level after a few minutes, which lasts until the level ends. Make sure to get Planterns to light up the area before that happens. Levels also contain conveyor belts across certain spaces, which speed up the movement of zombies on those spaces, shift them to different rows, or move plants as well (plants can't be moved by conveyor belts if the space they would move to is occupied by anotherp lant).
  • Doom Dungeon: You eventually get captured and taken to a dungeon. You need to escape, but as the floor is stone, you need to plant in Flower Pots (you start with two columns), and there are only small windows letting in sunlight. Only 15 sun falls from the sky at a time and mushrooms fall asleep! Furthermore, some spaces are cracked and permanently unplantable, which you must work around.
  • The Great Graveyard: The last full stage, tombstones block your shots like campfires did, but when destroyed, they will spawn a zombie. Every fifth wave (so during huge waves and the waves in between), random gravestones will spawn the zombie contained within (though they will still spawn another when destroyed). This also takes place at night, making it even trickier. On top of that, this is where the hardest zombies are introduced.
  • Zombie Castle: This stage has only five levels, but all are very hard. You plant in Flower Pots (you start with two columns), and it's night-time, but the zombie combinations are deadly and lethal. On top of that, trapdoors will cause your plants to fall to their doom during Huge Waves. Expect lots of failed attempts at the levels in this stage.

Stars, Gates and Level System

Explanations about the level and map system.


For regular choose-your-seeds levels, there are three goals: Don't lose any Lawnmowers, and two others which vary from level to level. You'll be told all the goals, even if it's your first time playing the level, and you get one star for each goal you complete. Complete all three on one playthrough, and you'll get three stars for that level. For special levels (Conveyor-belts, Last Stand, Save Our Seeds), you only have one star, which is for not losing Lawnmowers.

The other goals that you can get are:

  • Save up at least >insert number here< sun by the final wave.
  • Don’t spend more than >insert number here< sun.
  • Slay every zombie within >insert number here< seconds of it appearing.
  • Don’t plant more than >insert number here< plants.
  • Don’t lose any plants.
  • Don’t plant any plants that cost more than >insert number here< sun.
  • Don’t destroy any campfires (Campsite only).
  • Don’t remove any mist (Misty Pond only).
  • Don’t use any Sun Producing plants (Campsite, Icy Rink, Rainy Forest and Doom Dungeon only).
  • Don’t use any Mushroom plants (Misty Pond, Dark Volcano, Hidden Base and The Great Graveyard only).
  • Don’t destroy any tombstones (Great Graveyard only).


For the gates that lead to side paths, you need to unlock a certain plant or collect a certain amount of stars to unlock the gates. Specifically, they will unlock when you collect a certain amount of stars within that specific stage. Once you collect every star available in a stage, you will unlock the Survival: Endless mode for that stage.

Tough Nut Difficulty

When you get all the stars on a level, you can earn an additional star by replaying the level on "Tough Nut" difficulty. In this mode, the following changes are made:

  • Seed Packets take 10% longer to recharge.
  • Conveyor Belts are 10% slower.
  • Zombies move and attack 10% faster.
  • The waves are much harder.
  • All Boosts will be disabled, however you can still use Plant Buildings.
  • You have no lawnmowers.

In boss battles, these changes also apply:

  • The boss has 50% more health in all phases.
  • The boss will spawn a Micro Boss halfway through the final phase.

Gargantuan Difficulty

Unlocked after beating the game once, any level with "Tough Nut" unlocked (not beaten, so you can just skip straight to this difficulty) can then be played in Gargantuan difficulty for an additional star, bringing the total up to 5 for regular levels or 3 for special levels. Gargantuan difficulty is the most extreme challenge on offer.

  • Seed Packets are now a whopping 25% slower to recharge.
  • Zombies are now 25% faster.
  • The waves are extremely hard.
  • There is an additional flag, bringing some levels up from 4 to 5 flags.
  • In Zombie Apocalypse levels, which are essentially Survival: Hard modes, you have to survive five 3-flag rounds instead of five 2-flag rounds, for a total of 15 flags.
  • There is a zombie type added that isn't in the level usually. Generally, this will often be a late-game zombie.
  • In Zombie Apocalypse levels, this applies to every set of three flags.
  • All Boosts will be disabled, however you can still use Plant Buildings.
  • You have no lawnmowers.

In boss battles, these changes also apply:

  • The boss has double the usual health in all phases.
  • The boss can spawn more types of zombies.
  • The boss will spawn a Micro Boss at the start of the final phase.

Puzzle Mode

The Zombies need something to eat, so make your brain smarter and tastier in these modes! Endless modes and extra levels for regular modes are unlocked after beating Zombie Castle Night 5. When unlocked, you get three levels in each puzzle mode.

  • Locked and Loaded: Survive tough levels with a selection of plants chosen by Crazy Dave himself! Chance of good plants: Low. Unlocked at: Dark Volcano Night 12.
  • Last Stand: Play some unique Last Stand levels where you change your plants each flag and the zombies change each flag too! Unlocked at: Rainy Forest Day 12.
  • I, Zombie: Train your brain and help the zombies eat it at the same time in this mode! Unlocked at: Hidden Base Night 12.
  • Vasebreaker: Smash vases to reveal various plants, zombies and other things. Unlocked at: Doom Dungeon Day 12.
  • L&L Endless: Endless fun with pre-chosen plants that change each flag!
  • Last Stand Endless: Perhaps the toughest mode, this will test your defenses to the limit to see how many flags you can survive on a limited income.
  • I, Zombie Endless: Eat as many brains as you can before you run out of sun to plant zombies!
  • Vasebreaker Endless: How many vases can you smash before the zombies eat your brains?

Speedrun Mode

Speedrun Mode is unlocked after beating Night 12 of Misty Pond. In this mode, you can choose when waves of zombies will be sent, manually sending waves as you see fit. The objective is to complete the level as fast as possible, and you are rewarded with a rank based on how long it took.

Each stage would have five Speedrun levels, with a flag length ranging from one to five, and different selections of zombies. Before completing the main story, only the one-flag levels are available, (Campsite and Misty Pond to start, the rest unlocking as you complete stages).

Obviously, certain plants would be a little too good if you can send all waves at once. Typically, explosives such as Cherry Bomb, Doom-shroom, and anything else that could simply allow you to send all the zombies at once and kill them at once will be unavailable in these levels. Lawnmowers are also non-existent for the same reason.

Vs. Mode and Co-op Mode

Vs. Mode is unlocked after beating Night 12 of The Great Graveyard stage. It's totally different to Vs. Mode in PvZ1. You connect to the internet and are put up against a player of similar skill level, and each player plays a mostly normal game of PvZ but with no lawnmowers (or equivalents), and the players choose five zombies for the other to fight before they choose their plants.

Those zombies will appear along with Browncoat Zombies (or Ducky Tube Browncoats in Misty Pond), and the player that survives the longest wins. However, each player can spend sun to send additional zombies to the opponent, with the stronger zombies being unlocked later on in the level and costing more to send.

After four flags you enter Sudden Death, where all zombies, natural or sent, have increased health, and sent zombies have an instant (1sec) recharge. The health increase begins at 25% extra health, then 50% after another minute, and so on. Four minutes after the fourth flag, all zombies would have double health!

Co-op Mode is unlocked at the same time as Vs. Mode, and is also played online. It has various different levels you can play (unlocked as you progress), which are:

Co-op Campsite: A three-flag Campsite level.

Co-op Campsite Hard: A five-flag Campsite level.

Co-op Misty Pond: A three-flag Misty Pond level.

Co-op Misty Pond Hard: A five-flag Misty Pond level.

Co-op Icy Rink: A three-flag Icy Rink level.

Co-op Icy Rink Hard: A five-flag Icy Rink level.

Co-op Dark Volcano: A three-flag Dark Volcano level.

Co-op Dark Volcano Hard: A five-flag Dark Volcano level.

Co-op Rainy Forest: A three-flag Rainy Forest level.

Co-op Rainy Forest Hard: A five-flag Rainy Forest level.

Co-op Hidden Base: A three-flag Hidden Base level.

Co-op Hidden Base Hard: A five-flag Hidden Base level.

Co-op Doom Dungeon: A three-flag Doom Dungeon level.

Co-op Doom Dungeon Hard: A five-flag Doom Dungeon level.

Co-op The Great Graveyard: A three-flag Great Graveyard level.

Co-op The Great Graveyard Hard: A five-flag Great Graveyard level.

Co-op Camper: A Co-op version of the Camper Zombie boss.

Co-op Neptuna: A Co-op version of the Neptuna boss.

Co-op Zomdolph: A Co-op version of Zomdolph the red-nosed Zomdeer boss.

Co-op Dragon: A Co-op version of the Zombie Dragon boss.

Co-op Camper Rematch: A Co-op version of the Camper Rematch boss.

Co-op Commander: A Co-op version of the Base Commander boss.

Co-op Smash: A Co-op version of The Smash boss.

Co-op Baron: A Co-op version of the Baron Von Bats boss.

Zen Garden

The Zen Garden is back, and gives you a peaceful place to relax, away from the zombies, once again. Unlocked after Icy Rink Day 12, you can collect plants and sell them, or leave them to produce money over time.

Lawn of Challenges

A special mode unlocked after Icy Rink Day 3, featuring many unique challenges for you to overcome. More are unlocked at every third day/night of a stage, and the last ones are unlocked after Zombie Castle Night 5.

Challenge List (so far):

  1. Taco Attack: Defend a taco in the middle row of the Campsite stage from the hungry zombies for three flags. Simple, right?
  2. Pea Party: Defeat a two-flag Campsite level with just Sunflowers, Peashooting plants, and Torchwoods. The problem? You're up against Zombotany Zombies, with no defensive plants.
  3. Blind Battle: Try to survive a two-flag Misty Pond level. Oh, and you can't use anything to remove the screen-filling mist.
  4. Zombie Quick Zombie Nimble: A classic! Survive five speedy flags in Misty Pond.
  5. Air Raid: In the Icy Rink stage, how can you fair against a rather tough variety of flying zombies for three flags? And no Blover for you, either!
  6. Stay Frosty: With only cold plants, can you deal with cold zombies in a cold stage? Two flags.
  7. Mirror Image: In Dark Volcano, if you plant on one side of the lava, your plant will show up on the other side too. However, zombies like to show up in mirror pairs too. Three flags.
  8. Portal Combat 2: In this sequel to the original mini-game, think with portals in a volcanic conveyor-belt level. Just don't expect a third Portal-based level, we can only count to two. Two flags.
  9. Tasty Treats: Survive three tasty flags in the Rainy Forest with only Sunflowers, Chompers, and Pumpkins. Better use those rainclouds!
  10. Rain or Shine: In a rainier than usual level, every plant behaves as if they're under a raincloud! However, this can only last so long, and this is a tough five-flag level.

Unlocking Other Stuff

  • You unlock a Challenge Zone for a stage by beating level 15 in that stage.
  • You unlock a Survival: Endless mode for a stage by getting every star in that stage.
  • There are four Treasure Chests in most stages, which give you 1,000 coins and are collected after beating levels 3, 6, 9 and 12.
  • You get plants or boosts after BEATING a side path, not at the start of a side path.
  • If you collect every star, beat every level in the Lawn of Challenges, AND beat every non-endless puzzle, you'll unlock a special bonus level in the Zombie Castle Stage! But I'm keeping details about that bonus level secret for now.

Recharge Timers

  • Very Fast: 8sec. 8.8sec in Tough Nut Difficulty. 10sec in Gargantuan Difficulty.
  • Fast: 15sec. 16.5sec in Tough Nut Difficulty. 18.75sec in Gargantuan Difficulty.
  • Slow: 30sec. 33sec in Tough Nut Difficulty. 37.5sec in Gargantuan Difficulty.
  • Very Slow: 60sec. 66sec in Tough Nut Difficulty. 75sec in Gargantuan Difficulty.
  • Ultra Slow: 150sec. 165sec in Tough Nut Difficulty. 187.5sec in Gargantuan Difficulty.

Name Picture Description Unlocked Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Basic attackers which deal average damage Beginning of Game Shoots 20 peas a second for 3 seconds. 100 Very Fast
Produces sun for planting plants After beating Campsite Day 1 Produces 125 Sun. 50 Very Fast
Blocks off zombies with its hard shell. After beating Campsite Day 2 Gains tough metal armor. 50 Slow
Potato Mine
Explodes a Zombie, but needs time to arm. After beating Campsite Day 4 Launches 2 more Potato Mines, and arms itself. 25 Slow
Cherry Bomb
Explodes Zombies in a medium area. After beating Campsite Day 5 N/A 150 Very Slow
Snow Pea
Chills zombies, slowing them down. After beating Campsite Day 6 Freezes the lane and shoots 20 peas a second for 3 seconds. 200 Very Fast
Shoots twice as fast as a Peashooter After beating Campsite Day 7 Shoots 40 peas a second for 3 seconds 200 Very Fast
Bonk Choy
Punches zombies, dealing heavy damage at short range. After beating Campsite Day 8 Deals Massive Damage in a 3x3 area. 100 Very Fast
Shoots boomerangs which hit three zombies twice. After beating Campsite Day 9 Shoots 40 Boomerangs, ten going in each of four directions and hitting infinite zombies. 175 Very Fast
Shoots asparagus spears at the nearest zombie in 3 lanes After beating Campsite Day 10 Shoots a giant spear which deals 20 damage to every zombie in three lanes. 150 Fast
Chilly Pepper
Freezes all zombies in one lane, and deals lots of damage. After beating Campsite Day 11 N/A 50 Slow
Lobs cabbages over obstacles to hit zombies. After beating Campsite Day 13 Lobs a Cabbage at every zombie, dealing ten damage to all of them. 125 Very Fast
Twin Sunflower
Produces twice as much sun After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Campsite Produces 250 Sun. 150 Fast
Sets peas on fire, doubling their damage After beating "Heat Wave" Side Path in Campsite Fire turns blue, permanently tripling pea damage. 175 Very Fast
Shoots powerful rainbows at the nearest zombie in 3 lanes, but hides when zombies are close. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Campsite Shoots a giant rainbow which does 40 damage to every zombie in three lanes. 225 Fast
Shoots short-ranged spores at aquatic zombies. After beating Campsite Day 15 All Sea-shrooms shoot rapidly for three seconds. 0 Very Fast
Produces small sun at first, then regular sun later. After beating Misty Pond Night 1 Grows to max size and produces 125 sun. 25 Very Fast
Lily Pad
Allows you to plant land plants in water. After beating Misty Pond Night 2 Fills the column with Lily Pads. 25 Very Fast
Flings weak kernels and occasionally stunning butter. After beating Misty Pond Night 4 Butters every zombie onscreen. 125 Very Fast
Lights up a 3 row by 7 column area of mist. After beating Misty Pond Night 5 Lights up the whole screen and blinds zombies for five seconds. 25 Slow
Split Pea
Shoots peas forwards and backwards. After beating Misty Pond Night 6 Does a Peashooter's Plant Food effect forwards, and a Repeater's backwards. 125 Very Fast
Shoots spikes that can pop balloons. After beating Misty Pond Night 7 Shoots thirty spikes in the air, and thirty spikes at the ground zombies. 125 Very Fast
Removes all mist temporarily and blows away all flying zombies. After beating Misty Pond Night 8 N/A 150 Fast
Shoots long-ranged spores, but hides when zombies are near. After beating Misty Pond Night 9 Won't hide for three seconds, and shoots ten spores a second during that time. 25 Very Fast
Freezes zombies in a 3x3 area, and slows every other zombie. After beating Misty Pond Night 10 N/A 50 Very Slow
Damages all zombies touching the water, and does double damage to metal objects and vehicles. After beating Misty Pond Night 11 N/A 25 Ultra Slow
Shoots mid-ranged fumes that hit groups of zombies. After beating Misty Pond Night 13 Pushes back and damages all zombies in front of it. 75 Very Fast
Hypnotizes the zombie that eats it, making it fight other zombies. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Misty Pond The zombie that eats it will become a Brickhead Zombie. If a Brickhead eats it, it gets its health restored. 50 Slow
Tall plant that blocks zombies, but slowly loses health. After beating "Sneak Attack" Side Path in Misty Pond Fully regains its health 50 Slow
Dooms all zombies in a huge area, but damages the space it's planted on. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Misty Pond N/A 125 Ultra Slow
Flower Pot
Lets you plant on ice, metal, or stone. After beating Misty Pond Night 15 Fills the column with Flower Pots. 25 Very Fast
Coffee Bean
Wakes up sleeping mushrooms. After beating Icy Rink Day 1 N/A 75 Very Fast
Breathes short-ranged fire in three rows. After beating Icy Rink Day 2 Covers the 3x3 area in front of it with fire, dealing massive damage to all zombies on those spaces. 200 Very Fast
Shoots special peas that disable machinery. After beating Icy Rink Day 4 Sends out an EMP pulse that disables all machines for five seconds. 250 Very Fast
Burns every zombie in the row. After beating Icy Rink Day 5 N/A 100 Very Slow
Eats zombies whole, taking a while to chew. Upon swallowing, the burp knocks back nearby zombies. After beating Icy Rink Day 6 Eats any zombie except Micro Bosses or Bosses up to two spaces in front, then swallows. 150 Fast
Diverts zombies into other rows. After beating Icy Rink Day 7 Stinks up the lane, so all zombies that can change lanes, will change lanes. 50 Fast
Squashes zombies, obviously. After beating Icy Rink Day 8 Squashes two random zombies, then returns to the original space. 50 Slow
Defensive plant that can share it's space with another plant. After beating Icy Rink Day 9 Gains a golden armor. 125 Slow
Chili Bean
The zombie that eats it will faint after releasing paralyzing gases. After beating Icy Rink Day 10 Spawns two more Chili Beans. 75 Slow
Lobs flaming peppers at zombies, causing light splash damage. After beating Icy Rink Day 11 Lobs flaming peppers all over the screen. 200 Very Fast
Red Stinger^
Is more defensive the further right it's planted. After beating Icy Rink Day 13 Permanently changes into a powered up form of both offence and defence. 150 Fast
Heavenly Peach
Heals plants in a 3x3 area. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Icy Rink. Makes the surrounding plants invincible for ten seconds. 125 Fast
Snap Pea
Shoots snapping peas that do 5x damage to headwear and shields. After beating "Blizzard" Side Path in Icy Rink. Shoots a super snapping pea which removes the helmets and shields from every zombie in the row. 300 Very Fast
Shoots telekinetic blasts that damage and sometimes push back a zombie. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Icy Rink. Pushes back all zombies in three rows. 200 Very Fast
Puff-shroom^ Shoots short-ranged spores. After beating Icy Rink Day 15 All Puff-shrooms shoot rapidly for three seconds. 0 Very Fast
Threepeater Shoots peas in three lanes. After beating Dark Volcano Night 1 Shoots a wildfire of peas across all rows. 300 Very Fast
Umbrella Leaf Protects nearby plants from aerial attacks. After beating Dark Volcano Night 2 Range increases to the whole screen for 30 seconds. 150 Very Fast
Homing-shroom Shoots homing spores at the zombie that's closest to eating your brains. After beating Dark Volcano Night 4 Shoots 50 homing spores. 100 Very Fast
Shot-shroom Shoots shell spores which deal more damage at short range. After beating Dark Volcano Night 5 Shoots a giant Shell Spore which does 20x damage. 100 Very Fast
Berridot^ Splits peas into 2 weaker peas which go into different rows. After beating Dark Volcano Night 6 For 30 seconds, all peas which get split will still do normal damage. 50 Fast
Thief-shroom Steals non-metal objects from zombies in a 3x3 area. After beating Dark Volcano Night 7 All stealable equipment onscreen gets stolen. 75 Fast
Bash-shroom Bashes zombies at short range, including adjacent rows. After beating Dark Volcano Night 8 Creates a 3x3 shockwave that does half-massive damage and stuns zombies for five seconds. 75 Very Fast
Tall-nut Heavy-duty wall that blocks jumping zombies. After beating Dark Volcano Night 9 Gains metal armour. 125 Slow
Laser Bean Lasers can hit all zombies in one row. After beating Dark Volcano Night 10 Shoots a powerful laser beam that deals half massive damage in the row 300 Very Fast
Sweet Potato Attracts zombies from adjacent lanes, and blocks them off. After beating Dark Volcano Night 11 Fully heals, pulls all zombies in a 5x5 area to it, and gains five seconds of invulnerability. 150 Slow
Corpse-shroom Spawns a hypnotized zombie every 30 seconds, grows to give them helmets. After beating Dark Volcano Night 13 Immediately spawns a hypnotized Brickhead Zombie. 125 Very Slow
Grenadia Explodes nearby zombies, and leaves explosive seeds and slowing pulp. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Dark Volcano N/A 300 Very Slow
Ash Creates clouds of ash which stun and damage zombies, with a chance of instant death. After beating "Eruption" Side Path in Dark Volcano Covers the whole screen with ash for five seconds, damaging zombies during that time. 300 Very Fast
Magnifying Grass^ Spend 25 sun to launch a strong attack. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Dark Volcano Shoots a powerful rainbow beam for five seconds, damage is amplified by nearby sun producing plants. 75 Very Fast
Iceberg Lettuce Freezes a single zombie that steps on it. After beating Dark Volcano Night 15 Freezes all zombies onscreen for ten seconds. 0 Fast
Lotus Flower Semi-aquatic plant that heals and hypnotizes three zombies. Each will stay still. After beating Rainy Forest Day 1 Explodes, hypnotizing a 3x3 area of zombies. 225 Very Slow
Tangle Kelp Drags one aquatic zombie down to their demise. After beating Rainy Forest Day 2 Multiplies, producing a Tangle Kelp in every empty adjacent water space. 25 Slow
Backberry-pult Lobs powerful berries at the farthest right zombie in the row After beating Rainy Forest Day 4 Lobs a berry at the rightmost column that does half massive damage in a 3x3 area. 125 Very Fast
Flak Seed Lobs seeds that scatter into fragments. Prioritises and lobs extra seeds at flying zombies. After beating Rainy Forest Day 5 Lobs seeds at random zombies, causing 1x1 explosions of half-massive damage. 200 Very Fast
Spikeweed Lightly damages zombies walking over it, and destroys wheels. After beating Rainy Forest Day 6 Pulls all zombies in the row onto it and holds them there for five seconds, dealing 600 damage total. 100 Very Fast
Rose Casts goatify spells to leave any zombie type as an easy target. After beating Rainy Forest Day 7 Transforms a 3x3 area of zombies into goats. 200 Slow
Slow Moss Slows down zombies walking over it, and stacks with chill effects. After beating Rainy Forest Day 8 Pulls all zombies in the row onto it and traps them there for ten seconds. 50 Very Fast
Spring Bean Bounces back nearby zombies, and into nearby hazards like water or lava. After beating Rainy Forest Day 9 Bounces every zombie onscreen. 50 Slow
Knightshade Attacks zombies with its sword, occasionally landing a killing blow. After beating Rainy Forest Day 10 Swords land on five random spaces, dealing massive damage to zombies on those spaces. 200 Very Fast
Bad Apple Rapidly shoots short-ranged seeds, and insta-kills the zombie that eats it. After beating Rainy Forest Day 11 Shoots three whole apples down the lane, each dealing 90nds to a single target. 200 Very Fast
Mahogany Tree Click on it to release a hog that charges through the row, damaging and pushing zombies. After beating Rainy Forest Day 13 Releases a hog into every row. 250 Fast
Shadow Flower Click to shoot a powerful shadow ball at zombies, which transforms them into sun. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Rainy Forest. Fires a piercing shadow beam through the row, which turns zombies into sun. 200 Fast
Berrainy Creates a raincloud on its space, doubling the speed of plants on that space permanently. After beating "Thunderstorm" Side Path in Rainy Forest. N/A 100, doubles with each use. Fast
Starfruit^ Shoots piercing stars in five directions, including straight backwards. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Rainy Forest. Spins around, spraying dozens of stars in all directions. 225 Fast
Mine-shroom A free, weak Potato Mine with an increasing cost. After beating Rainy Forest Day 15 Resets the cost to 0. 0 (+5 per use) Fast
Bright-shroom Lights up a 3x3 area. Not as effective as a Plantern, but it's free. After beating Hidden Base Night 1 Lights up the whole screen for five seconds. 0 Fast
Power-shroom Click to release a bolt of electricity, which increases in strength based on how long it charges for. After beating Hidden Base Night 2 Shoots a bolt at the strongest zombie onscreen, dealing double massive damage. 175 Slow
Roto-shroom A defensive plant that rotates rapidly, bouncing long-ranged attacks back at the zombies. After beating Hidden Base Night 4 Spins fast enough to create a tornado that sucks in all projectiles onscreen for three seconds, then pummels the zombies with them. 75 Slow
Vampiric-shroom Sucks the blood from zombies, one at a time, and grows stronger the more blood it drinks. After beating Hidden Base Night 5 Insta-kills the zombie it's attacking (if any), and grows two sizes. 125 Fast
Snow-shroom Lobs snowballs at zombies to slow them down, but doesn't cause damage. After beating Hidden Base Night 6 Lobs a giant snowball that rolls through the row, freezing and dealing half massive damage to zombies. 50 Very Fast
Magnet-shroom Removes metal objects from the zombies. After beating Hidden Base Night 7 Steals all metal objects and throws them down the row. 100 Fast
Spore-shroom Shoots spores at zombies that turn them into Spore-shrooms. After beating Hidden Base Night 8 Lobs spores at three zombies, dealing massive damage and turning them into Spore-shrooms. 100 Very Fast
Glowing Bulb Slowly drains your sunlight to power itself, but lights up the whole screen. After beating Hidden Base Night 9 Lights up the whole screen for free for one minute. 25 Ultra Slow
Goop-shroom Shoots goop at zombies in the four spaces ahead, damaging and reducing their chewing speed. After beating Hidden Base Night 10 Squirts green goop over all zombies onscreen. 125 Very Fast
Sonic-shroom Shoots faster-than-sound spores at zombies, and the sonic boom from firing them can stun nearby zombies. After beating Hidden Base Night 11 Shoots an exploding spore that stuns every zombie onscreen and deals massive damage in a 3x3 area. 75 Very Fast
Infi-nut A weaker Wall-nut that regains health over time. After beating Hidden Base Night 13 Generates a forcefield in front of it, protecting an entire column. 75 Slow
Toadstool^ Eats zombies up to three spaces away, then produces some sun when it swallows. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Hidden Base. Eats all zombies in range and produces some sun for each one. 225 Slow
Shadow-shroom^ Poisons the zombie that eats it, making the zombie slowly lose health. The zombie spreads this poison to other zombies it touches. After beating "Capture the Brain" Side Path in Hidden Base. Creates a permanent aura around it that poisons zombies. 75 Very Slow
OPea Seems really overpowered, but only lasts for ten seconds. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Hidden Base. Shoots for an additional five seconds. 150 Very Slow
Fastflower Reduces the recharge time of seed packets by 10%. Max decrease: 50%. After beating Hidden Base Night 15 Instantly recharges every seed packet, unless it has an Ultra Slow recharge. 100 Ultra Slow
Cobbler Makes shoes which it will give to the plant in front to give it a speed boost. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 1 Instantly gives shoes to every plant onscreen. 150 Slow
Thyme Warp^ Time warps all zombies onscreen back to the start, but also heals them. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 2 N/A 150 Ultra Slow

Solar Tomato^

Stuns a 3x3 area of zombies, making them drop sun. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 4 N/A 75 Very Slow
Bananarang^ Deals lots of damage to zombies in its own lane, then boomerangs into the lane below. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 5 N/A 75 Slow
Lightning Reed^ Deals small damage, but hits many zombies or chickens at once. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 6 Creates a storm cloud which targets the zombie closest to eating your brains. 125 Very Fast
Gooseberry A flying goose which pecks flying zombies to damage them. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 7 Drops healing feathers onto all plants in a 3x3 area, restoring all their health. 150 Fast
Kernel Corn Rapidly fires kernels for heavy damage in both adjacent rows, but not its own. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 8 Unleashes a barrage of 180 kernels in the rows above and below. 600 Slow
Doubled Mint Damage doubles with every consecutive hit to the same zombie. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 9 For seven seconds, attack speed doubles every second. 250 Very Fast
Brickercress A defender made out of bricks, which has lots of health but isn't very tall. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 10 More bricks are stacked on top, doubling health and blocking jumpers. 175 Very Slow
Wild Berries Lobs berries targeted at multiple zombies in the row. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 11 Lobs poisoned berries to three zombies onscreen. 225 Very Fast
Spyris Detects and provides information about zombies in its row. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 13 Delays the next wave by ten seconds, and warns you of the zombies in that wave. 25 Fast
Bee Tree A tree with a beehive in. The bees will pollenate Sunflowers to speed them up temporarily. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in Doom Dungeon Releases a swarm of bees to pollenate all Sunflowers onscreen. 250 Ultra Slow
Intensive Carrot Brings eaten plants back to life. After beating "Sun Starve" Side Path in Doom Dungeon N/A 100 Very Slow
Bitter Pea Shoots faster the more lawnmowers you have lost, up to 6 or 7 peas per second. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in Doom Dungeon Shoots 20 peas per second for 2-14 seconds based on lost lawnmowers. 300 Very Fast
Pult-shroom Lobs medium ranged spores which ignore graves. After beating Doom Dungeon Day 15 Lobs five spores at every zombie onscreen. 25 Very Fast
Grave Buster Busts a grave. Simple, really. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 1 N/A 0 Fast
Citron Fires powerful plasma every ten seconds. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 2 Fires a burst of incredibly powerful plasma, which will deal massive damage to everything in the row, but gets blocked by anything that survives the blast. 300 Fast
Pea Pod
Plant it on itself to add more heads! After beating The Great Graveyard Night 4 Grows an extra head (unless it has all heads), then shoots five massive peas. 125 Very Fast
Mush-shroom Explodes, covering every zombie onscreen with Goop-shroom mush. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 5 N/A 0 Very Slow
Growing-shroom Grows every minute, shooting bigger spores the bigger it gets. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 6 Shoots 10 spores a second for three seconds, the size of the spores depends on its current size. 125 Very Fast
Sun Bean The zombie that eats it produces five sun for every five peas of damage it receives. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 7 The zombie that eats it will explode, instantly releasing all the sun it would have produced. 50 Slow
Coconut Cannon Click to shoot a powerful explosive coconut at the zombies! After beating The Great Graveyard Night 8 Shoots a giant coconut that pushes zombies back and explodes like a Cherry Bomb. 400 Fast
Melon-pult Lobs powerful melons that damage groups of zombies. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 9 Shoots a super-strong melon at every zombie onscreen. 325 Very Fast
Shrinking Violet Shrinks a 3x3 area of zombies, making them take triple damage and halving the damage they deal. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 10 N/A 75 Very Slow
Bamboo Shoot Lobs explosive shells at zombies in a 5x5 area every 2.5 seconds, exploding in a 3x3 area and dealing ten damage even with the explosion. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 11 Shoots a giant shell at the strongest zombie, dealing massive damage in a 5x5 area around it. 500 Slow
Electric Blueberry^ Creates stormclouds that deal massive damage, but takes a while to recharge itself. After beating The Great Graveyard Night 13 Creates a stormcloud that strikes the strongest zombie onscreen with infinite damage. 500 Very Slow
Gloom-shroom Releases heavy fumes in a 3x3 area around it. After beating "Super Sun" Side Path in The Great Graveyard Releases damaging paralyzing fumes in the 3x3 area around it. 250 Fast
Willow Wisp Makes plants in a 3x3 area incorporeal, so they can't be targeted by zombies. After beating "Invisi-Ghoul" Side Path in The Great Graveyard Extends its range over the whole screen temporarily. 500 Ultra Slow
Cuke Pre-emptively wipes out the next huge wave of zombies. After beating "Last Stand" Side Path in The Great Graveyard N/A 500+ Never recharges
Marigold^ Produces silver coins at first, and gold coins when it grows. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs Produces five silver coins if it hasn't grown, five gold if it has. Sometimes produces a diamond. 75 Fast
Kaboomerang Shoots boomerangs which will explode on their third hit. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs For thirty seconds, two boomerangs will orbit around it in a 3x3 area, causing an explosion when they hit any zombie. 125 (+175) Very Slow
Power Flower Produces three suns at a time, but needs to be planted on Twin Sunflowers. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Twin Sunflower Produces 375 sun. 150 (+150) Very Slow
Cattail Shoots homing spikes at ground and air zombies anywhere onscreen Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs Unleashes 20 spikes a second for five seconds. 225 (+25) Very Slow
Count Chompula Gains 1ndb of health every second when chewing, up to a max of 72ndb. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Chomper Like the Chomper, but also gains 20ndb health per zombie it eats. 75 (+150) Very Slow
Prism Plant Spend sun on it to fire a piercing beam. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Magnifying Grass Shoots a rainbow beam down the row for five seconds, power amplified by sun producing plants. 125 (+75) Very Slow
Black Knightshade A powerful swordfighter that lands killing blows against stunned zombies. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Knightshade Swords land on ten random spaces, dealing massive damage. 100 (+200) Very Slow
Spikerock Does double the damage of a Spikeweed, and is extremely resistant to damage. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Spikeweed. Pulls all zombies in the row onto it and holds them there for five seconds, dealing 1200 damage total. 150 Very Slow
Invi-nut A nut that regains health over time, and is resistant to instant-kills. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Infi-nut Projects two forcefields in front of it, a space apart from each other. 75 (+75) Very Slow
Plume-shroom Releases powerful bursts of gas that can paralyze zombies. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Gloom-shroom Like Gloom-shroom, but more powerful. 250 (+250) Very Slow
Pot-pult Lobs flower pots that deal heavy damage to groups, and covers them in dirt to disable many abilities. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after unlocking Melon-pult Lobs Flower Pots all over the place, damaging and dirtifying every zombie. 400 (+25) Very Slow
Cob Cannon Click to aim an explosive corn cob at the zombies. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after beating Zombie Castle Night 5 Shoots four corn cobs at random locations onscreen (costs two Plant Food) 500 (+200) Ultra Slow
Winter Melon Lobs frozen melons that damage and slow groups of zombies. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after beating Zombie Castle Night 5 Shoots a super-strong frozen melon at every zombie onscreen. 275 (+325) Very Slow
Power Lily Produces plant food when planted. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after beating Zombie Castle Night 5 N/A 175 Ultra Slow
Imitater Copies a plant, allowing two of it! Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after beating Zombie Castle Night 5 Same as imitated plant. As imitated plant. As imitated plant
Sweet Pea Does decent damage for low cost, but its candy shots don't like Torchwoods. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Pea Greenhouse Tier 3 Fires 20 sweet peas a second for 3 seconds. 150 Very Fast
A.K.E.E. Lobs bouncing projectiles to hit three zombies with decreasing damage. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Catapult Castle Tier 3 Lobs seeds at zombies in every row, bouncing repeatedly. 200 Very Fast
Moonflower Produces more sun when surrounded by other Moonflowers. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Flower Garden Tier 3 All Moonflowers onscreen instantly produce sun (15-50 per Moonflower, based on adjacent Moonflowers) 75 Fast
Explode-o-Nut Has less health than a Wall-nut, but explodes like a Cherry Bomb when eaten. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Nut House Tier 3 Turns purple, and creates a Doom-shroom explosion + crater when destroyed. 250 Very Slow
Punish-shroom Punishes any zombie that destroys a mushroom plant, dealing instant damage. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Mold Colony Tier 3 Punishments double in strength for thirty seconds, and punishes zombies for destroying any plant during that time. 175 Very Slow
Escape Root Arms after a short while, then can swap places with almost any plant, and swaps out for an explosive when in danger. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Explodonation Lab Tier 3 When triggered, will swap out for an awakened Doom-shroom. 100 Very Slow
Wasabi Whip Whips zombies in front or behind, like a longer-ranged Bonk Choy. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Beetboxing Club Tier 3 Whips every zombie in a 3x3 area rapidly, dealing massive damage. 200 Very Fast
Banana Launcher Click to aim explosive bananas at zombies. Similar to Cob Cannon, but less powerful. Purchase from Burt's Bits & Bobs after purchasing Heavy Plantillery Base Tier 3 Shoots several bananas at various locations. 500 Slow
E.M.Peach Disables machinery in a 5x5 area around it. Defeat the Zombie Yeti once N/A 50 Slow
Chard Guard^ Knocks back zombies three times, then blocks them off. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti Regrows all leaves, heals, and knocks back nearby zombies. 100 Slow
Rotobaga Fires seeds along four diagonals, and hovers over water or even lava. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti Shoots three explosive shots in each direction. These shots deal 20 damage each in a 1x1 area. 150 Very Fast
Soul Patch Absorbs damage on behalf of any other plant onscreen, and has extremely high health. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti Fully heals every plant onscreen, including itself. 500 Ultra Slow
Brocomotive Click to make it charge forwards, stunning zombies. Vulnerable while returning to station. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti Charges through the entire row, stunning zombies for longer and dealing heavier damage. Returns instantly. 225 Fast
Ultomato Unleashes a deadly laser beam every 5 seconds, and can be planted on repeatedly to power itself up. Dropped by the Zombie Yeti after all other non-seasonal Yeti drops Explodes, dealing massive damage in a 3x3, 5x5, or whole board range depending on strength. 250, +50 each use. Slow
Ghost Pepper Haunts nearby zombies and can't be attacked, but explodes after a while. Also hovers over water or lava. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti during Autumn. Deals half-massive damage in a 3x3 area and resets its timer. 75 Slow
Sap-fling^ Hurls sticky sap that slows down zombies walking through it. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti during Winter. Splatters sap onto every possible space. 100 Fast
Dandelion Floats bombs throughout three rows, one at a time. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti during Spring. Sends out a giant bomb in each row in range, dealing massive damage. 225 Very Fast
Guacodile^ Shoots seeds at zombies, charges if they get too close, and can be planted in water. Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti during Summer. Releases two charging Guacodiles. 150 Fast
^ - Battle style changed.

Note: The "type" is usually used to indicate weaknesses, strengths and abilities.

Helmet types are vulnerable to Snap Peas.

Shield types are vulnerable to Snap Peas, fumes, lasers, weeds, rocks, pults and probably more that I forgot about.

Machine types are vulnerable to EMPeashooters and E.M.Peaches.

Wheeled types are vulnerable to weeds and rocks.

Big types are immune to Chompers and Toadstools, and take halved knockback from knockback plants.

Metal types are vulnerable to magnets.

Jumping types jump, and are blocked by tall plants.

Flying types fly over plants and are immune to most attacks.

Ranged types have long-ranged attacks.

Nonmetal types use objects that can be stolen by Thief-shrooms.

Summoner types summon other zombies.

Healer types heal zombies.

Support types can't eat your brains.

Micro Boss types usually have no weaknesses, are immune to Lawnmower-style defenses and have long-ranged attacks.

Boss types usually have no weaknesses, are immune to Lawnmower-style defenses, have long-ranged attacks, summon other zombies and don't eat your brains.

Name Picture Description Encountered Health Speed Type
Browncoat Zombie
Regular Zombie type with no special attributes. Campsite Day 1 10nds Average Regular
Conehead Zombie
The roadcone triples his toughness! Campsite Day 2 28nds Average Helmet, Nonmetal
Flag Zombie
Flag Zombie leads a huge wave of zombies. Campsite Day 2 10nds Hungry Regular
Buckethead Zombie
Buckethead Zombie has more than six times a regular Zombie's health! Campsite Day 4 65nds Average Helmet, Metal
Pole Vaulting Zombie
The pole allows this athlete to jump over one plant. Campsite Day 5 17nds Rushing, then average Jumping, Nonmetal
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie
The Jack-in-the-Box explodes at a random time. Campsite Day 7 17nds Rushing Metal
Brickhead Zombie
The brick helmet gives it a massive amount of health! Campsite Day 8 160nds Average Helmet
Billboard Zombies
Billboard Zombies appear in groups of three or more, hiding behind a billboard. Campsite Day 10 21nds (per zombie) Average Regular
Disco Zombie
Disco Zombie is tougher than before, summoning eight Backup Dancers! Campsite Day 11 17nds Rushing, then average Summoner
Backup Dancer
A group of eight Backups appears with each Disco Zombie. Campsite Day 11 10nds Average Regular
Taunts nearby plants, stopping their attacks. Campsite Day 13 60nds Average Regular
Hornethead Zombie
A Micro Boss that has a hornet's nest on its head. The hornets get angry when it's damaged. Campsite Day 14 200nds Average Micro Boss
Hornet Zombie
Summoned by the Hornethead when damaged, behaves like Chickens. Campsite Day 14 0.25nds Supersonic Regular
Camper Zombie
Boss of the Campsite Stage. Campsite Day 15

Phase 1: 500nds.

Phase 2: 500nds.

Phase 3: 1,000nds.

Hungry Boss
Ducky Tube Zombie
Aquatic version of regular, flag and helmet zombies. Misty Pond Night 1 10/28/65/160nds Average/hungry Regular or Helmet or Helmet and Metal
Snorkel Zombie Dives underwater to dodge attacks, except for catapults. Misty Pond Night 2 10nds Hungry Regular, Nonmetal
Dolphin Rider Zombie Fast aquatic version of the Pole Vaulter. Misty Pond Night 4 17nds Rapid, then average Jumping
Seagull Zombie Medium speed and toughness, weak to butter. Misty Pond Night 5 17nds Rushing Regular
Scuba Diving Zombie Swims to the back, surfaces, and attacks plants from behind. Misty Pond Night 7 10nds Rushing, then average Metal
Balloon Zombie Flies above the battle, immune to most attacks. Misty Pond Night 8 10nds Rushing, then average Flying
Siren Zombie Other zombies are drawn towards the Siren Zombie. Misty Pond Night 10 17nds Rushing Regular
Octo Zombie Throws short-ranged octopi to bind up plants. Misty Pond Night 11 24nds Average Ranged
Speedboat Zombie Very fast and destroys every plant in its way. Misty Pond Night 13 20nds Rapid Machine
Zom-beard A Micro Boss that swings over the first few spaces and uses his hook to inflict massive melee damage. Misty Pond Night 14 120nds Average Micro Boss
Neptuna Boss of the Misty Pond Stage. Misty Pond Night 15

Phase 1: 750nds.

Phase 2: 750nds.

Phase 3: 1,000nds.

Hungry Boss
Eskimo Zombie Immune to chilling/freezing. Icy Rink Day 1 30nds Average Regular
Zombie Bobsled Team High speed, but the bobsled is destroyed on contact with a plant. Icy Rink Day 2 20nds (Bobsled), 10nds (each zombie) Rapid, then average Regular
Ice Block Zombie Lots of health, immune to chilling/freezing and eating effects, fire does double damage. Icy Rink Day 4 90nds Average Regular
Zomboni Ice machine that crushes plants, and leaves an ice trail if there is no ice. Icy Rink Day 5 60nds Hungry Wheeled Machine
Rocket Zombie Extremely fast, but cold plants instantly remove the rocket. Icy Rink Day 7 30nds Supersonic, then average Helmet, Nonmetal
Actor Zombie When defeated, monologues for ten seconds, blocking shots all the while. Icy Rink Day 8 17nds Average Regular
Speedskater Zombie Moves fast and often switches rows. Icy Rink Day 10 30nds Rapid, average without skates Regular, Metal
Brain Zombie Has a brain, allowing other zombies to feed on it and regain health. Icy Rink Day 11 120nds Hungry, then unmoving Healer
Zomdeer A reindeer which will begin to fly when damaged. Icy Rink Day 13 30nds Rushing Machine, Flying
Snowman Zombie A Micro Boss that throws snowballs. Icy Rink Day 14 200nds Hungry Micro Boss
Zombie Yeti Rarely appears, drops five diamonds if slain. Icy Rink Day 14, in Tough Nut or Gargantuan, then randomly afterwards. 65nds Average, then rushing Machine
Zomdolph the red-nosed Zomdeer Boss of the Icy Rink Stage. Icy Rink Day 15 Undecided Hungry Boss
Hazmat Zombie Appears in the lava row, immune to fiery and toxic attacks. Dark Volcano Night 1 10nds Average Regular
Bungee Zombie Descends from the sky, and steals a plant. Dark Volcano Night 2 20nds Rushing Support
Bug Zombie Flies zombies, ranging from regular to Brickhead, over your defences. Can also carry regular zombies over lava. Dark Volcano Night 4 17nds Hungry Flying
Imp Dragon A speedy imp in a dragon costume. Impervious to flames and attacks quickly. Dark Volcano Night 5 10nds Rapid Regular
Explorer Zombie Fast and insta-burns plants, but if frozen, the torch will be neutralized. Dark Volcano Night 7 17nds Rushing Nonmetal
Football Zombie Fast moving zombie with high health. Dark Volcano Night 8 80nds Rushing Helmet, Metal
Pogo Stick Zombie Jumps over every plant in the row, unless it's very tall. Dark Volcano Night 10 17nds Rushing, then average Jumping, Metal
Conga Leader Spawns a Conga Dancer behind it every second. Dark Volcano Night 11 30nds Hungry Summoner
Conga Dancer Follows behind Conga Leaders. Dark Volcano Night 11 17nds Hungry Regular
Zom-Blob A slow, blobby lump of slime that splits into smaller Zom-Blobs when defeated. Can appear in lava. Dark Volcano Night 13 90nds Snail's Pace Summoner
Hover-Goat 3000 A Micro Boss that flies over lava while boosting nearby zombies. Dark Volcano Night 14 120nds Hungry Micro Boss
Zombie Dragon Boss of the Dark Volcano Stage. Dark Volcano Night 15 Undecided Hungry Boss
Rain Dance Zombie Turns Rain Clouds into Storm Clouds which strike plants with lightning. Rainy Forest Day 1 17nds Hungry Regular
Hang Glider Zombie Lands after rapidly flying several spaces. Rainy Forest Day 2 17nds Supersonic, then Average Flying
Digger Zombie Digs to the back, surfaces, and attacks plants from behind. Rainy Forest Day 4 15nds Rushing, then Average Helmet, Metal
Zombie Nest Falls from the sky and then spawns Zombirds until it runs out of eggs. Rainy Forest Day 5 40nds Unmoving Support, Summoner
Zombird Flies rapidly out of Zombie Nests, occasionally dropping exploding eggs. Rainy Forest Day 5 5nds Rapid Flying
Trojan Sunflower A big wooden Sunflower on wheels. Seems suspicious, right? Rainy Forest Day 7 90nds Snail's pace Wheeled, Summoner
Witch Doctor Zombie Heals zombies and curses plants. Rainy Forest Day 8 30nds Average Healer, Ranged
Excavator Zombie Digs up plants and throws them behind him. Rainy Forest Day 10 30nds (shield), 17nds (zombie) Rushing, then average Shield, Metal
Wizard Zombie Turns plants within three spaces into Zombie Sheep. Rainy Forest Day 11 24nds Average Ranged, Nonmetal, Summoner
Zombie Sheep The result of a Wizard's dark magic. Rainy Forest Day 11 8nds Rushing Regular
Fisherman Zombie Fishes for aquatic zombies, pulling them out of the water to attack. Rainy Forest Day 13 30nds Unmoving Summoner
Mother Zombird Micro Boss that drops Zombie Nests and giant exploding eggs. Rainy Forest Day 14 180nds Snail's pace Micro Boss
Undecided Boss of the Rainy Forest Stage. Rainy Forest Day 15 Undecided Hungry Boss
Spy Zombie Drops from the ceiling on random spaces, usually targeting light sources. Hidden Base Night 1 10nds Rushing Regular
Screen Door Zombie Carries a Screen Door to block frontal attacks. Now in helmet varieties! Hidden Base Night 2 65nds (shield), varies (zombie) Average Metal, Shield, sometimes Helmet
Zombie Sniper Deals lots of damage from a distance, but shoots quite slowly and reloads often. Hidden Base Night 4 17nds Average Ranged, Metal
Scientist Zombie Warps onscreen and then deploys a Zombie Heal Station. Hidden Base Night 5 25nds Hungry Healer, Summoner
Zombie Heal Station Heals zombies in a 3x3 area. Hidden Base Night 5 30nds Unmoving Healer, Support, Machine
Gas Can Zombie Explodes in a 3x3 area when slain, unless the gas can is nullified first. Hidden Base Night 7 17nds Hungry Metal
Shield Zombie Projects a shield in front of it, protecting three rows from attacks. Hidden Base Night 8 30nds Average Wheeled, Machine.
Ladder Zombie Puts ladders on defensive plants, allowing it and other zombies to climb over. Hidden Base Night 10 25nds (shield), 17nds (zombie) Rushing, then average Shield, Metal
Rotate-tron Spins around rapidly to reflect plant projectiles. Hidden Base Night 11 20nds Average Wheeled, Machine
Mecha-Football Zombie A slow but tough machine that pushes plants to the left. Hidden Base Night 13 100nds Snail's pace Machine
Disco-tron 3000 Micro Boss which summons groups of 8 Disco Zombies. Hidden Base Night 14 180nds Average Micro Boss
Base Commander Boss of the Hidden Base Stage. Hidden Base Night 15 Undecided Hungry Boss
Zombie Inmate Behaves like a regular zombie, but will gang up with other Zombie Inmates. Doom Dungeon Day 1 17nds Hungry Regular
Pianist Zombie Gets regular and helmet zombies dancing and changing rows randomly. Doom Dungeon Day 2 30nds Hungry Wheeled
Catapult Zombie Lobs basketballs at the last plant in the row. Doom Dungeon Day 4 35nds Rushing, stops moving to lob basketballs Ranged, Wheeled
Kitchen Sink Zombie Has a little bit of everything, including the kitchen sink. Doom Dungeon Day 5 65nds (shield), 30nds Average Helmet, Shield, Metal, Nonmetal, Jumping
Chicken Wrangler Zombie When damaged, releases a horde of chickens. Doom Dungeon Day 7 12nds Average Summoner
Zombie Chicken 15 are released from each Chicken Wrangler, spreading into many rows. Doom Dungeon Day 7 0.25nds Supersonic Regular
Engineer Zombie Moves fast on a Jackhammer, then sets up a Zombot Drone. Doom Dungeon Day 8 90nds Rapid, then Average Metal, Summoner
Zombot Drone Flies above attacks, shooting lasers down below. Doom Dungeon Day 8 10nds Unmoving Metal, Machine, Flying, Support
Weightlifter Zombie High health and smashes the first defensive plant it encounters. Doom Dungeon Day 10 120nds Average Metal
Imposter Zombie Disguises as another zombie, but when defeated, it is revealed as two Imps in a costume. Doom Dungeon Day 11 60nds (coat only) Average (undisguised), varies (disguised) Summoner
Imp Fast but weak. Doom Dungeon Day 11 5nds Rushing Regular
Gargantuar High health, smashes plants, throws an Imp when damaged. Doom Dungeon Day 13 180nds Average Big, Summoner
Gargantuar Prime A Micro Boss that shoots powerful lasers and launches multiple Imps. Doom Dungeon Day 14 270nds Average Micro Boss
Bug Bot Imp Summoned by the Gargantuar Prime, stronger than regular Imps. Doom Dungeon Day 14 10nds Rushing Machine
The Smash Boss of the Doom Dungeon Stage. Doom Dungeon Day 15 Undecided Hungry Boss
Stonemason Zombie Builds tombstones anywhere in a 3x3 area when damaged. The Great Graveyard Night 1 30nds Average Summoner, Metal
Sneaky Imp Pops out of gravestones during any wave, and ignores plants. The Great Graveyard Night 2 5nds Rushing Regular
Gardener Zombie Plants evil plants on empty spaces. The Great Graveyard Night 4 30nds Average Summoner, Nonmetal
Zombie Bull Launches a low-flying Imp when it encounters a plant. The Great Graveyard Night 5 65nds Rushing, then average Summoner, Machine
Zompire Has a lot of health, and heals itself when it eats plants. The Great Graveyard Night 7 50nds Hungry Healer (self only)
Necromancer Zombie Raises Skeleton Zombies from gravestones, and resurrects other zombies that die nearby as Skeletons. The Great Graveyard Night 8 25nds Average Summoner, Healer
Skelezombie Resurrected by Necromancers, and can be continuously healed until the Necromancer is defeated. The Great Graveyard Night 8 17nds Average Regular
Petrified Zombie A stone zombie that's slow but relentless, has massive health, and shrugs off weak attacks. The Great Graveyard Night 10 300nds Snail's pace Regular
Zomninja Deadly high speed ninja, which can teleport and stun plants. The Great Graveyard Night 11 30nds Rapid Regular, Nonmetal
Z-Mech Extremely strong zombie which can stomp over plants, and unleashes a missile barrage when low on health. The Great Graveyard Night 13 270nds Snail's pace Big, Machine, Ranged
Zomjitsu Master A Micro Boss which utilizes various stealthy moves and attacks to get past your plants. The Great Graveyard Night 14 180nds Rushing Micro Boss
Baron Von Bats Boss of The Great Graveyard Stage. The Great Graveyard Night 15

Phase 1: 1,000nds.

Phase 2: 1,500nds.

Phase 3: 2,500nds.

Hungry Boss
Still a secret. :P Boss of the Zombie Castle Stage, and it's the Final Boss too. Zombie Castle Night 5 Undecided Hungry Boss
A secret boss, in the bonus level. Name won't be revealed yet. True final boss. Zombie Castle Night 6 (Bonus level) Undecided Rapid Boss
Deep Sea Gargantuar An aquatic version of the Gargantuar found in Misty Pond. Misty Pond Challenge Zone, Survival: Endless Mode, and Gargantuan difficulty. 180nds Average Big, Summoner
Mermaid Imp This special Imp is thrown by the Deep Sea Gargantuar deep into your defenses. Misty Pond Challenge Zone, Survival: Endless Mode, and Gargantuan difficulty. 5nds Rushing Regular
Giga Dolphin Rider The dolphin never gets left behind, jumping over every plant it can! Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 34nds Rapid, average if blocked by Tall-nut Jumping
Giga Zomboni Drives a super-tough ice machine that resists EMPs and spikes. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 120nds Hungry Wheeled, Machine
Giga Bungee Descends from the sky and instantly steals a plant. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 40nds Rushing Support
Giga Football Zombie The more intimidating cousin of the Football Zombie. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 150nds Rushing Helmet
Giga Digger Zombie Digs to the back, surfaces, and then heads straight for your brains. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 30nds Rushing, then Average Helmet, Metal
Giga Chicken Wrangler When damaged, releases two hordes of giga chickens. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 24nds Average Summoner
Giga Chicken A total of 30 are released from each Giga Chicken Wrangler, spreading into many rows. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 2nds Supersonic Regular
Z7-Mech "Giga" is too oldschool, this double-strength Mech is a force to be reckoned with! Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 540nds Snail's Pace Big, Machine, Ranged
Giga Gargantuar This red-eyed monster has double the health of the regular Gargantuar! Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 360nds Average Big, Summoner
Giga Imp Thrown by the Giga Gargantuar, has more health than a regular Imp. Survival: Endless Modes and Gargantuan difficulty. 10nds Rushing Regular
Shark Gargantuar An aquatic version of the Giga Gargantuar found in Misty Pond. Misty Pond Survival: Endless Mode and Gargantuan difficulty. 360nds Average Big, Summoner
Piranha Imp An aquatic version of the Giga Imp, thrown by Deepest Sea Gargantuar. Misty Pond Survival: Endless Mode and Gargantuan difficulty. 10nds Rushing Regular
Zombie Goat The result of a Rose's Goatify spell. Fairly weak, but fast. N/A 8nds Rushing Regular



Here I'll list the different music tracks I find which I think would fit well in this game. I take no credit for any of the following music, the music belongs to its respective owners. If any of the composers/remixers of these music tracks object to my usage of them without permission, I will remove them.

Main Theme


Plants In Your Pants

Choose Your Seeds


Choose Your Seeds Remix

Conveyor-Belt Levels (Ultimate Battle)


Plants VS Zombies Ultimate Battle Remix

Wall-nut Bowling (Loonboon)


LoonBoon Remix

I, Zombie and Vasebreaker (Cerebrawl)


Plants vs. Zombies Cerebrawl (Remix)



Plants vs. Zombies Grasswalk (Remix)

Misty Pond


Plants vs Zombies Watery Graves Cover

Dark Volcano


Plants vs Zombies! Graze the Roof REMIX!

Great Graveyard and Zombie Castle


Plants vs. Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt (Remix)

Boss Theme


Let's Listen Plants Vs. Zombies - Zombatany (Extended)-0

Zombie Castle Secret Boss


Braniac Maniac Remix Extended


  • The game is similar to earlier versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, with sun being worth 25 again, and the map design is similar too.
  • I copy-pasted the source from Plants vs. Zombies 3: Dimensional Travels and changed what I needed in order to make this page, cause I'm lazy like that.
  • Most plants that were upgrades in the original PvZ are no longer upgrades, but there are 11 upgrades total, eight of which weren't in the original PvZ.
    • Cattail, Cob Cannon, and Winter Melon are the only returning upgrades which retain their upgrade status.
    • Gloom-shroom is now an upgradable plant instead of an upgrade. This is because I like Gloom-shroom waaay too much and wanted to make it even better.
  • EMPeashooters and E.M.Peaches cannot disable all the vehicle zombies, as some of them (like Pianists and Catapults) don't use machinery that can be disabled by an EMP blast. They can however disable speedboats, zambonis, Zomdeers (they are actually robots), Zombie Heal Stations, Shield Zombies, Rotate-trons, Mecha-Football Zombies,  Zombie Bulls (which are still robots), and Z-Mechs.
  • Many plants are given minor or major changes (aside from sun cost or recharge alterations), marked by a ^ next to their names. Changes are:
    • Torchwood regains the splash damage from PvZ1, but nerfed. Fire peas now only do 5DPS/0.25nds of splash damage, while blue fire peas will cause 10DPS/0.5nds. This is because of both the higher firing speed of some peashooting plants compared to the original game, and the power of Torchwood's permanent Plant Food effect.
    • Plantern affects three rows, not five.
    • Ice-shroom freezes nearby zombies and only slows anything outside a 3x3 area.
    • Snapdragon's damage is increased from 1.5nds to 2nds.
    • EMPeashooter is affected by a change that causes electrical attacks to deal doubled damage to metal. This means that against certain zombie types, such as Bucketheads or Zombonis, it does as much damage as a Repeater instead of a Peashooter.
    • Chomper chews faster and its burps knock back zombies.
    • Puff-shroom can be planted on surfaces that require Flower Pots, but has the same health as in PvZ2. Additionally, Gargantuars crush them by simply walking over them, without having to attack.
    • Berridot won't pop spores that hit it (due to being introduced in a night-time stage), and always splits peas into just two, which will go into adjacent rows.
    • Magnifying Grass deals 20nds instead of 27.5 and costs less sun to launch the attack.
    • Starfruit's stars now pierce through zombies to differentiate it from Rotobaga.
    • Spore-shroom can produce Spore-shrooms on unplantable surfaces, even water, (but not lava or craters) despite the base plant requiring flower pots or lily pads.
    • Toadstool produces only 25 sun at a time, meaning it takes quite a long time to pay for itself. Furthermore, it is treated as a mushroom and requires a Coffee Bean during the day.
    • Shadow-shroom does not ignore armour, poisons permanently rather than for 30 seconds, does damage faster, and has a different Plant Food effect.
    • Thyme Warp cannot warp the same zombie twice, preventing infinite stalling of entire screens of zombies.
    • Solar Tomato makes up to ten zombies drop 15 sun each. All zombies after that drop only 5. This means that you can break even by stunning five zombies, and double the sun spent by stunning ten, but you have to stun 25 to triple the sun you spent.
    • Bananarang deals 30nds instead of 15.
    • Lightning Reed deals doubled damage to zombies with metal objects, vehicles or robots.
    • Red Stinger's overall stats are tweaked. Each shot is as strong as a pea, and it has an Infi-nut's HP in the middle columns or a Wall-nut's HP in the rightmost columns.
    • Electric Blueberry now has different targeting. Every 15 seconds, it produces a stormcloud that deal massive damage to a zombie, targeting first the highest HP metal-user or vehicle zombie, then the highest HP zombie in general if there are no metal or vehicle users. Since all electric attacks now deal double damage to metal and vehicles, it can deal double massive damage to them.
    • Marigolds now grow after a couple of minutes, producing silver coins before they grow and gold coins after they grow.
    • A.K.E.E.'s damage starts at 3nds, and decreases to 2 and then 1 with each hit. In PvZ2, it deals 3nds to the first two targets, and then 2nds to the next.
    • Sap-fling's slowing stacks with chill effects, but don't affect attack speed.
    • Guacodiles can shoot seeds while in water, whereas in PvZ2, they had to be on land or Lily Pads to do so.
    • Chard Guard only bounces zombies back one space, or half a space for big zombies.
    • All Catapults except Sap-fling can now target high-flying zombies like Balloon Zombie. However, in the case of catapults such as melons, they cannot hit flying zombies with splash damage. Catapults will also not prioritise flying zombies. Furthermore, their costs are generally slightly higher than before (125 for Cabbage/Kernel for example).
  • Umbrella Leaf can counter many more zombies than before.
    • It blocks octopi from Octo Zombies.
    • Blocks Bungees as before.
    • Bounces Hang Glider Zombies back three spaces, so they don't land as far into your defences.
    • Blocks the exploding eggs of Zombirds and Mother Zombird.
    • Blocks Spy Zombies.
    • Blocks Catapult Zombies as before.
    • Bounces Imps from Gargantuars, including Bug Bots from Gargantuar Prime. However, it only bounces them backwards three spaces, rather than completely deflecting them.
  • Zombie Heal Stations are the only "zombie" that isn't sped up in any way on higher difficulties.
  • Octo Zombie returns, but severely nerfed, with a range of only three spaces, and the bound plants can be dug up to make the space usable again.
    • Wizard Zombie also returns with a range of three spaces, however it will transform plants into zombie minions.
  • Inexplicably, Digger Zombies and Disco Zombies will be able to spawn in stages where you need Flower Pots, despite the ground not being made out of a material that they should be able to dig through or summon zombies from.
  • Sap-fling cannot throw sap onto spaces which have a Slow Moss on, or spaces which have pulp left behind by Grenadia, and still doesn't work with water.
  • There are 153 Plants in total.
  • There are 113 Zombies in total.
  • With the many forms of paralysis and stalling in this game, certain rules have been implemented to prevent infinite stalling strategies.
    • Freezing (Ice-shroom, Iceberg Lettuce), Butter (Kernel-pult), and Electromagnetic stunning (E.M.Peach, EMPeashooter) can be applied simultaneously, and with other stunning effects.
    • Other stunning effects (Sonic-shroom, Katy Peary, Plume-shroom, Chili Bean, etc.) cannot stack with each other. If one of those is in effect, other stunning methods will fail if the zombie has been stunned less than a second ago. Effectively, each zombie has a one second safety period after a stun where they can move without being stunned again, unless they're frozen, buttered, or EMP'd.
  • As it is introduced in an all-water stage in this game, Balloon Zombies are capable of swimming now, rather than being instantly killed by Cacti over water. In the event that they appear over lava in Dark Volcano, popping the balloon will instantly kill them however.
  • The pixel art style came about after I realised that despite the fact I'm usually terrible at art, I can actually make kinda decent pixel art.