Story Achievements

Pre-The Final Zomboss

Name Description Difficulty
Garg in your pants Unleash the Gargantuar. Easy
Too Slow, Piece of Cake! Complete Suburbia Street 6. Easy
Nostalgia Night Complete Midnight Street. Easy - Medium
Shop's Lifted Unleash the Shoplifter Gargantuar. Easy - Medium
Closing the Doors Complete Zomborough Shopping Mall. Medium
Arrr, Matey! Unleash the Gargantuar Pirate. Medium
Away from Land Complete Scallywag Pier. Medium - Hard
Deep Sea Vengenance Unleash the Deep Sea Gargantuar. Medium - Hard
Beach Buster Complete Suburbia Beach. Hard
David, David, David and Goliath Unleash the Sloth Gargantuar. Hard
The Job is Done Complete Prehistoric Excavation Site. Hard - Very Hard
Terror Scatter Unleash the Behemoth Gargantuar. Hard - Very Hard
Evolution is Beginning Complete Snowstorm Lane. Very Hard
Ring Blaster Unleash the Ringmaster Gargantuar. Hard - Very Hard
End of the Show, Folks! Complete Zombie Circus. Very Hard
Conducting Lightning Unleash the Conductor Gargantuar. Very Hard
The Phantom Subway Complete Suburbia Subway. Very Hard - Im-plant-able

After The Final Zomboss

 Name Description Difficulty
The Zombots need to Stop Defeat the New Zombot Model. Im-plant-able
Return of the Flamin' Defeat the Giga Imp-ferno Coaster. Im-plant-able - EXTREME!
The True Winner Defeat the Even-More Final Zomboss. EXTREME!


Name Description Difficulty
Last Mower Standing Win a level after losing all of your lawnmowers. Easy
Un-Harmory Steal any helmet with Magnet-Shroom. Easy
Sun of a Banker Gather over 2000 sun in one level Easy
Penta-Boom Kill 5 zombies with a single instant kill. Easy
Tangled Tangle a zombie with a Tangle Kelp. Easy
Not-in-the-box Kill a Jack-in-the-box Zombie before it explodes. Easy - Medium
Mutiny Kill a Pirate Captain Zombie before its parrot comes back to it. Easy - Medium
Footbuller Defeat a Football Zombie without any instant-kills. Easy - Medium
Hop Cross Defeat a level in Suburbia Street 6 where Pole-Vaulting Zombies don't vault over plants. Easy - Medium
I AM YOUR MASTER! Hypnotize a zombie to become a Gargantuar. Easy - Medium
Music Mayhem In a level with Hipster Zombies and Disco Zombies, do not lose any plants. Medium
No More Suns Complete any level without using any sun producing plants. Medium - Hard
Ten-Tackler Defeat a level with Octo Zombies only using Tackleweed, Blover, and Lily Pad. Medium - Hard
Borken Motorcycles In a level with Greaser Imps, do not let them run over any plants. Medium - Hard
Plunger Pummel Complete a level where Plumber Zombies don't pull any plants. Medium - Hard
They see me Rollin' In a level with Barrel Roller Zombies, do not let any plants be rolled over. Hard
Weather-Free Defeat a level without any Weather Zombies changing the weather. Hard
Terracota Terrar In Suburbia Street - 20 or above, do not plant any Flower Pots. Hard
Extinction of the Mammoths Complete Ice Age - 24 without letting any Mammoth Rider Zombies trample your plants. Hard - Very Hard
Barrel'd Barrel Complete a level with Barrel Zombies and Barrel Roller Zombies without losing any plants. Hard - Very Hard
Crime Evasion Complete the Zomborough Shopping Mall boss fight without using any defensive plants and insta-kills. Hard - Very Hard
A present from the plants Defeat 25 zombies of each kind, through playing the game. Very Hard
Better off Underwater In Suburbia Beach - 18 or above, only plant plants on water. Very Hard - Im-plant-able
The Freeze is Unreal Complete Snowstorm Lane - 29 without letting any plants get frezed. Im-plant-able
Robot Rampage-not Complete Mount Brainlympus - 30 without using E.M.Peach or E.M.Puncher. Im-plant-able
Zomb-inator Defeat 50 non-boss zombies of each kind, through playing the game. Im-plant-able
And this is called darkness? Complete the Midnight Street boss fight without the use of Plantern. Im-plant-able
King of the Gardeners Obtain the "Basic Deity Sprout" after beating the basic boss run arena. Im-plant-able - EXTREME!
Best of Two Realms Defeat all Epic and Normal worlds flawlessly. EXTREME!
Divine Deity Mask Obtain the "Divine Deity Sprout" after beating the ultimate boss run arena. OVER 9000!



  • Easy
  • Easy - Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium - Hard
  • Hard
  • Hard - Very Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Very Hard - Im-plant-able
  • Im-plant-able
  • Im-plant-able - EXTREME!
  • OVER 9000!