Name Image Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge Money/Gem Cost
Triplet Sunflower
Produces 3 sun at once. Creates 375 sun. 200 Medicore $1.99 / 140 Gems
Demon Scythe*
Deals heavy damage to zombies, heals 2 random plants by the amount of health the zombie has. Instantly kills 3 non-boss zombies, then gives the health gotten to the defensive plant with the least health. 450 275 Gems
Cob Cannon
Takes up two spaces. Can fire at an tile, dealing an instant-kill's damage to a 3x3 area. Instantly recharges, then fires 4 cobs that land on random areas 725 Fast $2.99 / 175 Gems
Fires a rainbow laser in its row, dealing 10 damage to every zombie. Requires time to recharge. Shoots a rainbow upwards, that comes crashing down, dealing 75 damage to all zombies in a 5x5 area. 350 Mediocore $0.99 / 95 Gems
Imitates a plant, allowing you to have 2 of the same plant. N/A Varies Varies $1.99 / 170 Gems
Carrot Missile Truck
Carrot Missile Truck
Fires a missile at the zombie in front of it, dealing 20 damage. Does this for 4 times before recharging. Fires a nuke upwards, that lands on the ground. Takes 20 normal damage bites, and blows up a 3x3 area once destroyed5. 350 Medicore $1.99 / 165 Gems
Ghostfire Stump*"
Wildfire Stump2
Lobs napalm at random zombies, burning them for ten seconds. Also turns peas that pass through it into fire peas. Haunts 7 random zombies, burning them for 30 seconds, and then blowing them up, dealing 50 damage. 275 Fast $2.99 / 170 Gems
Meteorite Flowerstar
Shoots meteorite stars which do heavy damage, but must first bloom. Shoots a platinum star which dazzles (paralyzes) zombies in a 3x3 area. The dazzling drops too a 25% chance if it can reach more than 12 zombies. 275 Fast $3.99 / 190 Gems
Punches Zombies in a set area, has a chance of inflicting the E.M.P effect. Fires a flurry of E.M.P powered punches, deals 45 damage in a 3X3 radius and inflicts E.M.P effect on any machine it hits. 225 Sluggish $2.50 / 150 Gems
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea
Shoots candy peas which do moderate damage. Shoots a beam of melted chocolate at the zombies. 150 Fast $1.50 / 150 Gems
PVZIAT Beeshooter
Shoots bees at the zombies which home, and do slightly more damage than a pea (Not as much as a Sweet Pea, though). Shoots a beehive, when it hits a zombie it bursts into 50 bees and does 4 damage too the zombie it hit. 150 Fast $1.50 / 150 Gems


Player's House

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
At the start of the game. Shoots peas at a steady rate. Shoots 60 peas in its row. 100 Very Fast
After Player's House - 1 Creates sun at a steady rate. Creates 150 Sun. 50 Very Fast
After Player's House - 2 Blocks off zombies with its hard shell. Gains iron armor. 50 Sluggish
Potato Mine
Potato Mine
After Player's House - 3 Takes time to charge up, then explodes when stepped on. Fully charges, then creates 2 more potato mines on the lawn. 25 Sluggish
PVZIAT Repeater
After Player's House - 4 Fires 2 peas at once. Shoots 90 peas, then a big pea that daels 20 damage. 200 Fast
After Player's House - 5 Lobs cabbages over obstacles. Fires a cabbage at every zombie, dealing 10 damage. 100 Very Fast

Suburbia Street 6

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
PVZIAT Kernel-pult
After Suburbia Street 6 - 2 Lobs kernels and butter, which stun zombies. Lobs butter at every zombie, dealing 2 damage, and stunning them. 100 Fast
Flower Pot
Flower Pot
After Suburbia Street 6 - 4 Allows your plants to be planted on several unplantable tiles. Plants that are in it use their PF effect. The Flower Pot also turns into stone, allowing it to take more bites. 25 Very Fast
Snow Pea"
PVZIAT Snowpea
After Suburbia Street - 12 Shoots cold peas which slows down the zombies hit. Slows all zombies in its lane, then shoots 65 peas. 150 Fast
Umbrella Leaf
After Suburbia Street 6 - 15 Protects plants in an area from bungees and projectiles. Expands range to 5X5 100 Fast
PVZIAT Threepeater
After Suburbia Street - 19 Shoots peas in 3 lanes. Shoots a widespread volloy of peas in front of it. 300 Fast
After Suburbia Street 6 - 24 Shoots healix beams, heals damaged plants. Heals all plants on-screen, then shoots a beam which sucks all zombies to that lane. The beam lasts for 7.5 seconds before exploding, dealing 90 damage. 225 Fast

Midnight Street

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
PvZ2IAT Puff-shroom
Before Midnight Street - 1 Sleeps during the day. Shoots spores, and disappears after 2 minutes. Shoots 30 spores, then activates the plant food for every single Puff-shroom. 0 Very Fast
PVZIAT SunShroom
After Midnight Street - 1 Creates more sun over time. Grows to full size, then creates 150 sun. 25 Fast
After Midnight Street - 3 Illuminates light in a 6 x 4 area. Blinds zombies in a 8 x 5 area, causing them to eat slower until they die. 100 Sluggish
After Midnight Street - 6 Shoots spores from far, hides if zombies come near. Shoots 45 spores in its lane, and doesn't hide for 5 seconds. 25 Fast
Fume Shroom
After Midnight Street - 9 Shoots fumes in a 1x4 area. Shoots a huge burst of fumes, that pushes all zombies in its row back, and also dealing 75 damage. 125 Fast
After Midnight Street - 14 Hypnotises the zombie that eats it. Causes the next hypnotised zombie that eats it to become a Gargantuar 100 Sluggish
Cometstar Flower
Cometstar flower
After Midnight Street - 16 Rapidly shoots comets, though they do weak damage and can rarely become slightly covered in stone and do 1nd. Creates a massive comet which is worth 1 insta-kill and affects 3 lanes (the tile it's on, the left and right lane too), but the PF can only be used once per 2 minutes. 200 Fast
Magnet-shroom PVZ2
After Midnight Street - 20 Steals metal helmets off zombies in a 5X5 radius. Draws in up to 10 metal helmets then tosses them at the zombies in it's row. Each helmet does 15 NDS. 100 Sluggish
After Midnight Street - 22 Throws his mushroom cap at infinite zombies and then throws it back like a boomerang, hitting zombies twice. It does 2nds. Its cap covers the lawn and lots of tiles are covered with spike traps which are retextured spikeweeds but twice the damage. 150 Sluggish

Zomborough Shopping Mall

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Spikeweed PvZ2
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 2 Hurts zombies that walk on it, cannot be eaten normally. Drags all zombies in its lane to the tile it's on, then deals 45 damage to them. 100 Fast
Coffee Bean
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 4 Wakes mushrooms up. N/A 50 Very Fast
Trumpet Vine
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 8 Fires musical notes that pierce through 5 zombies, dealing 1 NDS and possibly stunning them. Shoots a large musical note in its lane that deals 90 NDS to the first zombie it meets, then 10 less for each other zombie. 175 Fast
Magic Vine
PVZOL Magic Cirrus
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 11 Tosses plasma spheres at zombies from a distance. Fires a giant plasma blast which pierces all zombies in a row, dealing 50 damage to all of them. 200 Fast
Popcorn pultAS
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 14 Shoots popcorn that can deal splash damage. Fires a large popcorn at the strongest zombie, dealing 80 NDS, and has an area damage of 40 NDS. 200 Fast
After Zomborough Shopping Mall - 20 Has more health than a Wall-nut, blocks low-flying zombies. Gains an iron helmet and chestplate, increasing its health. 125 Sluggish
Cherry Bomb
After Zomborough Shopping Mall -24 Explodes on zombies in a 3X3 area. N/A 150 Sluggish

Scallywag Pier


Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Twin Sunflower
PVZIAT Twin Sunflower
After Scallywag Pier - 1 Creates 2 sun at once. Makes 250 sun. 125 Fast
Spring Bean
Spring Bean2
After Scallywag Pier - 4 Bounces zombies back, and into nearby water. Requires to sleep after bouncing for some time. Bounces all zombies back by 2 tiles. 50 Fast
Melon-pult 2
After Scallywag Pier - 8 Fires melons that deals heavy splash damage. Lobs tons of melons upwards that deal double damage on zombies it hits. 325 Fast
Revolver Tree
Gun-Tree by Sam
After Scallywag Pier - 13 Shoots many weak pellets at once, and rarely resin that slows down zombies for 10 seconds. Grows 5 more needle mouths, then shoots 10 blobs of resin. 350 Fast
Coconut Cannon
Coconut Cannon2
After Scallywag Pier - 18 Tap on it to fire an explosive coconut. Requires time to recharge. Shoots a large coconut that pushes all zombies back, and deals 65 damage. 400 Fast
After Scallywag Pier - 24 Blows up one entire lane. N/A 125 Sluggish

Suburbia Beach

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Tangle Kelp
After Suburbia Beach - 1 Instantly kills a zombie that walks on it. Kills 4 random zombies. 25 Sluggish
Lily Pad
After Suburbia Beach - 2 Allows non-aquatic plants to be planted on top of it. Makes more Lily Pads around it in a "+" shape. 25 Very Fast
Tackleweed *
After Suburbia Beach - 5 Rolls along its lane, and punchs zombies when close. Summons Tackleweeds in every lane, deals double damage. Lasts until he rolls out of the lawn. 150 Fast
Bamboo Shoot*
Raiz De Bamboo
After Suburbia Beach - 8 Cannot be pulled. Slices zombies near it. Goes underneath, then slices through 5 random zombies, dealing 75 NDS. 175 Fast
Homing Thistle
Homing Thistle
After Suburbia Beach - 12 Shoots homing spikes at zombies. Shoots a wildfire of homing spikes at every zombie. 250 Fast
Bowling Bulb
After Suburbia Beach - 17 Rolls onto zombies, bouncing off. Deals different amounts of damage. All 3 bulbs glow, then fire themselves out. Any zombie they hit takes 60 damage. 200 Fast
Ghost Pepper"
Ghost Pepper.PVZ2
After Suburbia Beach - 20 Haunts zombies in a 1X3 area, then explodes in a 3X3 area. Expands range to 5X3 and increases damage, hitting zombies in the range. 75 Fast
Banana Launcher
After Suburbia Beach - 24 Deals huge damage to a selected area. Requires time to recharge. Shoots 4 bananas at random zombies. (Also deals splash damage) 500 Fast

Prehistoric Excavation Site

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Hot Potato
PVZIAT HotPotato
After Ice Age - 1 Melts a frozen plant that it is planted on. N/A 0 Fast
After Ice Age - 3 Peas that pass through it turn into fire peas. Fire turns napalm blue, making peas that pass through it turn into napalm peas, dealing thrice the damage. 150 Fast
After Ice Age - 5 Melts nearby frosted plants, lobs fire peppers that deal splash damage. Throws 4 large fire peppers, dealing 40 NDS, and then seperating into 4 normal peppers. 225 Fast
Chard Guard
Chard Guard
After Ice Age - 11 Tosses any zombie that steps on it's leaves back. Can only fling 3 times. Regains all of it's leaves, and punches zombies, knocking them back. The closest zombies die. 75 Mediocre
Fire Peashooter"
After Ice Age - 15 Shoots fire peas at zombies and warms nearby plants. Shoots a laser of fire from it's eyes, which scorches 5 tiles infront of the Fire Peashooter, doing 10 NDS per second to any zombie on the fire. 200 Fast
Ice Arrow Shooter*"
After Ice Age - 19 Shoots large ice arrows that slow down 4 zombies and deals heavy damage. Shoots 3 bursts of 5 glowing ice arrows that blow up once touching a zombie, dealing 35 NDS, and freezing it. 325 Fast
Iceberg Lettuce*"
Iceberg Lettuce2
After Ice Age - 22 Freezes the zombie that steps on it, dealing minor damage. Freezes every single zombie on screen. 0 Fast

Snowstorm Lane

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
After Snowstorm Lane - 1 Shoots bullets which deal heavy damage to every row. Fires 10 toxic bullets at the 10 strongest zombies, dealing 30 NDS and causing them to take 2 NDS every two seconds. Lasts for 30 seconds. 325 Fast
Chilly Pepper
Chilly Pepper
After Snowstorm Lane - 4 Freezes an entire row of zombies, deals slight damage. N/A 150 Sluggish
Diamond Thorn*"
Diamond Ground Thorn2
After Snowstorm Lane - 8 Zombies on the tile it is planted on is slowed. Diamond Thorn deals 3x the damage of Spikeweed. The top diamond glows, and a razor-sharp diamond strikes through 3 random rows, dealing 40 NDS to every zombie in those rows. 250 Fast
Snowdrop Almanac
After Snowstorm Lane - 13 Drops ice on nearby zombies, but also changes plants into their ice counterparts. Throws large snowballs at 3 random zombies, dealing 60 NDS. 175 Fast
Winter Melon"
After Snowstorm Lane - 22 Lobs frozen melons that deals heavy damage and slows zombies. Throws 10 melons into the air, which land on zombies, dealing quadraple damage. 500 Fast
After Snowstorm Lane - 27 Pushes back all zombies in its lane with a chilling wind. N/A 100 Sluggish

Zombie Circus

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Yellow Pepper
Yellow Pepper
After Zombie Circus - 1 Sets zombies' mouths on fire after being being eaten, killing the zombie that ate it and spreading fire in all squares in front of it, dealing huge damage. Creates 2 more Yellow Peppers at random tiles. 100 Sluggish
Barrel Cactus
After Zombie Circus - 4 Damages zombies that eat it. Instantly kills the strongest non-gargantuar zombie eating it.  125 Mediocre
Pea Pod
Pea Pod2
After Zombie Circus - 7

Plant on it multiple times to increase damage!

Transforms into a giant Peashooter head, and shoots 5 giant peas dealing 30 NDS. 125 Fast
Mace Master
After Zombie Circus - 11 Slams a heavy mace down on zombies near it, dealing heavy damage and possibly stunning them. Needs time to recharge. Swings his mace around, causing it to fly to the end of its lane, pushing zombies with less than 45 NDS toughness back. The mace deals 35 NDS. 200 Fast
Laser Bean
Laser Bean PvZ2!
After Zombie Circus - 13 Shoots a laser that hits all zombies in one lane Shoots a giant laser in it's lane, htting anything in it's way, doing 90 NDS. 300 Fast
Pumpkin PvZ2
After Zombie Circus - 16 Acts like a Wall-nut. Planted on plants. Gains iron armor, and activates the PF effect of the plant it occupies. 125 Sluggish
Shadow Flower
PVZIAT Shadow Flower
After Zombie Circus - 23 Tap on it to release a Sun Bomb on a selected tile. Needs time to recharge. Transforms all plants in a 3x3 area into shadows, attacking twice as fast for 10 seconds. 275 Fast

Mount Brainlympus

Name Image Unlocked Description Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
PVZIAT Blover5
After Mount Brainlympus - 1 Blows away all flying zombies and mid-air imps on the lawn. N/A 100 Fast
After Mount Brainlympus - 2 Fires energy blasts that passes through shields. Has a chance to send the zombie back one square. Fires a large burst of energy, which deals 35 NDS to all zombies in its row and pushes them back two tiles. 200 Fast
After Mount Brainlympus - 5 Shoots slow, but powerful plasma balls. Shoots a giant electrocuted ball which destroys all zombies in its row, but is stopped by robot zombies, gargantuars and bosses. 350 Fast
After Mount Brainlympus - 8 A weaker Wall-nut, but regenerates health over time. Creates a forcefield which takes 85 NDB that covers all the columns in front of where it is planted, and blocks flying zombies. 75 Fast
Chanderior IMAGE NEEDED. After Mount Brainlympus - 12 Deflects lasers and other projectiles aimed at it. Grants a temporary shield around a 3x3 area it is in which causes plants in it to be immune to all damage. 175 Fast
After Mount Brainlympus - 15 Deactivates all machines in a 5x5 area. N/A 25 Sluggish
Magnifying Grass
Magnifying Grass2
After Mount Brainlympus - 18 Tap on it to fire a heavy-damage dealing shot of sun. A huge rainbow beam fires for 20 seconds at the strongest zombie on the lawn until it is dead, dealing 4 NDS / second. 50 Fast
After Mount Brainlympus - 25 Fires a richocheting beam that bounces from zombie to zombie. 225 Sluggish


Name Money / Gem Cost Description Available Items Inside
Apocalypse Bundle $4.50 The day the game was created (December 28) 15,000 coins, 100 gems, Cob Cannon
Starter Pack $2.99 Everytime 12,500 coins, Triplet Sunflower
The Pea Bundle $4.09 Every January - March in each year 22,500 coins, Sweet Pea, Beeshooter, Fire Peashooter
Newcomer Group A $5.29 Everytime 20,000 coins, Demon Scythe, Ghostfire Stump
Newcomer Group B $5.49 Everytime 22,500 coins, Triplet Sunflower, Meteorite Flowerstar, E.M.Puncher
(Sun) Flower Bundle $5 Everytime Shamrock, Triplet Sunflower, Meteorite Flowerstar, Cometstar Flower
Dr. Zomboss's Brainz Stash $7 Everytime 100,000 coins, 500 gems

(* - Fighting style changed)

(' - Sleeps in day)

(" - Immune to being frozen, ice, snow)