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Normal Worlds

Name Image Toughness Health Speed Description First found in

Player's House

Wooden Zombie
Average 10 Unmoving An unmovable dummy used to teach the player how to survive. Player's House - 1
Basic Zombie
Basic Zombie!
Average 10 Basic Your average garden-variety zombie. Player's House - 1
Baghead Zombie
Baghead Zombie


3.5 (bag)

10 (zombie)

Basic The bag slightly protects him, but is vulnerable to fire. Player's House - 1
Flag Zombie
Flag Zombie
Average 10 Hungry Leads a "wave" of zombies. Player's House - 1
Conehead Zombie
Conehead Zombie


18 (cone)

10 (zombie)

Basic His traffic cone grants him resistance to damage. Player's House - 2
Buckethead Zombie


55 (bucket)

10 (zombie)

Basic The bucket grants him huge resistance, but it can be stolen. Player's House - 3
PVZIAT Gargantuar
Great 180 Hungry Smashes plants, and throws an imp upon being damaged. Player's House - 5
Weak 8 Hungry Lobbed by gargantuars far into your defenses. Player's House - 5

Suburbia Street 6

Screen Door Zombie
PVZ2 Screen Door Zombie


65 (screen door)

10 (zombie)

Basic His screen door absorbs a lot of projectiles, but is vulnerable to lobbed-shots. Suburbia Street 6 - 1
Pole Vaulting Zombie


Speedy, then Basic Jumps over the first plant he meets, but fails if the plant is too tall. Suburbia Street 6 - 3
Brave Zombie
Brave zombie
Solid 17 Speedy Uproots plants, and has a Botanophobia Zombie following it. Suburbia Street 6 - 10
Botanophobia Zombie
Botanophobia Zombie PvZ2
Average 10 Speedy Runs away after Brave Zombie is killed. Suburbia Street 6 - 10
Weather Zombie
Weather Zombie
Protected 30 Stiff Can change the weather to affect plants and zombies. Suburbia Street 6 - 14
Bungee Zombie
Solid 16 Unmoving Steals a plant if he is not killed quickly. Suburbia Street 6 - 19

Midnight Streets

Plumber Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Protected 25 Stiff Launches a plunger from his plunger gun, pulling a plant to him. Midnight Streets - 1
Street Dancer Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Solid 16 Hungry Can change lanes. Midnight Streets - 4
Vandal Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Dense 36 Stiff Upon reaching a plant, paints a decoy right in front of it to stop projectiles. Midnight Streets - 7
Cloak Zombie
Rogue Zombie2
Average 10 Hungry Can turn invisible, is only revealed by Plantern and fire plants. Midnight Streets - 12
Heal Zombie
Healzombie LoS


33 (heal station)

2 (hat)

10 (zombie)

Basic Heals nearby zombie allies every 10 seconds in a 3x3 radius. Midnight Streets - 16
Football Zombie


70 (helmet)

10 (zombie)

Speedy Plays the 110% in every game. Midnight Streets - 21

Zomborough Shopping Mall

Hipster Zombie
Hipster Zombie
Average / Hardened

12 or 67

2 (coat)

10 (zombie)

55 (music box)

Stiff Hides a protective music box below his coat sometimes. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 1
Billboard Zombies
Billboard Zombies


11 (billboard)

10 (zombie)

Creeper, then Basic Comes in groups of 3 or more. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 4
Disco Zombie
PVZIAT Disco Zombie
Solid 17 Hungry, then Creeper Can summon Backup Dancers around him. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 9
Backup Dancer
Backup Dancer Zombie
Average 10 Creeper, then Basic Is summoned by the Disco Zombie. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 9
Shoplifter Gargantuar IMAGE NEEDED Great 180 Hungry Throws collectible loot at your plants randomly, killing them. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 14
Chef Zombie
Chef Zombie
Solid 17 Hungry Juggles brains around, causing any zombie nearby him to speed up. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 16
Shopping Cart Imps


22 (shopping cart)

9 (for each imp)

Speedy, then Hungry Can run over plants it meets, but is stopped automatically by tall plants. Zomborough Shopping Mall - 23

Scallywag Pier

Swashbuckler Zombie
Swashbuckler Zombie2
Average 12 Basic Swings 4 or 5 tiles into your lawn. Scallywag Pier - 1
Gunner Zombie
Solid 17 Hungry Fires his pistol once near a plant, dealing massive damage. Scallywag Pier - 5
Barrel Roller Zombie
Barrel Roller Zombie2


32 (barrel)

10 (zombie)

Hungry Releases imps from his barrel when damaged enough, but lobbed-shots travel past the barrel. Scallywag Pier - 10
Pirate Imp
Imp Pirate Zombie2
Weak 8 Hungry Good olde pirate zombie who hast been-eth replacing Imp. Scallywag Pier - 10
Gargantuar Pirate
Gargantuar Pirate2
Great 180 Hungry Slows every plant nearby him when he smashes the ground. Scallywag Pier - 14
Imp Cannon
Imp Cannon
Protected 21 Unmoving Shoots imps at your plants, but explodes after a short time, causing many imps to be shot out. Scallywag Pier - 16
Food Can Zombie
PVZIAT Food Barrel Zombie


75 (food can)

10 (zombie)

Creeper, then Hungry His food can slows him down greatly, but is extra-durable. Scallywag Pier - 19
Pirate Captain Zombie
Pirate Captain Zombie2
Protected 25 Stiff Sends his parrot in to steal your plants. Scallywag Pier - 24

Suburbia Beach

Name Image

First found in

Toughness Speed Special
Snorkel Zombie
Suburbia Beach - 1 Solid (15 NDS) Basic Swims underwater to hide from your plants.
Surfer Zombie
Surfer Zombie2
Suburbia Beach - 4 Protected (21 for zombie, 25 for surfboard) Hungry, then Basic Kills the first plant it encounters by dropping its surfboard on it like a tombstone.
Fisherman Zombie
Fisher Zombie2
Suburbia Beach - 8 Dense (32 NDS) Un-moving Every 10 seconds, he throws a hook at a random plant, flinging it out of the lawn.
Deep Sea Gargantuar
Deep Sea Gargantuar
Suburbia Beach - 10 Great (170 NDS) Hungry / Basic Walks faster in water, throws imp when damaged. Occasionally makes more imps rise from water.
Imp Mermaid Zombie
Suburbia Beach - 10 Weak (9 NDS) Hungry Thrown off by gargantuars or summoned by the waters, then flounders on.
Greaser Imp IMAGE NEEDED Suburbia Beach - 11 Dense (30 for motorcycle, 10 for imp) Speedy, then Hungry Can drive through your lawn swag-ly with his motorcycle, oddly. Runs over plants, water splashed can slow them.
Octopus Zombie
Suburbia Beach - 16 Protected (24 NDS) Stiff Throws octopi at nearby plants, disabling them till they are killed.

Prehistoric Excavation Site

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
Caveman Zombie
Cave Zombie2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 1 Average (10 NDS) Basic Cannot be frozen and slowed.
Flag Caveman Zombie
Cave Flag Zombie2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 1 Average (10 NDS) Hungry Cannot be frozen and slowed.
Caveman Conehead
Cave Conehead Zombie2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 1 Protected (18 for cone + 10 for zombie) Basic Cannot be frozen and slowed.
Caveman Buckethead
Cave Buckethead Zombie2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 2 Hardened (55 for bucket + 10 for zombie) Basic Cannot be frozen and slowed. His bucket can be stolen.
Excavator Zombie
Excavator Zombie
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 4 Protected (25 NDS) Speedy His shovel gives him immunity to straight shots, and he uses it to dig plants and throw them back.
Snowplow Zombie
Snow Plow Zombie
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 8 Armored (80 NDS) Creeper Instantly kills plants it rams over, but removes unplantable snow as well.
Jackhammer Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Prehistoric Excavation Site - 11 Protected (20 NDS) Hungry Digs downwards when approaching a plant, appearing at another lane.
Sloth Gargantuar
PvZIAT Sloth Gargantuar
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 14 Great (180 NDS) Basic Throws 3 imps instead of one.
Yeti Imp
Yeti Imp2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 3 Weak (8 NDS) Hungry Thrown by gargantuars.
Ski Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Prehistoric Excavation Site - 15 Protected (25 NDS) Supersonic Gets his ski ready, then damages an entire lane of plants.
Archaeologist Zombie
Explorer Zombie2
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 19 Solid (15 NDS) Hungry His torch gives him and any zombies nearby immunity to cold plants. He can also use it to burn plants easily.
Prehistoric Excavation Site - 23 Hardened (58 NDS) Basic Leaves an ice trail that cannot be planted on, which summons Zombie Bobsled Teams, and also crushes plants.
Zombie Bobsled Team IMAGE NEEDED. Prehistoric Excavation Site - 23 Hardened (12 for bobsled, 10 for each zombie) Speedy, then Basic Appears in groups of 4 from ice trails.

Snowstorm Lane

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
"Mammoth" Rider Zombie
Mammoth Rider Zombie2
Snowstorm Lane - 2 Great (150 NDS) Creeper - Hungry Speed increases as damage is taken.
Ice Block Zombie
Ice Block ZombiePvZ2
Snowstorm Lane - 4 Armored (75 for ice block, 10 for zombie) Stiff, then Basic Ice block gets melted by fire plants, immune to freezing.
Hunter Zombie
Hunter Zombie2
Snowstorm Lane - 7 Protected (26 NDS) Stiff Throws snowballs at plants, freezing them.
Dodo Rider Imp
Dodo Rider Zombie2
Snowstorm Lane - 10 Protected (24.5 NDS) Hungry or Stiff When approaching plants, can at random times, fly above them.
Troglobite Zombie
Snowstorm Lane - 13 Hardened (55 NDS) Stiff or Basic Pushes frozen blocks of Yeti Imps or plants, pushing back all plants that collide with them. Stops to rest oftenly.
Weasel Hoarder Zombie
Weasel Hoarder2
Snowstorm Lane - 17 Average (10 NDS) Basic Releases a horde of Weasels when damaged.
Weasel Zombie
Ice Weasel2
Snowstorm Lane - 17 Fragile (2 NDS) Flighty Released from the Weasel Hoarder Zombie when she is damaged.
Cyromancer Zombie IMAGE NEEDED. Snowstorm Lane - 18 Protected (21 NDS) Stiff Immune to ice damage, freezes nearby plants.

Zombie Circus

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
Imp Punt
Punt IImp
Zombie Circus - 1 Average (10 NDS) Hungry Blows up the first plant it encounters, shot into your lawn.
Bull Rider Zombie
Zombie Circus - 4 Hardened (55 for bull, 9 for imp) Basic, then Stiff Launches a low-flying imp past your defenses.
Bull Rider Imp
Zombie Circus - 4 Weak (9 NDS) Hungry Gets thrown away, then slinks on.
Tamer Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Zombie Circus - 7 Dense (33 NDS) Creeper Sends in Zombie Chickens from random rows.
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken2
Zombie Circus - 7 Fragile (0.25 NDS) Flighty A fast bugger.
Ringmaster Gargantuar IMAGE NEEDED Zombie Circus - 10 Great (180 NDS) Hungry Can call in animal reinforcements from off-stage (Zombie Chickens, Zombie Parrots, Zombie Bulls), and does not throw an imp.
Jack-in-the-box Zombie
Zombie Circus - 14 Solid (16 NDS) Speedy Randomly blows up, exploding a 3x3 area of plants.
Seagull Zombie
Seagull Zombie2
Zombie Circus - 19 Solid (15 NDS) Speedy Ignores low-flying plants. Seagull gets instantly killed by butter.

Suburbia Subway

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
Ladder Zombie
Suburbia Subway - 2 Dense (22 for ladder, 10 for zombie) Speedy, then Basic He places his ladder down on a defensive plant, neutralizing it.
Undead Dracula IMAGE NEEDED Suburbia Subway - 5 Hardened (55 NDS) Hungry or Flighty Can change into 3 different forms, all with different abilities.
Arsonist Zombie
Suburbia Subway - 11 Protected (30 NDS) Speedy Constantly spews a flame out from his flamethrower, dealing damage over time to any zombie or plant stuck in the radius.


Castle Zomburg

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
Peasant Zombie
Peasant Zombie2
Castle Zomburg - 1 Average (10 NDS) Basic Replaces Basic Zombie in this world.
Peasant Conehead
Conehead Peasant2
Castle Zomburg - 1 Protected (18 for cone, 10 for zombie) Basic Replaces Conehead Zombie in this world.
Peasant Buckethead
Castle Zomburg - 1 Hardened (55 for bucket, 10 for zombie) Basic Replaces Buckethead Zombie in this world.
Peasant Flag Zombie
Castle Zomburg - 1 Average (10 NDS) Basic (slightly faster) Replaces Flag Zombie in this world.
Knight Zombie
Castle Zomburg - 3 Armored (72 for helmet, 10 for zombie) Stiff, then Basic Helmet can be stolen, and is granted by Zombie King.
Enchanter Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Castle Zomburg - 7 Solid (18 NDS) Stiff Gives nearby zombies various boosts.
Peasant Imp Monk
Imp Monk Zombie2
Castle Zomburg - 4 Solid (10 NDS) Basic Spawned by gravestones and tossed by Gargantuars, and then goes ownward.
Jester Zombie
Castle Zomburg - 11 Protected (22 NDS) Hungry Reflects all single hit and several lobbed projectiles fired at him, but fails when he is hit by many projectiles at once.
Wizard Zombie
Castle Zomburg - 14 Protected (20 NDS) Stiff Every 6 seconds, turns a plant into a useless sheep until Wizard Zombie dies.
Executioner Gargantuar
Dark Ages Gargantuar2
Castle Zomburg - 16 Great (180 NDS) Basic Can throw an Imp. His hammer stuns plants in a + shape (The plant behind, the one directly above, and the one directly below).
Dragon Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Castle Zomburg - 17 Machined (100 NDS) Stiff Shoots fireballs identical to the PvZ1 Zombot's fireballs that can be destroyed. The fireball takes 20 NDS, and kills every plant in one hit.
Zombie King
Castle Zomburg - 20 Dense (34 NDS) Basic Grants a knight helm to peasants of all kinds. Unlike in the original game, a Peasant Zombie constantly pushes him forward.
Cavalry Zombie
Castle Zomburg - 25 Machined (72 for helmet, 10 for zombie, 50 for horse) Speedy Flings its Knight rider ahead when it reaches a plant. The lance acts like a surfboard.

Mount Brainlympus

Name Image First found in Toughness Speed Special
Future Zombie
Future Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Average (12 NDS) Hungry Evil, much more-skilled zombie. Replaces Baghead Zombie in this world.
Future Conehead Zombie
Future Conehead
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Dense (20 for cone, 12 for zombie) Hungry Replaces Conehead Zombie in this world.
Future Buckethead Zombie
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Armored (68 for bucket, 12 for zombie) Stiff, then Hungry His heavy techno-bucket slows him down, and can be stolen. Replaces Buckethead Zombie in this world.
Future Flag Zombie
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Average (12 NDS) Hungry Replaces Flag Zombie in this world.
Diamondhead Zombie
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Machined (80 for helmet, 10 for zombie) Basic His hard diamond helmet protects him from damage severly.
Jetpack Zombie
Jetpack Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 1 Solid (16 NDS) Speedy Flies over plants with his jetpack.
Shield Zombie
Shield Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 3 Protected / Armored (20 for zombie, 60 for shield) Basic Protects zombies in 3 rows with his shield.
Robo-cone Zombie
Robo-Cone Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 6 Machined (125 NDS) Stiff The robo-cone mech greatly protects him from all damage.
Gargantuar Prime
Gargantuar Prime2
Mount Brainlympus - 10 Great (180 NDS) Stiff Fires laser beams occasionally. Launches Bug Bot Imp when damaged.
Bug Bot Imp
Bug Bot Imp2
Mount Brainlympus - 10 Solid (13.5 NDS) Hungry Launched by the Gargantuar Prime.
Laser Cannon Zombie IMAGE NEEDED Mount Brainlympus - 12 Hardened (54 NDS) Unmoving Slowly charges up a laser cannon that fires through every plant in a row.
IMCR8Z Giga Gargantuar
Mount Brainlympus - 15 Greater (350 NDS) Basic Has double the health of a regular Gargantuar. Can summon Bug Bot Imps.
Giga Imp
Mount Brainlympus - 15 Protected (20 NDS) Hungry Thrown by the Giga-gargantuar.
Disco-tron 3000
Disco-tron 30002
Mount Brainlympus - 16 Machined (90 NDS) Stiff When on the lawn, summons Disco Jetpack Zombies.
Disco Jetpack Zombie
Disco Jetpack Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 16 Solid (16 NDS) Speedy Groovy zombie that is spawned in by the Disco-tron 3000.
Mecha-Football Zombie
Mecha-Football Zombie2
Mount Brainlympus - 20 Machined (100 NDS) Basic Pushes plants to the left when it encounters them instead of eating them.
Furnace-bot 3000 IMAGE NEEDED. Mount Brainlympus - 25 Machined (100 NDS) Creeper Immune to any fire damage, burns the 3 tiles in front of it when encountering a plant, damaging all attacked plants over time.